Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan at “4 in Love” Costume Fitting

Producer Jonathan Chik’s (戚其義) new TVB series, 4 in Love (temporary title) held its costume fitting yesterday. Cast members, Moses Chan (陳豪), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Kenny Wong (黃德斌), King Kong (金剛), Rachel Kan (簡慕華), and Elvina Kong (江欣燕) introduced their characters in the series before the press.

Wearing a wig, Charmaine indicated that she will portray an international star in 4 in Love and share a love relationship with Moses, who portrays an employee at a Mongkok electronics store. In the series, Charmaine’s character wanted to retire from acting. However, her manager continued to accept filming projects for her in order to fulfill her own dreams. Charmaine’s character resisted because she ultimately wished to pursue a simple love relationship.

No Boundaries in Love

When asked whether the love relationship portrayed in 4 in Love will occur in reality, Charmaine said that there were no boundaries drawn over careers for a couple in love. Love was love. Did Charmaine decide to film another TVB series due to the poor ratings of My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐> and hope to secure the title of TVB Best Actress? Charmaine said she did not think too much. However, she often cooperated with the cast and crew combination, especially Producer Jonathan Chik. In the past, Charmaine participated in Jonathan’s heavy dramas, while 4 in Love will be her first comedy working with him. In addition, the content was interesting.

When asked why Charmaine was not filming in China, she noted that the weather was too hot in China. Charmaine also indicated that her acceptance of the role was not related to awards. “It’s unclear whether this series will even be broadcast in Hong Kong this year.” Charmaine noted that she was not particular about fame and fortune.

Charmaine Sheh Congratulated Kevin Cheng for Ghetto Justice’s Success

Charmaine frankly stated that she watched [rumored ex-boyfriend] Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. When asked whether she watched Kevin’s butt revealing scene in the first episode, Charmaine said surprisingly, “Really? So explosive? I did not watch the first episode and missed the scene.” (Will Charmaine re-watch Kevin’s butt-revealing scene online?) “There’s no need to. I do not have such an intensive interest.” Regarding Ghetto Justice’s ratings achieving 30 points, Charmaine said simply, “That’s great. Congratulations, congratulations!” Next week, TVB will organize a sales presentation and will schedule the company’s rumored couples to attend. Charmaine said,”Excuse me, I will not be able to attend. I have to work on that day.”

Moses Chan Unafraid of Rumors with Charmaine Sheh

At the costume fitting, Moses Chan indicated that he never had a “MK” look in his past series.  He noted that the series explored modern love relationships and that his relationship with Charmaine’s character was difficult to be linked together in real life.

Asked whether Moses will share intimate scenes with Charmaine, he revealed that 4 in Love will center around incidents and rumors that occurred in the entertainment industry instead. As an international star, Charmaine’s character will use Moses’ character for a publicity stunt. (Was Moses’ romantic rumors fake in real life?) Moses laughed and did not answer. (Was Moses concerned about rumors with Charmaine during filming?)  Indicating that he had known Charmaine for many years, Moses was happy to collaborate together again and was unafraid of rumors.

Reporters asked whether Moses’ rumored girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), will visit the filming location? “There’s nothing going on.  I have worked with Charmaine on numerous occasions in the past.” (She can trust you?) “I hope so.” When asked whether Aimee preferred his casual or gentleman look, Moses chose to laugh and not respond. Due to Kevin Cheng’s butt-revealing scene in Ghetto Justice securing ratings of 30 points, reporters asked whether Moses will use the same method to boost ratings. Moses indicated he will not and will aptly follow the script’s needs.

King Kong Cracks Dirty Joke

Aside from Moses and Charmaine’s romance in 4 in Love, the other most  glaring pairing was between King Kong and Rachel Kan, who portrays a lawyer in the series. At the costume fitting, Rachel wore a suit, however a minor movement caused her to reveal her cleavage line. With his non-fluent Cantonese, King Kong wore a wig for his role. Portraying a member of the financial elite, King Kong noted he will have many bed scenes and slipped a dirty joke at the press conference, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

4 in Love is produced by Jonathan Chik. Additional cast members include Queenie Chu (朱慧敏), Wai Ka Hung (韋家雄), Janet Chow (周家蔚), Tang Chi Fung (鄧梓鋒), Lau Dan (劉丹), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Mary Hon (韓馬利), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), Sin Ho Ying (冼灝英), and others.

