Daniel Sit Talks About His Divorce with Fala Chen

Hong Kong artistes Daniel Sit (薛世恒), Yu Chiu (趙頌茹) and Rachel Lee (李麗珍) appeared as guests on ViuTV program The Beginning of Divorce <一切從失婚開始> and traveled to various regions to learn about the local’s marriage culture. As the guests gained new insight on the values of marriage, they also shared their own experiences with divorce.

Daniel Sit Never Imagined Marriage Would Fail

While Neway Entertainment heir, Daniel Sit, had a high-profile relationship with Fala Chen (陳法拉), the two unfortunately divorced in 2013 and Fala married to French entrepreneur Emmanuel Straschnov last year. As Daniel reflected on his divorce experience, he reveals that he did not initiate the divorce but chose to move out so that his ex-wife can live comfortably.

During the divorce, Daniel could not believe that his marriage was failing and would hide himself. Even when he moved out, Daniel held out hope for their marriage, “Similar to a family member running away from home, would you save a place for her return? I think I definitely would. Speaking for myself, whether it’s the environment or inside my heart, I would definitely save a space for her. [I thought] that maybe one day, she would come back.”

Yu Chiu Feared Ex-Husband

Having experienced domestic abuse and a messy divorce, singer Yu Chiu confessed that for a while she was terrified of her ex-husband Roy Chow (周永恆) and scared to see anything related to him. Providing details of her trauma, Yu shared, “I was very depressed.  I felt like I was living in hell.”

The mother of two explained that during the divorce, Yu wanted to keep the matter private but breathed a sigh of relief when the divorce was made public. Yu felt that the divorce was not only for herself and her daughters, but it also gave her ex-husband an opportunity to mature.

Rachel Lee as a Single Mother

1980s actress Rachel Lee and ex-husband Clarence Hui (許愿) got married after dating three months, but divorced after their daughter was born. The single mother had always put her daughter’s interest before her career, and recalled how she inadvertently discovered her daughter’s prayer on the back of her homework: “I hope my mother will not be unhappy with so many things. I will work hard to study and earnestly go to my classes.” Touched by her daughter, Rachel confessed that her daughter is an important source of support.

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Daniel I don’t think Fala can go back to you at this moment because she’s now a happily married woman so there’s no chance. I remember Rachel name was Loretta? I guess she changed her name? That’s crazy dated 3 months then got married this fast? Of course not going to work out because you don’t know what you’re doing at that time it could be because she got pregnant that’s why they’re rushing to get married? Well let’s see Barbie Hsu might be more crazier heard she got married after one month of dating?

    1. @cutie777
      For now Fala is happy but who knows about later. But I find it a bit inappropriate for him to hope for her to come back to him at this time now that she is married to another man.

      Celebrities change their names including their Chinese names so their English name is not a surprise. Many shotgun marriages do not always work out as they only married because of pregnancy.

      3 months is still an improvement compared to Barbie Hsu who engaged in 20 days and married right away. They seemed happy but there have been negative rumors lately about their marriage so who knows? I would not be shocked as they hardly even knew each other prior to marriage.

    2. @cutie777 Yea, Loletta (Rachel) pretty much married because of pregnancy, as she and Clarence married in mid-1996 and their daughter was born in 1997. I remember when they married back then, most people didn’t think it would last because of the difference in their stature — Clarence was a renowned music producer who worked with many of the industry’s biggest names while Loletta was a category III actress more known for her looks than her acting. The media actually dubbed the pairing “beauty and the beast” because of Clarence’s looks (he was always known for his musical talent and not his looks). Sure enough, they got divorced 4 years later (which is longer than most people expected….some were saying back then that it wouldn’t even last 2 years).

      With that said though, I don’t think how long a couple has dated necessarily dictates the longevity of the relationship. Take Loletta again for example —in 2008, she started dating another HK music industry titan, renowned lyricist Calvin Poon and that relationship actually lasted 10 years….but they broke up in 2018 and Calvin ended up marrying some one else.

      I think Loletta is the type who just has bad luck with her relationships (aside from Clarence and Calvin, there were other relationships that didn’t work out, including one that caused her to attempt suicide). I think Loletta finally understands this now and so puts all her focus on her daughter rather than romance relationship, which is definitely not a bad thing.

      1. @llwy12 thanks for the information glad she’s have moving on with her life I don’t really know who her ex husband is but it reminds me same situation with Leon Lai and Shi Qi? They broke up because she’s also in the category 3 movies if I remember it correctly?

  2. Daniel definitely has a big mouth. Even though it was an open secret fala is a very private person and never disclosed that they were married why is he opening his mouth now? Fala never said anything bad about him whats the point of talking about it now after she is happily married? Meh people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame.

    1. @holiday why does he have a big mouth? It was no secret now they were married, divorced and she has again re married. If i recall correctly, he did not say anything negative about Fala. He sounds like a man who was reminiscing about a failed marriage. The end of a relationship and or marriage can be very painful for many. He did not want it to end and he had hopes of reconciliation. Obviously not to be as she has remarried. But it is ok to state his feelings..No??

      1. @dramafan
        I agree! Many of us after breakup will hope that one day the ex will come back and both will regain the feeling. Does not matter if the ex is now married or has a child. It is just hope and dreams we all can have. That is love…

      2. @dramafan
        I agree and honestly, if they still have fate maybe one day they will be together again. However, maybe it is not appropriate for him to talk about it now since she has remarried. Pauline Yeung dated a British man way back before her first marriage. They broke up, she married twice and divorced and now she is now married to her first love so they are together again. They still had fate so maybe one day if Fala’s current marriage does not work out, they may be together again who knows? However, I still do not think he should talk about it now since she is now married to another man.

  3. I find it more interesting that he got into TVB after she left. He’s rich and he now wants to get into showbiz that he’s getting older? Interesting really. I don’t think he has a big mouth either. He joined a show and if marriage came up, how can he just ignored the questions. You are obligated to reveal when these are actually reality shows that is real life experiences. I never get the hype w/the Fala Chen but hey that’s just me. Some people break up and they don’t want to bring up their exes name again but there are also others who hold on to that what IF’s. Everyone is different and I didn’t think that was odd or anything that he still holds abit of hope. It doesn’t mean the other party to have to reflect on it. As the saying goes ‘ I like you doesn’t mean you have to like me back ‘ ?? haha LOL…

    1. @wm2017
      I think many boys think she’s hot, or at least she used to be…. I saw her live upfront and close before when she was younger, indeed very pretty, the type that mesmerizes you at first look, very tall and slender.

    2. @wm2017
      I agree and do not find Fala so great. She looked ok with make up but without make up, she did not look so great . Her type of structural face is the type that ages quick too. Her acting is average in my opinion too.

      1. @hetieshou @m0m0 just curious but how is her face aging quick? I read a women’s face can either be a sinker or a sagger as they age. Hers seem to be the sinker type- which I prefer over the sagging type like jinny’s

      2. @nleung12345
        I concur, sinking type. Jinny is saggy and sinking. I found it fala started sinking around 32 which is quite early for Asian.

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