Crystal Fung Doesn’t Recommend Buying Homes with Boyfriends

Hosted by Jack Wu (胡諾言), Kirby Lam (林秀怡), and Phoebe Pang (彭慧中), the first episode of TVB talk show How to Buy A House <我要做業主> interviewed 2016 Miss Hong Kong winner Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) on her experience of purchasing new homes in the ever-competitive Hong Kong real estate market.

On the show, Crystal shared that her first purchase was a 2 bedroom, 565 sq. ft. apartment in Kowloon’s Ho Man Tin, with her ex-boyfriend Martin Chung (鍾文浩), for 20 million Hong Kong dollars back in 2018. Crystal had purchased the home without her parents’ knowledge, and Martin was made the primary owner.

Crystal said Martin had originally considered getting an apartment in Sha Tin for HK$8 million, but his friends convinced him that the new Ho Man Tin property would be better worth his time

Crystal with ex-boyfriend, Martin Chung.

“After the fact, I told my parents about what we did,” said Crystal. “They said that they knew we would be impulsive, but it was a great lesson for us.”

As for whether or not Crystal would recommend purchasing real estate with significant others, she said, “Before getting married or having status, refrain from sharing investments. I think it’s important to be able to separate certain things from each other, like finance. Because who knows what will happen? It’s a lot of paperwork to deal with if things don’t work out.”

Having a partner to share the burden in supporting a home is a strong incentive buy homes together, but Crystal is advising all of us to go against that urge. “Take a step back and really think about all the alternatives. I’ve always felt that if I purchased my Dream House then I would be set, but in doing so I may have neglected more investment opportunities.”

Crystal then joked that shopping for a home is like choosing a boyfriend. “Purchase something that you know you’ll be able to handle, then think about the other things.” Crystal said the mistakes she’s made from her first purchase has made her more interested in investing in real estate.


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  1. Am I the only one that finds her super annoying? Also lack of talent? So far I don’t like any of the roles she’s played

    1. @tt23
      You are the only one… I do not like her acting at all. She just does not have the talent to act well. She is annoying too.

  2. i find her extremely annoying both acting or in person. there was a show where she was on stage w/ hubert, she tried to grab the camera every single second. even hubert couldn’t stand her and said nobody wants to watch you.

    1. @m0m0 this was like a big big channel fundraiser or something right? I remember that happening and I was thinking poor hubert.

      Also all I wanted to watch was Hubert sing and she just kept butting in

      1. @tt23
        might have been w/ big big channel. she kept holding onto the mic and standing in front of the camera showing off herself. it was super egoistic of her.

  3. She’s a decent host, gives credible advice and isn’t full of airs. I am not convinced by her acting, but if she wants to improve in this area, I’m sure TVB will give her plenty of opportunities to train. Whether we like it or not, she’s here to stay

  4. Why the eff would you buy an apartment with a bf and make him the primary owner?! Dumb dumb stupid girl.

    1. @babycakes
      Yes she is stupid… They are only dating so nothing is official but yet she buys a property with a boyfriend and makes him the primary owner. What the heck?

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