Crystal Fung Talks About Receiving Illicit Sponsor Offers

TVB talk show Young and Restless <後生仔傾吓偈> is known for its discussions on bold topics, and in the most recent episode, MC Luk Ho-ming (陸浩明) opened up the table for celebrities to talk about receiving illicit sponsor offers.

When it came to their “asking prices”, cast member Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) shared that she had received an “escort” offer for about $200,000 Hong Kong dollars. The 25-year-old expressed her shock about the price, saying, “I actually thought it’ll be much higher than that.”

Krysella Wong (黃凱儀), on the other hand, said she was contacted by a sponsor who was willing to pay her a five-figure hourly wage. “The person said I didn’t need to do anything except to hang out with his friends and laugh along. He said I could ride the bus with him across the EHC, which would be at least half an hour because of the traffic.”

Crystal then blurted out humorously, “Someone once offered me HK$500 to spend the night with him!”

While Crystal’s tone was light-hearted throughout the discussion, she admitted that receiving a lower sponsor offer than Krysella was a huge hit to her self-esteem. “I don’t get it. We’re both getting five’s, but she has five figures, and I only get five hundred.”

Unfortunately, getting asked for a price was something that Krysella was already familiar with before she joined the entertainment industry. She shared that before her debut, she and a friend used to work at a job that paid around HK$40 an hour. In order to get a dollar raise, her friend was willing to attend “work outs” with her superior.

“She didn’t even care about her boyfriend,” said Krysella. “And all for that extra HK$10 a day.”

“It’s a tragic story,” said Crystal.

Crystal and Krysella are far from being the only artistes confessing to receiving sponsor offers. Miss Hong Kong 2015 winner Louisa Mak (麥明詩) shared on the same show that she was once offered HK$5 million to spend a night with a man. Constance Wong (黃芷欣) shared that someone offered to buy her underwear for HK$3,500 apiece.


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  1. Wth 5 million??? I wonder if that’s even true, as in if the guy would follow through if theoretically she agreed.
    Still don’t get the obsession rich guys have with actresses… FYY isn’t even hot.

    1. @bubbles23
      concur, FYY is just on the news b/c of her gossips. she’s pretty average looking and got the angry woman look. btw, i read 5 figure, not 5 mil.

    2. @bubbles23 @m0m0 Wow really? You guys don’t find FYY hot? I don’t think she’s average looking at all. She looks a bit like Snow Kong from Youth With You 2, tbh. And it was universal consensus that Snow is hottttt.

      1. @coralie is it just me, cause I don’t think FYY looks like Snow Kong at all…
        Seriously, if you look at FYY feature by feature, she does not have a pretty mouth and it’s even more obvious when she talks. Idk, if I were a rich guy , any fantasy about her would go out the window the moment I hear her talk lol.
        Her face shape and bod is okay imo, but I honestly don’t think she’s anything special :/ just my opinion.

      2. @bubbles23 mm I was thinking more of her eyes and nose and face shape. not so much the mouth…but I can understand that her appeal is gone once she opens her mouth hahahah. I am so amused by her careless attitude that I don’t mind what she says. It’s how I feel about Anita Yuen, Christine Ng, Sandra Ng…all of them are obnoxious at some point, but they can be honestly funny, too.

      3. @coralie
        FYY has a nice body b/c she’s slim but that’s all. also, is snow yuen the lady in airport striker who played hugo’s wife? i thought she was annoying as he*l. didn’t think she was pretty at all. the other girl who played hugo’s ex gf who died was very pretty, she only showed up for a minute of two though.

      4. @coralie i agree with you. I think FYY is the prettiest miss HK since Grace Chan. I also find her very open, positive, and humorous when she speaks, which makes her stand out compared to other celebs. Young and Restless wouldnt be the same without her. I think FYY looks kind of like Tiffany Tang.

      5. @luye yes her openness really makes you feel comfortable around her. and her self-deprecating humor makes her fun to have around. you’re right, they do look rather similar!

      6. @coralie LOL Snow Kong is probably the only debuted member that I find not super attractive (along with Esther Yu and to an extent Xiao Tang)

        Objectively I can see it but to me her attractiveness is largely attributed to her hair and heavy make up… just seems quite generic looking to me. On the other hand, Kiki, Yan Yu, Jenny Z, Aria Jin, Joey Chua seem a lot more striking to me

      7. @arianna I guess it’s a matter of preference. Objectively I think all the ladies from Youth With You are decent looking, even if they don’t fit the definition of hot to me.

        Jenny Z looks Thai to me, kind of artificial or maybe too much white makeup. Aria Jin also seems kind of plain. Jenny Z looks Thai as well, and a little bit manly (maybe just proportion problem.) The only one I think is seriously hawt out of your list is Yu Yan. Her looks are quite unique.

        Snow Kang, on the other hand, is well-proportioned, has giant eyes, not generic oval face with sharp chin, small nose…she has a “full” face that gives her a very buxom-like appearance. Kind of similar to babymonster An, although the latter is more of the epitome of that.

        And yes Esther and Xiao Tang are not by any means hot…but they won by other qualities besides looks, which is pretty impressive, IMO

      8. @coralie

        true true it is a matter of personal preference you’re very right. Although WOW you’re probably the first person I’ve heard say that Aria Jin is plain (since Weibo has been blowing up after she failed to secure a spot on theNINE. Poor Lu Ke Ran has been bearing the brunt of the people’s wrath =( )

        Did U mean Kiki looks Thai to you as well?

      9. @arianna Aria reminds me of a prettier version of Yoona from snsd. Aria can be very attractive depending on photo angles, and makeup, but if I saw her IRL I don’t think I’d be starstruck by her looks, if that makes sense? Of course I don’t find Yoona hot either lol and plenty of ppl disagree with me there. I think Kiki has something different to bring to the table in a sea of girls with long narrow faces. She kinda reminds me of Winkie Lai, but again, just prettier. She doesn’t register as Thai to me.

  2. Hahaha $200,000 and her shock at how low that was. When I first read that, I thought it was a bit too low, too. C’mon she’s one of the hottest MHK from recent yrs. She can get at least a few mills offer.

  3. Luisa Mak, $5 million a night eh?
    I would just bust the guys’ balls and ask for $15 million per night, that’s $2 million US per night.

  4. Hmmm…I wonder if their male counterparts have had the same propositions too. I can see Jackson Lai accepting those offers if he gets any lol

  5. Again another article about crystal fung. She’s naturally pretty with nice body but her publicity really overkill. Typical TVB for “killing” their own artist

    Wow $5m for louisa mak.., i find her quite outstanding among all miss HK even with her average look.

  6. $5 million for Louisa Mak?? I don’t believe it. Doing the math, 20x that number makes someone’s networth $100 million. I doubt someone would spend 1/5 of their money on her. 200x that number makes someone a BILLIONAIRE. And even though 5 million is more trivial, imagine how many other things and people these billionaires spend their money on? Would they spend 1/200th of their money just to sleep 1 night with an actress? Plus not to mention, Louisa isn’t even pretty. Maybe she commanded a higher price because she seems more uppety. But I still don’t buy it. It’s possible but not likely. Not for 5 mil. Nah. Probably $500k. Or even 1 mil. I mean, FYY is way more attractive in my opinion and she was offered $200k which is a lot more reasonable to me. She may not be classy but she is prettier. Louisa is classy, yes, but I really don’t find her attractive at all.

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