Christine Kuo Shares Korean Style Engagement Photos

Ahead of Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and William Lok’s (陸漢洋) wedding on October 19, Christine shared their beautiful engagement pictures that they took in South Korea.

For their photo shoot, Christine hired a team of prominent make-up artists and photographers who worked with many famous Korean celebrities.  Christine and William spent two days to shoot their pictures and had multiple themes such as a natural outdoor and an elegant night theme.

Christine looked gorgeous in the photos and couldn’t stop praising her makeup, “The secret to the makeup technique was that I was slapped few times in the face. It made the foundation sit more naturally on the skin. I really like how the pictures turned out.”

While Christine was a natural in front of the camera, William was very stiff during the photo shoot. The photographer had to ease the tension by making William laugh and giving instructions in a girl’s voice. William commented that he taught Christine how to race cars, now it’s time for her to teach him to be a model. “My wife is very beautiful in all the angles. It was stressful and I was scared of ruining the pictures.  It is safer to take pictures of just the side of my face.” It was the first time that William dressed in all pink and the result exceeded his expectations.

Christine was familiar with Seoul and she was able to show William around the city. Christine said, “It was William’s first time in South Korea. In the past, he was responsible for planning our trips. This was my turn to be a tour guide and take him around for food. Even though he really liked black bean sauce noodles, we didn’t eat it until after our photo shoot. He was scared of getting a bulging belly.”


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  1. A little too photoshopped but gorgeous nonetheless. I’d prefer they weren’t so ”posed”

  2. Yeah, I don’t care how well the foundation would sit on my face, nobody is slapping me. I’d rather they Photoshop my face than slap me.

  3. They are a good looking couple but the photography technique doesn’t capture that. The poses are stiff and unnatural. The outdoors shots should be close ups instead of from afar which loses focus on them. Hopefully, there are other better pictures.

    1. @potatochip William Luk mentioned that he felt nervous taking the photos, because he would “ruin” them by being in it. He’s not confident about his looks and his poses are more stiff than Christine’s, which is understandable since he doesn’t work in the industry.

      But I agree that even in the way Christine hugs William in some of the photos, they look a little unnatural, as if she’s posing with a male model she barely knows in some magazine spread.

      1. @jayne Aww, that’s sweet of him. He wasn’t bad. I do think it was more of the photographer’s fault. Even Christine’s single poses were unnatural. Like what is happening with her arms in that far picture with the balloons?

        I haven’t seen any Korean style engagement pictures, but what makes these different than other styles?

      2. @potatochip I think the engagement pics are Korean style due to the general aesthetics and makeup techniques. Korean photoshoot are generally more whimsical and poised, but uses soft colour and lights to retain the natural feel. The makeup used is very Korean, it’s the “no makeup but have makeup” look

      3. @sankuno Thank you! That description would be how I like wedding pictures to look. I am not sure this particular photographer was successful in attaining that though. The pictures are not bad, and I can actually sense the sweetness, it just feels that it is missing something.

  4. it just spells awkward to me. i cringe a bit going through the pics. Why is she stikcing her butt out? lol

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