Cecilia Cheung Starts New Life in Canada

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) is determined to start a new life in Canada. Putting aside the glamorous Hong Kong celebrity life style, Cecilia has settled down in Vancouver, Canada with her two sons, 6-year-old Lucas Tse (謝振軒) and 3-year-old Quintus Tse (謝振南).

“It’s not just about me anymore. Now I have two more little beings with me, and I have to be responsible. I am not the center of my life anymore,” Cecilia said.

Cecilia is currently living in a 3,000-feet, four-bedroom house that she purchased for $400,000 CAD years ago. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, the neighborhood she resides in also has easy access to various local recreational centers. Last month, Cecilia and Lucas were spotted swimming in the Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre. Last week, Cecilia was also seen taking her two sons to a dim sum restaurant.

An insider said, “Cecilia has been thinking about immigrating to Vancouver for years. Her half-sister lives there, which was one of the reasons why Cecilia chose Vancouver. Cecilia wasn’t very concerned about estate prices, because they wouldn’t be really expensive there. Her only condition was that she would not live in Richmond, because there are many Chinese living there. She didn’t want to be recognized.”

It was reported Koreans and Indians primarily lived around Cecilia’s current neighborhood.

Cecilia had a thorough discussion with her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), before making the decision.

The insider spilled, “Cecilia told Nicholas the reason why she wanted to move. It was so their two sons can live new lives. Children have strong adaptation skills. The earlier they immigrated, the better. Nicholas grew up in Vancouver himself, and also believed that studying [education] there is not as stressful as studying in Hong Kong. He really didn’t have the heart to see them leave, but Cecilia was firm on her decision. He had no choice but to agree. Besides, as soon as the kids were born, Nicholas had been working on getting them Canadian citizenship in case of later need. Nicholas didn’t agree to it immediately though; he didn’t want to alarm his parents.”

Lucas will begin school next week at Walnut Road Elementary School, enrolling in first grade. Cecilia is currently searching for a suitable preschool for Quintus. The boys were photographed on several occasions with their nanny.

After strengthening her beliefs in Christianity recently, Cecilia found solace in religion. She regularly attends the Evangelical Chinese Bible Church, in Burnaby, British Columbia although it is located one hour away from her hometown.

Source: Sudden Weekly #944 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Okay the shot selection of that picture frightened me a bit…

  2. Ugh! good riddance, she was becoming box office poison anyways

  3. With her recent film selections which were worse than poor to say the least, a break and a new life seems like a good choice.

    And the children will also be far away from those harmful paparazzi and able to live in a normal non-glamorous environment.

    The fact that Nicholas agrees to the decision shows that whatever fault they have as a couple, they really love their children and want the best for them.

  4. Looks like immigrating to Canada was not all that effective if they’re still being photographed……..

  5. Why Canada? Why hongkongers like to immigrate to Canada? there’s so many other places can choose

    1. Probably because of location and easy access to get a citizenship.

      1. It’s not that easy to get citizenship here in Canada ._.

        Just look in the news. I think several months ago, there was news on this elderly woman who was born and raised here in Canada who never gotten her citizenship in Canada as well as people who don’t become citizens due to some issue with saying the vows or something. Her sons are perhaps citizens of Canada since Nicholas Tse holds dual citizenship. 🙂

  6. I agree with their decision. It is better for the children to live as normal kids than being harassed by paparazzi’s.

  7. Do not look at this picture in the dark. It scares the hell out of me!!

  8. Out of curiousity, can anyone familiar with HK laws tells me how easy or hard is it to immigrate to the US or Canada.

  9. wow, this feels like Canadian culture is nicer than Hong Kong culture and the parents want their kids to escape but I’ve noticed that Chinese/Asian kids can sound Westernized by internalized all the quid pro quo characteristics of their parents’ culture so they are just more self confident about moving around in the sunlight of Western society but their hearts don’t really match.

  10. b/c is easier to get citizenship in Canada as long as you have money. It is too hard to get citizenship in the US almost impossible.

  11. proud of her decision to put her sons first! best of luck …

    people make mistakes, it’s going to be okay ….

  12. she looks so old in that picture. i used to like her when she was young with her pretty face with babyfat. now she just too skinny

    1. yeah, agree – she looks so sweet during the ‘fly me to polaris’ time….

    2. It would be weird and unnatural for anyone to look exactly the same as they did 10 years ago.

  13. It’s a well considered decision by Cecilia. She’s putting her kids needs first before her own. Living in relative anonymity in a non-chinese heavily populated suburb in Canada, away from the ‘fish bowl’ environment of Hong Kong would give her sons a chance to grow up with a normal life. I am sure Cecilia is aware of the high possibility that her sons might be the target of teasing and ridicule in school by their classmates in HK about their mother’s scandal when they grow a bit older.

    1. Your comment rings true. I also feel part of both Nic & Cecilia’s decision may be to avoid the potential teasing/ridicule by their classmates in HK about the mother’s scandal.
      Hopefully the paparazzi and media can leave them (Cecilia & kids) alone so that the children can have a normal childhood.
      However, if the children ever decide to return to HK in the future to launch their own career in the entertainment industry, not sure if the paparazzi would be ethical enough not to drag their mother’s scandal to the public eye all over again.

  14. One day her kids are going to discover her mother’s scandal while searching for porn online……it’s doom to happen.

  15. $400 000 is CHEAP for a house, I’m surprised that she isn’t going to live a more extravagant life, put her kids in private school and move to vancouver island or something

    1. Clearly all that wealth people think HK celebrities have is pure fiction

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