Denise Ho Hopes to Become a Mother Within 5 Years

After admitting being a lesbian in front of a crowd last year in November, Denise Ho (何韻詩) revealed her goal of becoming a mother within the next five years. When her lesbian announcement was mentioned, she appeared undisturbed. “I get asked this question wherever I go. Mainland China is different from Hong Kong, because everyone makes detours to get to the topic.”

In terms of getting along with her other half, Denise expressed, “I think I’ve already shared my intimate parts to everyone. I still wish to retain a bottom line in my private life. I feel there is no need to take these parts out for everyone to see.”

Denise did not avoid the topic of having children. “I really like children. When I was young and living in Canada, there were many Canadian couples who adopted Asian children. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, whether to give birth myself or to adopt. I hope I can educate children, allowing him or her to become someone with aspiration. As to when…perhaps within five years? Or else I’ll become a woman of advanced maternal age.”

Earlier, reports circulated that Denise wants Greeny Wu (吴青峰) and Shawn Yue (余文乐) to donate sperm to fulfill her motherhood dreams. In the end, who does she want her future child’s father to be? Denise laughed and said, “I don’t know. Everyone understands it’s entertainment news. I just gave an answer so the reporters can complete his job.”

Denise’s body suffered from her busy schedule of promoting her new Mandarin album, Coexistence <共存>, as well as her stage musical, Awakening <贾宝玉>. “After I came back from my Taiwan concert tour, I had more health issues. The stage musical has high physical body expectations. I’m not young anymore, so I’m recently learning breathing exercises to maintain my health.”


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  1. what a foolish girl, first a lesbian, now wanting children of her own, don’t think a normal child would want to live with lesbians parents, too much emotional stress

    1. Well said “forward”……agree with you completely. So many lesbian women around the world these days thinks they can be mothers…..forget it. It’s just gonna ruin the child’s normal upbringing…..

    2. yes, what a foolish girl for wanting to be a mother and a caring parent! What a foolish girl to be looking for a loving relationship! Terrible!

      And a normal child with too much stress? Sorry Forward, the “normal child” wouldn’t have ANY stress about her loving mothers if not for people like you placing it on them.

      1. Thank you. Wow, for a moment I thought I traveled back in time 100 years with such close-minded comments!

    3. It’s always like this. Voice an opinion on the contrary and then get shot down by 100.

      1. If an opinion is a bad one with faulty logic, then it deserves to be shot down. There is no evidence to prove that a ‘normal’ child will feel stress because her parents are lesbians. That’s just ignorance speaking on Forward’s part.
        Thank you, TVBFanatic for calling Forward on it. Just because people are entitled to their opinions, doesn’t mean others can’t speak out against their homophobic comments and intolerance.

      2. Get used to it.
        There’s no point stressing about it, everyone attacks you and not the argument if their opinion differs from yours.

        Girls are just mean.

      3. @mt
        Yeah probably not so much stress, but the child will most likely be seen in another light socially by peers (at school for example), once people know about their family structure. Ok, people might say ‘oh yeah, 2 dads/mums’ and accept but there will never be 100% acceptance given how rife bullying is these days, esp in schools.

    1. all i can say is, coming from a single parent family, it was not easy, for me and my mom

      1. @Nicole
        So what? She is rich then?
        She is rich doesn’t means that her children’s wont have to go through hardships-when others know that ur parents is lesbian.
        Such relationship is not really well received even in whatever era u’ll be.
        Many spoiled children’s around and the best example is the maniac from Taiwan!
        He is rich but he lacks a lot of things- be it proper love/ attention or whatever from his parents that he turns to a monster!

      2. The most vehement protests against homosexuality are religious groups, in particular, christianity and Muslims. They’re the ones who teach their child to hate others in the name of “God”.

        Hongkongers are majorly atheists.

        Sure, there are still gonna be bullies, just like if you are fat, ugly, stupid, acne-ridden, nerd, goth, geek etc., but tell me, how are you gonna prevent your kid from being fat, ugly, stupid, a pizza face, nerd, goth? Send him for plastic surgery when he’s 5? Learn to deal with bullies from young. It makes them tougher.