Jayne: Surprised to see Charmaine filming another TVB series so soon. I thought she would be filming a television adaptation of “If You Are the One” in China.

4 in Love seems to explore the valuations of money, class, and possibly intellectual differences in modern love, where the woman may be in a superior status than the man. We touched upon this discussion fleetingly when marriage rumors between Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee arose and earnings capability was the topic of discussion.

Money and class are boundaries drawn by society, which are difficult to overcome in love relationships. Intellectual differences are inherent inside and frankly, I think it is very non-fulfilling to have a serious relationship with someone who has a markedly intellectual gap.

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  1. Sounds like Notting Hill to me, except the retirement part. Sorry but Moses and Charmaine, AGAIN?

  2. By the way the wig looks weird but she should really grow her hair again. Long hair suits her. Makes her look even more feminine and younger.

    1. I agree! But then again all actresses look better with long hair i think Leila Tong is the only one who could pull of the short hair look.

      The storyline doesnt seem interesting at all honestly.

      1. Look at Sharon Chan in short hair :). I think Myolie also looks good in short tomboy hairdo.

    2. I think the wig looks quite good on her. Love the fringe and wavy length.

      I do agree that long hair makes her look younger.

    3. Amiee Chan looks fabulous in short hair too.

    4. It depends the style of the short cut. Not like the mushroom-head she went for, who would look good in that. Don’t know what she was thinking.

    5. Oh come on… shes an actress she must cut her hair all the time to fit her character…i agree that she looks better in long hair, i guess almost every girl loves long hair (:

      1. She serious cut her hair in that series with Raymond? Wow! Salut you Charmaine. As a woman with long hair all my life, I would never cut my hair like that. Is the bowl mushroom haircut is real? I thought it was just a wig that she wear for the drammar.

  3. What is the MK look?

    I’ve look up the definition and know it stands for Mongkok. An MK boy or MK girl is a person who always follow the latest fashion. Is there any other meaning? I saw this term in Golden Forum a lot and it seems to be used for more than just fashion follower. It seems to have negative connotation.

    1. MK are perceived as low class in HK. Typically, they are lowly educated, uncouth, bizarre fashion taste and perceived as the ‘bad’ crowd to mix with.

    2. Kidd,
      I was wondering about the exact meaning of MK 仔. I think it does stand for Mongkok, an area known as a rough downtown area where triads tend to cluster in Hong Kong. Thus the connotation would mean a rough guy who is poorly educated, low class, and basically with no bright economic future.

      Kevin Cheng’s character in “Ghetto Justice” is considered a MK jai too.

    3. Yah I think it means low class too and has a negative meaning.

    4. Ahhh.. thank you everyone for finding out what MK stands for. Makes my life a lot easier.

  4. My opinion only, I think the eyes make up dun make Charmaine looks “star”.

    1. Just re-read the article. Chik’s comedy? Uhm, Fly with me pop up and Chik should come back to serious series. Fit him more.

  5. on my not to see list for sure. Can’t stand either of them!

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Charmaine’s wig? It looks too dramatic and she doesn’t look that great in straight bangs. Charmaine looks pretty with long hair, just not with straight bangs. However, I still think she looks best when its short as it suits her age an makes her appear more mature.

    The wig makes her big nose appear even bigger. In one photo I saw of hers, her eyes were too big too. It worsens all her features in general. Reminds me of an ape.

    1. Agree! I think the wig looks unnatural here. She looked the prettiest with natural, long wavy hair in Angels of Mission.

    2. On the contrary, I thought she looks not bad in this wig.

    3. SHe’s wearing a wig?? I didn’t know that… I think she looks better with the wig…

  7. Why does Jonathan Chik use Moses and Charmaine in almost every series of his? He seems to love Moses and Kenny, as well Ada and Charmaine. It gets really tiring seeing the same pairing over and over again. Isn’t there another series coming out soon that also has Moses, Charmaine, and Kenny too?
    Looks like Rachel Kan will have significant screentime in this series? She’s always been a decent supporting actress. However, because she is mature looking, she is restricted in her roles. I liked her when she entered Miss HK though.

