Carman Lee and Rachel Lee Deny Rivalry

It is already half way through the airing of Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, and although the ratings have been mediocre, the star-studded cast has drawn a lot of media attention. While there are seven female leads, it is fairly evident that Carman Lee (李若彤) and Rachel Lee (李麗珍) have more screen time.

During filming, Carman and Rachel were reportedly unhappy with each other while fighting for more screen time. Portraying friends with a deep misunderstanding that subsequently drove their friendship apart, many believed that Carman and Rachel were also rivals in real life. Reports claimed that they barely interacted on the filming set. It was also said that Rachel was not pleased that Carman will have more scenes in the upcoming movie adaption of Never Dance Alone.

Unfazed by the rumors, Rachel responded, “No one mentioned shooting a movie version, but if there was one, I’d be interested. The amount of screen time doesn’t matter, and the role doesn’t matter either. Forcing it would be worse.” Rachel then joked that the salary would be the most important factor.

Earlier, executive producer Eric Tsang (曾志偉) invited Carman, Rachel, and the cast of Never Dance Alone to Taiwan for a mini vacation. Allegedly, after a bit of drinking, the two female stars got into a verbal fight. Both Carman and Rachel immediately denied this and stated that everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed their stay in Taiwan.


“These are just false rumors. We didn’t have an argument. The Taiwan trip was very enjoyable. We got drunk in the room and played wildly. We pushed each other and took off each other’s shoes,” Carman said.


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  1. even though the ratings are mediocre I think this actually a great drama compared to the everything else tvb has been airing. the meaning behind this drama is also very touching.

    1. Agree with Holiday. A very enjoyable series!

    2. Agree……….so far, really enjoy watching the series and especially Carmen’s role.

      1. Carmen is like the PERFECT housewife. I have absolutely no idea why her daughter and that granny treat her so bad. I did miss the first few episodes so I don’t know what really happened….

      2. Vel, nothing happened.
        The granny is just mean from the very start, and he daughter is a spoiled brat all along.

      3. Welp, that sucks. I really like Carmen’s character. I hope they treat her better in the end. As cliche as it sounds, I think they will.

    3. I agree totally. Compared to swipe tap love and everything else, this is on a different level. Never Dance Alone is the only tvb drama in the past 2 years I’ve bothered to catch up with. I think it’s partially because I’m still a big fan of Fennie and I’ll watch her shows no matter what. Sad thing is that she has so little screen time…

      1. Hah, actually I watched this because of Fennie too! I hope to see more of her. Her character/story is actually really interesting.

  2. I am full of praise for the young girls who portray the 6 woman in the 19800s.

    They are so natural, and so spontaneous. Betas that Eliza Sam anytime, she hasn’t improve after so much and so long of screen exposure. Still flashing the same perpetual smile, same cutesy look, same style on all emotions.

    Eric Tsang should promote the new stars more, than relying on the ‘old’ starlets.

  3. Rachel Lee is sooooooo fit in this drama. My mom is around her age and is nowhere near as fit as her. (Btw I searched Rachel’s name, and all I saw were pictures of random girls I don’t even know, is that her real name??)

    1. She was also known as Loletta Lee. I suggest you search under her full Chinese name as well. You should search, Loletta Lee lai chun and you will see her info.

      1. Oh yea I remember her other name is Loletta. I just searched her Chinese name and it showed a completely different actress face , what the heck lol. But yeah I found her profile.

  4. Loletta used to partner a lot with Leslie during the early days.

  5. loletta/rachel lee is the late 80s&90s guys erotica dream woman as she starred in category 3 movies that really make the hot men oozing due to her sexiness body…erica tsang should invite next movie classic goddesses such as amy yip, veronica yip, irene wan, carrie ng into the next movie version as they all are also our favourites

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