      3. Btw, I was asking forward about whether the mom is rich not because money can solve all problems, but the lack of money, can also be problematic., eg. If the mom has to work long hours, or multiple jobs to make ends meet? Or her books being 2nd hand? Or not being picked up in a nice luxurious car? Are her clothes shabby?
        There can be many causes of that teasing, are they teasing because her mom is a single parent, or are they making fun of her mom because she’s a teachers pet?
        nowadays we get bullied over everything. Like a teacher’s pet gets bullied, someone smart, someone stupid, someone fat, someone with braces, someone with acne, someone with a single parent, your race, your wealth, your skin color, your accent..

        When I was in school, a pretty and smart girl was laughed at about being a “witch” just because she has a longer, pointy nose.

        Everyone gets bullied. You can’t hide.

      4. @Nicole
        Please don’t drag the “religion” issue in this.
        Lesbian relationships are not well received no matter where u are/ what religion believes.
        Ppl are just trying to be “nice” to accept it since Lolll Denise is just a no-one to us.
        Eg: One day ur children told u that they are lesbian/gay, honestly will you mediately feel okay about it? The answer is NO.
        The problem with all these lesbians/gay couples are their children’s are not properly being bought up.
        To them, oh ya, my mum is a woman and my dad too is a woman and vice verca!
        How do they feel when they go to school and see other children’s with mom and dad?
        All these counts into a child upbringing. Even he/she is not bullied by their peers but they will be confused.
        Even a child grow in a single family will ask their parent, where is my mom/ where is my dad?
        I just can’t imagine how a child can be positively brought up in such a messed-up relationship >.<||

      5. I read a story about a gay couple raising an adopted son and they are happy. They are not rich or anything but both love their son and the son loves them too. It really varies even though it is odd for a gay/lesbian couple to raise a child.

        I agree with Nicole that it is true that money cannot solve all problems, but not having enough will cause many other problems. Having financial stability is the foundation of it all. If you cannot even economically provide for your child, then what else is possible???

      6. Acceptance.

        I don’t care even if my mom announce she’s gay, what more future non-existent children?

        What will you do if your child is gay? Get them exorcised? Brainwashing? Beat it out of them? Keep it hush hush? Make them live out their life as a lie?

      7. Stop framing it like it’s for the benefit of the children when all you’re really doing is just discriminating against LGBT

      8. To be honest, if my child tells me he or she is gay, I will be taken aback. I think to accuse someone as narrow minded is the same two way accusation. I know in today’s world people are expected to be open minded but look, everyone has their own views on things. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean one is hateful or one is devil incarnate. It doesn’t help your cause if you around saying gay haters as haters or gay lovers as sinners. Like I said I will probably flinch, the same way I will if my child wants to marry someone of other colour (black), religion (Muslim/Jew) or station in life (like a useless bum). But if the other person is a nice person and I love my child, sooner or later I will accept the other as my son/daughter. It takes time. Shoving down people’s throat and accusing religious beliefs as a culprit won’t help. What will help is to accept everyone will agree to disagree and as long as the parent does not say I DISOWN YOU or beat the crap out of their child, that is a first positive step.

        The truth is for universal acceptance (gay couple), it is still a long way. People are still prejudiced, some wary, some confused, some doesn’t know such a possibility can exist. I was very surprised the French was out in full force against gay marriage, considering how open they are about sex. There is no right or wrong. It is a matter of acceptance, a bit of time and a whole lot of compromise. I am open to gay marriages and gay adoptions but like I said, I will flinch if my child says “I am gay”. Until it happens to you, you won’t know how accepting you can be.

        I think I will jump more if my child says he or she wants to marry a Muslim or a bum rather than I wanna marry a gay (who happens to be fabulous!)

      9. Funn:
        France being “out full force” =
        A campaign orchestrated by the Catholic Church and belatedly backed by the mainstream centre-right opposition has steadily gathered momentum.
        Equates to Catholics + opposition party!

        The religious do play a large vocal role. Acknowledging that fact isn’t making them the culprit, just pointing out one of the reasons why hong kongers will differ in their attitudes.