    1. You’re referring to When Heaven Burns which will prolly air at the end of this year. I felt like the production has finished filming for forever and will TVB please let it air.

      Producer Chik has pretty much the same cast in all his dramas and that’s becoming pretty lame. Ever since War and Beauty, he seems to only use certain stars in his productions and these people are not creating any new sparks anymore. I think of the newer ones that he has adopted into his normal productions are Queenie Chu, Lily Ho, and possibly Aimee Chan.

      1. Many artists not under TVB management also have blogs.

      2. webmaster seldom update theirs blog list. Several artists that are no longer with TVB still have a blog there.

  8. charmaine and moses again? cant tvb find new couples!

  9. Tvb has no other choice or something i mean isnt this, their second time working together no big deal just like her & raymond.

  10. Moses’ age isn’t suitable for the role as an MK guy. Somehow, I can imagine Bosco in this role, but he looks too young for Charmaine.

    1. Younger brother-elder sister isn’t a problem. He cooperated with a 10-years-older Jessica when he was a newbie and they were quite cute together.

      1. I was saying isn’t a problem “to me”.

  11. I am also surprised to hear that Charmaine is filming for TVB THIS soon. Maybe she’s not as popular in China as she is in Hong Kong afterall.

    King Kong looks pretty good with hair! Maybe he should consider the look.

    I really enjoy watching Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) in series. I think he is a pretty talented actor, too bad TVB doesn’t think that.

    I hope Akina Kong’s role is small.

    1. Who is Akina Kong? I got her mixed up with Akina Hong since the two names are so similar, but I also noticed that the latter actress haven’t been appearing in TVB series for the last few years. What other series has Akina Kong been in?

    2. “I really enjoy watching Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) in series. I think he is a pretty talented actor, too bad TVB doesn’t think that.”

      What do you expect TVB to do for Cheung Kwok Keung? I like Cheung Kwok Keung since his movie days. But, what else can TVB do for him now? Promote him like they promote Wayne Lai? KK is already 55 years old.

      Looking at the big picture, it’s not possible for every talented actor to be promoted. The station will not have enough people to play the small roles and supporting roles then.

    3. yeah im also surprised that she’s filming with TVB that soon guess after her lsat acting performance the chinese market is rejecting her haha

      1. Maybe her career in China isn’t as successful as she originally thought?? At least she still has TVB if things don’t work out in CHina.

      2. Who knows even TVB might reject her if the audience start to see that she can’t really act. After all it’s all about business if you are not popular anymore then you are out. And she is not the most beautiful gal either

    4. Me too, I like to watch Cheung Kwok Keung. I can imagine he probably was considered quite handsome when he was younger. I always get him and Michelle Yim’s deceased boyfriend mixed up, they kind of look alike. I have to admit if all men are like him at age 55, we will have a lot of good looking guys in this world.

  12. good luck for char, your are the best actrist.

  13. Jonanthan Chik is the producer? When I watched Fly with Me, I had a hard time watching 5 episodes…. Doubt this is on my watch list..

    I think Charmaine looks better with long hair but this wig looks really too fake and black.

  14. Like almost all Char’s tvb series however this round the wig really doesn’t fit her nicely. Prefer Char in her natural long wavy hair like what the above said.

    I always knew char’s nose is big but the above pic really look “not so good” with her nose appearing “big” in the pic probably because she’s skinny and that made her nose stands out?

    1. I also think that Charmaine has gotten so skinny in recent years that her head is not proportional to her body. Her head appears bigger and the fact that her features are “big” doesn’t help it either.

  15. @ Jayne

    Kong Yan Yin’s english name is Elvina.

    1. Is it true that Kong Yan Yin (Elvina)is married? Doesn anyone know?

      1. Yes, she is married to someone named Jackson but I don’t know his last name. I saw a picture of those two together last year in a Chinese magazine.

  16. Kidd,
    Thanks for the correction…I didn’t look up her name while typing the article and will correct when I get the chance. 🙂

  17. best always for char, she is a versatile artist, never give up.

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