Denise Ho Happy to See Joey Yung Again

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Denise Ho Wan See, Carol Yueng Chi Yao, Freeze, and Maggie Lee Man Chun, attended the Hong Kong premiere of Cats and Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore 3D. Since Maggie leaned over to play with Sharon Kwok Sau Wan’s cat and revealed ample cleavage in the process, she stole the limelight.

Earlier, Denise performed in a show in Taiwan . Did good friend, Joey Yung Cho Yi, attend the show in Taiwan to show her support? Denise said straightforwardly,   “Along with Wyman Wong Wai Man and seven to eight friends, Joey gave me a pleasant surprise by coming to the show. I was in Taiwan for one month and have not seen my friends in a long time. It was an unforgettable surprise!”

In regards to Jacqueline Chong Si Man’s recent breast augmentation to E cup size, Carol Yeung praised Jacqueline’s courage in her open acknowledgement of plastic surgery.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Denise Ho and Joey Yung are still good friends, but don’t know if they are still in a “lesbian” relationship. Was there any news of the two seeing less of each other?

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  1. Funn Lim says:

    Were they ever in a relationship Jayne?

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  2. Jen says:

    Yeah. I read that Joey went to surprise Denise at her concert in Taiwan. It’s good that they were quite up front with their answer this time. They usually beat around the bush with it comes to answering questions like this.

    I don’t know what you guys think but it’s pretty obviously from many reports that these two are together.

    Last year Denise flew over to Japan for Joey’s birthday. Joey posted up blog photos on Valentines Day where she was at Denise’s house.

    How long until this “scandal” breaks out?

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  3. HeTieShou says:

    I did not even know that these 2 were lesbians or are in a lesbian relationship. I was a bit shocked and am still sort of shocked, but I guess as long as they are honest and happy about then it should not matter.

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  4. Jayne says:

    Funn, it has not been explicitly stated that Joey is a lesbian relationship with Denise Ho. Since Denise is quite open about her lesbian preference and Joey is not shy in hiding her friendship with Denise, the public made their own conclusions.

    Jen pointed out additional gestures of their friendship, which may be a pure friendship for all we know. Allegedly, Denise and Joey were good friends before they both entered the industry.

    Given Joey’s ties to EEG and Albert Yeung’s clout, perhaps the media did not dare reveal Joey and Denise’s “relationship” any more than they have. The fact seems to be that they are indeed close, but how close?

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  5. sport3888 says:

    For those who want to know more about GooCho(Denise & Joey) you can read throw the part 1 archived thread at AF and join our discussion in part 2 of GooCho thread! NO HATERS PLEASE it’s a place for those who support them and want more “evidence” Jaynestar you can join us if you want!

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  6. Jayne says:

    sport3888, thanks for the links. I read through some of the discussion and it still seems more fan speculation on a greater intimacy rather than true evidence.

    With a lesbian couple, it is difficult to supply “proof” as women tend to have closer friendships and hugging and kissing are so common. Even if they take a vacation together, it would raise less flags than a gay male couple.

    What struck me the most was how Joey and Denise spoke about their first meeting backstage an Anita Mui concert. Not sure if the fan’s translation had anything to do with it, but the tone seems reminiscent of how you would remember a boyfriend/ girlfriend when you first meet, instead of regular friend. Usually when a couple meet and reflect on it afterwards, they talk about making eye contact, the initial physical reaction, how the initial reaction may be different after you get to know the person longer etc. That eye contact stuff and the talk about shaking hands for the first time (physical contact) is more reserved for a couple’s chemistry and not regular friendships.

    From my personal standpoint, when I think back to the moment I met some of my closest friends in life, I don’t ever remember what they were wearing, what they looked like on that day. I only remember the great conversation and topics that we may have been mutually passionate about. Sometimes I may reflect on how my initial impression of a person’s personality may be different than what I find later. But usually my friendship radar is quite correct and if the person comes across as quite cool, I will not make effort to forge a deeper friendship.

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  7. Funn Lim says:

    May I just congratulate Jayne on the brilliant title “Denise Ho Happy to See Joey Yung Again” now that I have read so many stuff about their friendship/relationship. It can mean so many many things you know.

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  8. Funn Lim says:

    One more thing, I kept reading comments saying Joey Yung saying she distrusts men? Did something happen in her youth, her heart broken by someone to make her so distrustful of men?

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  9. sport388 says:

    actually there has never been anything said about Joey not trusting men! She doesn’t trust people easily in general cause she says once she believes someone one, it’s really easy to deceive her! Also she lacks confidence in marriage cause her parents were divorced. And when you see Big Four ask her about it on their show, notice Denise had to “sad” expression but quickly defended her say she doesn’t have confidence in marriage cause of her parents failed marraige. I think it’s cause Big Four (especially Andy) know they’re together and think they should get married already =P “Imagination is Free”

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  10. sport388 says:

    by the way when I said “get married” I’m not talking about in HK obviously since they don’t have same-sex marriage and is way too conservative. But Joey has mentioned she’d like getting married in a small village/place in Europe if she does someday.

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