Denise Ho Has New Girlfriend? Denise Criticized in Acting as Love Victim

Denise Ho (何韻詩) is currently being criticized in pretending to be a love victim. After Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) and Joey Yung’s (容祖兒)  romance was exposed, Denise claimed that she was betrayed by good friends. However, it was reported that Denise and Joey may have broken up at the end of last year. Denise was blasted for purposely acting pitiful!

Denise voiced her distress over the recent turn in events and discontinued following Wilfred and Joey on Instagram. This reinforced the perception that Denise was deeply hurt by her former “ex-lovers” now dating each other!

Denise Ho’s New Girlfriend is Deng Jiuyun?

Wilfred stated that he and Joey had started dating when they were both single. Furthermore, Denise was rumored to have split from Joey at the end of last year. In April, Denise allegedly admitted that she had a new girlfriend. It was speculated that Denise’s new love interest was Taiwanese actress and Jia Bao Yu <賈寶玉> costar, Deng Jiuyun (鄧九雲).

In May, Denise was photographed on an outing with 29-year-old beauty, Deng Jiuyun. On Weibo, Denise often bantered with the Taiwanese actress as well. On November 11th–which bore the meaning of “eternal love” in Chinese–Denise and Jiuyun exchanged playful online messages. Jiuyun posted cute photos of her dog, in which Denise remarked that Jiuyung and her dog resembled each other. Jiuyung responded, “So I am this beautiful in your eyes?”

After Denise expressed her feelings of being betrayed by friends, Jiuyun wrote an ambigious message, which was interpreted as a love declaration for Denise. Jiuyun wrote, “In my small universe, there exists a little sun. Amidst your constructed kingdom, I am a little speck of dust.” 

Denise’s fans–who have long embraced their idols’ alleged bisexuality–were eager to accept Jiuyun as Denise’s new lover. One fan wrote to Jiuyun, “Please be our ‘Yi So’ [the wife of Denise]!”

Another fan asked Jiuyun to take good care of Denise’s wounded heart. The fan wrote, ‘If Denise is in Taiwan, please take care of her!’

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: If Deng Jiuyun does like Denise, her Weibo message appears to be more of support and love admiration. It does not appear to be the words of someone in an established relationship yet.

So much drama on Weibo. Fans and reporters may be getting too imaginative as well.

If Denise has already moved on with a new love interest, then no need for her to act so upset in light of Joey and Wilfred’s dating. With Denise’s parents both lending deep messages of support, I doubt that Denise is only “pretending.” Her hurt feelings seem sincere.

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  1. Denise never admit that she’s in a relationship with Joey. If Denise really Joey’s best friend, she should support and be happy for her. There is no need to be upset or angry. Love is something that can’t be explain.

  2. I think we are watching the storyline for the next TVB comedy drama unfold before us.

    1. why poor? since denise has a new girlfriend, there is nothing to be upset about.

      1. pain is pain whether you should be in pain or in pain b/c you can’t let go.

        so … poor denise, i agree. poor all 3 parties. joey and c-hing knew it was a bad idea but they couldn’t control it. denise is bff to both, whether they dated or not …

      2. Pandamao,
        “knew it was a bad idea but they couldn’t control it. denise is bff to both, whether they dated or not”

        I remember Ady An and Barbie Hsu experienced the same situation. The two BFFs reported fell for Wang Xiaofei, which made Ady upset at Barbie for taking her prospect.

        I remember many readers said that friendship will come first and they will avoid taking BFF’s love prospect.

        In this sense, Denise may feel violated.

      3. What happens when you are caught in a love triangle with your BFF??? it is hard to pick and yea, this reminds me of the Ady, Barbie and WangXiaoFei thing back then… I actually think it is a blessing that Ady did not get involved with WangXiaoFei. There are many other great guys out there anyways… With Denise, Joey and Wilford, I am not sure… Time will tell all..

      4. Love triangle or not, you have to follow your heart. Finding a good match is not easy – are you going to risk losing the love of a lifetime because of your friend’s feelings? Denise is already rumored to be dating someone else… she should be focused on that person. If she weeps and cries so much about an Ex, then if I was Deng I would be worried about the relationship.

      5. Well, what if it doesn’t work out? then you risk losing your friendship with your BFF, so you have to think about whether it is worth it or not. I keep on thinking about the whole Li Xun Huan, Lin Shi Yin and Long Xiao Yun(characters from Xiao Li Fei Dao, Gu Long novel) love triangle. You wonder should Li Xun Huan have given up Lin Shi Yin to Long Xiao Yun??

    2. Poor Denise?! I think Deng deserves sympathy… after all, shouldn’t Denise be all interested in her as her new girlfriend? Instead Denise is posting comments about an EX-girlfriend / EX-boyfriend. Shouldn’t she be happy having Deng?

      I say poor Deng 😛

      1. Poor Dennis, if she has a new gf than she should not be so upset, angry and hurt. I believe she is single at the moment. She will need a very long time to recover.

