Cecilia Cheung’s Son Has Blond Hair

The identity of Marcus Cheung‘s (張禮承) father remained largely a mystery ever since Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) gave birth to the child in 2018. When news broke that Cecilia, who was not known to be dating anyone at the time, welcomed her third son into the world, the media dug deep for the baby daddy’s identity. Reporters discovered several men in Cecilia’s life who could potentially be Marcus’ father, including her English teacher Leo, who is a British engineer working in Singapore. Although the 39-year-old celebrity refuted the rumors then, reporters are even more convinced that Leo is the missing piece to the puzzle now.

Earlier this week, Cecilia took a photo with her three sons in celebration of her middle child, Quintus Tse‘s (谢振南) birthday. Though her first two sons, whom she had with her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), could be seen clearly in the photo, Marcus’ face was covered with a duck sticker for privacy reasons. However, Cecilia did not cover Marcus’ hair, and many people noticed that his hair is blond.

This sparked the idea that his father is Caucasian – and possibly Leo. It won’t be surprising given that Leo was also in attendance at Marcus’ first birthday. Although Cecilia and Leo have clarified that they are only friends, many believe otherwise.

Source: Sing Tao Daily

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

British Engineer is the Father of Cecilia Cheung’s Baby?

Cecilia Cheung’s Baby Son’s Face Revealed!

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  1. Hmm based on that pic above, Leo looks like a mix of Robin Thicke and Orlando Bloom. Guessing for sure the father is Caucasian as I don’t see the need to dye her baby’s hair otherwise. Interesting why they won’t admit it if it is Leo’s baby though… probably for privacy reasons. Or maybe he really isn’t but they are dating? Only time will tell.

    1. @gnomageddon because they are not dating nor in a serious relationship. Most likely it was a one night stand or friends with benefits situation. He probably isnt in their life anymore.

  2. Don’t see anything wrong with Leo as the father mistake happens or they are dating who knows, I’m sure she won’t be able to hide her youngest son for long and all will be revealed with time.

    1. @jeffreylaw YES you are disgusting, acknowledging you’re a pos is the 1st step to getting help. Getting sterilized is the next.

    1. @jeffreylaw Something wrong with your eyesight or brain? Why such unkind remarks to an innocent child?
      Whatever mistakes you think she has made as a woman/wife, at least she didn’t neglect or abuse her own children.

      1. @jeffreylaw You’re a funny troll. You must be enjoying all the attention and hate you’re getting cos you must’ve had an unhappy childhood or life without love and attention.
        Nevertheless, I hope you’ll have a chance to find your own happiness and don’t fill up your life with bitterness and spread hate around you. The world is already a harsh place without you adding more to it.

      1. @m0m0 calm down buddy, just an opinion that the kid is ugly. Why are you so offended? No need to get so butthurt because your white worshipping got exposed.

      2. @m0m0 no idea why you had to make this about race. A bit racist of you. Gross. Unless you think all half white kids are good looking? In which case you have some internalized racism you have to sort out.

  3. I wonder how her two other sons will feel having a half-white brother. Sad thing is in Asia whites get preferable treatment.

    1. @karina
      Doesn’t matter. We all know that Cecilia is the model mother who will do anything for her kids. She has always wanted many kids and my have not been too bothered who the father was.

    2. @karina
      Cecilia is mixed herself so her kids with Nic are a bit mixed too so why would they think differently of their little brother? I guess many have forgotten that Cecilia is a quarter European.

  4. Does it matter? It’s her life to live; she loves kids and yes she’s seems a better very hands-on mom than some who are in conventional legit relationships.

    Blended families are a dime a dozen in NAmerica.

    Even among PRCs trying to find a way out – manipulate/marry white dude, dump China husband and bring Chinese-children out. So Caucasian father, and 2 completely Chinese kids.
    Another China colleague’s dad faked a divorce, married a local Cdn woman and brought his kids over. The poor local women didn’t know any better until 15 yrs later, and the China wife is still stuck in China.

  5. Having yellowing hair does not necessarily mean the father is truly Caucasian. One of my brothers did as a baby too but we are Asian. Some of my cousins have naturally yellowish hair too and they are all Asian from what I know. Unless we have distant ancestors who were European that we do not know about. I actually did my DNA test and we were pretty much all Asian. Plus Cecilia is 25% European too so that may have caused that who knows?

    1. @hetieshou hair colour is interesting. Even now scientists haven’t really manage to nail down what genes to give out what hair colour. Like knowing the genes, but the hair colours can vary quite greatly. Like my son is half half, I think (since I’m just assuming that I’m fully asian), but my son is strawberry blond when he was 1, and curly, when my partner is wavy hair at best if it’s long, and now his hair is brunette, which golden shine when out in the sun. My partner’s hair was super blonde when he was a baby, and it’s getting darker now, and if we follow his family’s hair trend, by the time he’s 50, it will be dark brown. Not everyone in the family follow the colour changing the same way: his father’s hair turned dark brown when he was only 40, whereas my partner is still dirty blonde? Or light brunette with lots of golden colour lol. 5years ago, if he washed his hair then go out to the sun, his hair turned super blonde, but it’s no longer do the sun bleach now lol. (I know ages and genes sequences broke down over time but that just show how complex hair colour is lol).

      Anyway TLDR, yes, hair colour doesn’t mean much, especially for baby as their hair’s colour will change to a permanent colour after 2-3 yo. And some hair will just keep changing their colours (like my partner’s family).

      1. @littlefish
        Interesting and thanks for sharing! Is your partner European too? I have a friend that clearly has European blood with naturally brown hair but claims to be Asian. But one look at her and you can tell… it is not just the hair, but your features too.

        I used to have an American friend that had dark blonde hair but can easily turn brown too. Mine is just one color black… I never dye my hair too as it is bad to dye hair so much…

        Did you ever think of doing DNA tests? They are not 100% accurate but at least gives you an idea. I am 100% Asian but different kinds of Asian. I think even my late parents did not realize they were so mixed.

      2. @hetieshou I haven’t thought of it, maybe when I have more free money xD my children, boy looks super westerner! Some said he does have some faint asian features, but most thinks he’s 100% westerner. Whereas his sister, my girl looks 100% asian lol. N when they were just born, it was really hard to identify their picture apart. His hair was born jet black, lost the hair and it came out golden! She never lost her hair, so it’s just jet black xD one day, I’ll do the genetics test, and I’ll let you know whether I’m 100% asian :p

  6. I follow her Instagram, and while she doesn’t show Marcus face, she has shown him a few times with stickers over his face or videos of his back. He doesn’t have blond hair. It’s just this picture, which looks like it’s way too bright and highlighted.

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