Cecilia Cheung Unveils Baby Marcus’ Photo

Contrary to her protective stance earlier, Cecilia revealed Marcus’s face in a recent self-taken video.

In 2018, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) announced the birth of her third child Marcus Cheung (張禮承), sending out shock waves and evoking numerous guesses about the identity of her child’s father. Protecting Marcus from the public glare, Cecilia would always use emoji stickers or photo angles to hide his face in her social media updates. Recently, the actress did a sudden U-turn by revealing Marcus in a video taken at home, in which the child’s dark-colored hair and distinctly Asian facial shape and features shattered previous gossip of his father being a Caucasian man.

Marrying Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) in 2006, Cecilia had two sons, Lucas (謝振軒) and Quintus (謝振南) before the couple divorced in 2011. When Marcus was born, Cecilia kept strictly mum about the identity of her son’s father and even left that field blank on his birth certificate. At the start of the year, she retaliated fiercely online when a stranger tried to snap a photo of Marcus when they were out.

Hints of Her Intentions to Unveil Marcus

In the video uploaded online, Cecilia could be seen chasing Marcus – who is on his toy car around in their home, capturing him from the front as he moved towards her. With his bright eyes and high nose bridge, Marcus looks especially adorable with his slightly chubby limbs and round belly, bearing a close resemblance to mommy. The 40-year-old joked that she could get a good workout, “one of the best weight loss exercises,” by chasing him around.

Looking back at Cecilia’s social media posts during this period, there were signs that she was slowly relaxing her habitual practice of shielding Marcus from public view, as seen from how his plaited hairstyle was revealed in a photo taken on their overseas trip. The child’s side view could also be spotted in the reflective glass shown in a video of her birthday celebrations, as could his blonde-tinted hair in a recent family portrait.

Netizens Speculate on Identity of Marcus’s Father

As Cecilia frequently visits Singapore, it was rumored at one point that Marcus’s father was a Singaporean millionaire. Mainland Chinese businessman Sun Donghai (孫東海), who bought Cecilia a 60 million yuan bungalow in 2015, was also pointed at as the potential father. Another candidate was Taiwanese actor He Menghuai (何孟懷), who is nine years her junior. Romantic rumors and talk of marriage emerged between the two, which Cecilia quickly denied.

The last “candidate” and most popular guess was Cecilia’s rumored boyfriend Leo, a British engineer. His frequent appearances at the actress’s family gatherings when she moved to Singapore after her divorce years ago, and the fact that Marcus appeared to be of mixed ancestry, made him the prime “suspect”.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

Cecilia Cheung’s Son Has Blond Hair

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  1. blond tinted hair doesn’t not mean mixed blood. my children and a few children i know have that type of hair.

    1. @m0m0
      Very true and one of my brothers had blond hair as a baby and people thought he was mixed. Cecilia’s sons are mixed because she is 25% European.

    2. @m0m0 My son’s hair and features made him look very western as a baby too. In fact I has relations that asked if I had a affair with a white since I live in UK ….. My hubby was not impressed by their speculations.

      1. @hohliu
        yes, we know someone just like that too. full chinese blood but look like mix. the blonde hair does eventually go away but features will remain. look at ken hirai, vengo gao for example.

      2. @m0m0 Ya, his hair got darker and then in 12 yrs, 1/4 of his hair is white!!!! Goodness, this boy thinks too much.

      3. @hohliu
        unbelievable! 12 is too young to have gray hair. my husband had it in his late teens. he’s pretty much full gray now and he’s 40.

  2. She is precious about her children….so the media reports..so for her to do this must have a hidden agenda!!

  3. It was inevitable he would be revealed. Unless Cecilia has Jay Chou’s power of media, there’s no way that her baby won’t be exposed by the papz eventually.

  4. I think she just wants some attention the way I look if she really wants to revealed Marcus face then she should make it more clear so the world can see how he really looks like or she can hide his face at all the time just like the rest Aaron Kwok, Angelababy, Ruby Lin, Michelle Chen, and Jay Chou who never show their kids faces in public so why every time his faces got revealed it’s either too blurry or too dark.

    1. @cutie777
      I agree and every photo that was shown has been very blurry. What is the point of that? She most likely just wants attention.

  5. My guess is she conceived Marcus through test tube sperm donor. She’s someone who loves children and wants to be a great mom more than wanting another bad husband. Lol

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