    3. i just feel sorry for her because i been thru something similar, it’s just that i’m not lesb

  3. wait…shes a lesbian?! Oh my, I thought that she was upset about joey & wilfred’s relationship because she liked wilfred…I am so lost…

    1. Dafuq,
      “wait…shes a lesbian?! Oh my, I thought that she was upset about joey & wilfred’s relationship because she liked wilfred…I am so lost…”

      Joey and Denise have been romantically rumored for 5 years. Denise is a little more upfront about her sexuality.

      The scandal is not really in Joey and Wilfred dating, but perhaps shedding light on Joey and Denise’s true former relationship and their sexual preferences.

  4. You know what? This whole thing kinda reminds me of 金枝玉葉2 (Who’s the Woman, Who’s the Man?)

    1. Haha, it does. And that sequel was pretty bad. It kinda ruined the charm of the original movie.

  5. How come I don’t not see this relationship as severe as reported it was? probably its belongs to the same sex relationship which I knew it won’t last long or etc ( but of course, there are exceptional cases).

    Imo, I really don’t find either Denise, c-hing or Joey to be serious in their commitment, they seems like some bunch of children playing ‘sand’ or just for some short flings etc. End of the story.

  6. lolz , did u guys see the picture C-hing hold Denise’s hand and say “i love u c” (C means Denise’s chinese name” on weibo ?

  7. denise is lebian, that mean joey also lesbian….poor c-hing love lesbian group…maybe because of monies..

    1. But look at the positive side.

      Think of some potential threeways in the future…hehehehe

  8. denise seems to be rather ambiguous about whether she likes guys or girls. can tell from her stance on relativity in this interview in Singapore i think denise may just be trying to start a new relationship with Deng JiuYun to try to get over her hurt relationships. like all tvb dramas love to say, the best way to get over a breakup is to start a new relationship. HAHA

  9. It is quite clear from Denise’s appearance, dressing and mannerism that she is a lesbian. As for joey, she may be just be experimenting with both gender. I personally know many straight female frds who had lesbian relationships as they couldn’t help falling for their lesbian partner because the partner is extremely loving, sensitive and attentive , much more so than men but at the end my frds all left the relationship and marry men and have babies. Not sure if that’s the case with Joey as well, but read somewhere she has an unhappy childhood so she may have needed such relationship and now moved on… Just sepculation….

  10. Denise should try to get involved with fellow lesbians Susanna Kwan, Monica Chan or Fu Sze Sze

    1. I don’ t think Monica Chan is lesbian is she???

  11. Regardless of whether she has a partner or not, it was her trust/friendship that was betrayed. Who knows if she may have had lingering feelings, the-whole-no-dating-exes-deal, or if she felt she was kept in the dark for too long. Heck, there may even be a hint of bitterness that Joey’s new relationship was aired out, whereas her’s+Joey’s (if reports are to be believed) was kept underground – perhaps she was looking for some sort of acknowledgement but never found it? Or, she’s simply betrayed by the fact that Joey has found herself a MAN. Sometimes, there’s no logic when such feelings are involved.

    Anyway, it’s all speculation, but I do believe Denise’s feelings to be sincere. We should just let the three parties involved deal with it in their own way. In private.

    P.S. “On November 11th–which bore the meaning of “eternal love” in Chinese” – Anyone care to explain?

    1. The Hong Kong press needs milk money to support themselves.

  12. This saga has shed light on Joey and Denise’s lesbian relationship.

    I doubt someone who is seemingly sad (and whose parents are rather vocal about her state of mind) is faking it.

    The person second to C-Hing’s dog act is Joey. Anyone who has followed her career knows that there has only been two people supporting her through and through – that’s Denise and her company.

  13. ths news wastng space.. too much on ths news alrdy… seriously thy both mve on. . one decided finally she likes men as well.. the othr found anthr.. the end

    1. Don’t we all wish that it were that simple?? Sadly, IF it were that simple then the media would not be able to write up so many stories and come up with so many theories… Life is not so simple…

    2. If you’re not interested, why bother reading or posting a comment?

      I wonder if c-hing will be at upcoming “diva” movie promotions. The media will have a field day, covering the interactions btwn joey and him.

      1. hehe, all i know is C-Hing is back from the grave..this guy just rose again from disclosing.. pretty fishy.

      2. I would suspect EEG will do everything they can to keep him from the promotions. There’s already too much negativity surrounding this PR stunt. EEG can’t let it affect Joey.

  14. Wow, I actually thought the rumors of Denise/Joey were more reporters grasping on straws but hmm…actually I think this can be plausible – I mean, to have 2 exes u used to be involved with date each other? Thats gotta hurt. At the same time its probably blown out of proportion as usual….Denise, I’ve always got a lesbian vibe from her and Joey’s probably bi. Wonder if one day they will talk about their relationship candidly.

    It’s interesting tho, that two popular canto pop singers could be romantically involved. I think it would make hong kong viewers more open about things like homosexuality (we all kno how homophobic tvb, asian culture can be) if those two went open about it. I can’t even name a same sex couple in hong kong right now…while in hollywood theres a ton. Cmon, step it up u guys!

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