        Flinching is ok, it’s more about the shock? Something some parents might not be prepared for. Btw, all those things that you said you will flinch about, are whom my mom told me absolutely not to date or marry when I was a teen. Haha, so there is progression from a firm negative to just flinching.

        Universal acceptance is definitely far, but can we ever get there? Look at women’s rights, we aren’t even equal universally either! Racial equality, still a long way. Hopefully, steps are still being taken instead of going backwards. Won’t you wish for racial equality in Malaysia one day?

      10. “Won’t you wish for racial equality in Malaysia one day?”

        That will never happen. They must protect a race’s right, like a minority must be protected with certain rights except here is majority. But I will settle for being known as Malaysian and even THAT simple word is far far away.

      11. @Funn lim, I agree with you that it we are a long ways towards universal acceptance. People need to be given time to understand and make their own judgements. Personally, it took me a few years to get my views to where they are today and I credit people like Ellen DeGeneres and others who openly admit who they are and stand proud. They have the same hopes and dreams as anyone else and they deserve happiness too.

        I know that there are many people who struggle with this gay equality issue because their faith tells them otherwise. They are not evil haters or bad people. I understand this. No one is trying to convert their views but rather to get open discussion and to get them to see that allowing a minority group’s rights doesn’t take anything away from them.

        @Funn lim, I appreciate that you’ve been honest and open about your views but at the same time, you’re willing to see both sides. It irks me when I see those that start off by calling Denise Ho “foolish” for wanting to raise a child or making broad generalizations about the harm done to children raised by same-sex couples without any factual basis. To me, that is spewing hatred and ignorance. Instead, give me reasonable arguments and I will listen.

      12. @HTS, of course I know $$$ is important, the reason why I’m asking “So what? She is rich then?” just because of the questions by @Nicole to @Forward..
        Yup, Denise is rich but so what?! If anyone thinks that $$$ can buy/build a good future for their children, they are certainly wrong!
        And I have to v^^v to @FUNN!
        U are right. And I’m sorry if any of my words offended any but yup, as open-minded as we are but there are still things that we take times to accept 😉
        Especially issues as LGBT. It is okay when it’s not happening to our close-ones. We still can YEAH, HUMAN RIGHTS! OPEN MINDED etc but when it happens to our loved ones, it still takes time to accept it 😉

      13. @Yen,
        As I have said and Nicole as well, money does NOT solve all problems and raising kids takes much more than just money. However, having a lack of money will bring along many other problems since it is the the first thing you should have before you even consider doing anything else.

  2. “I think I’ve already shared my intimate parts to everyone.”

    Is there something wrong with the translation or construction of the sentence? I know what this sentence is trying to say but it comes off as overly sexual with the choice of words used.

    1. Yah, I don’t think “intimate parts” is the correct term, maybe ‘private or personal matters’ is better. There’s something lost in the translation here.

  3. I think she should include Eric Tsang in her potential “donor” list.

    1. child won’t be smart as eric tsang is stupid, have to put into consideration eric’s body shape as well

  4. If Hocc is a responsible and loving mother I don’t see anything wrong with her wanting to have her own child. I hear countless stories about women (that married men) who treats their children like animals and don’t give a damn about their well being. The job of a parent is to give guidance to children in their life, it shouldn’t matter if the parent is gay/lesbian/straight/men/women.

    As for discrimination, sorry to say but it starts from these narrow minded adults. If these adults don’t discriminate gays/lesbians then it wouldn’t be passed down to the children. Children see, children do.

  5. Although I admit that it is a bit odd for a lesbian/gay couple, however, I don’t think we should discriminate against it. Just because you are gay/lesbian does not make you a bad person or someone with less love. I feel that Denise can be a good mother if she has a big heart which has nothing to do with her being a lesbian or not. I agree with WildBerries that it should not matter if the parent is gay,lesbian,bi or straight. The love for your children or family should be the same….

  6. And the bigots come crawling out of the sewer again. Please don’t make generalizations based on your narrowminded hate. There are plenty of children raised by same-sex couples who are happy, healthy and loved. Google “Zach Wahls,” if you doubt. There are plenty more examples like him if you would take the time to research instead of spewing your preconceived repulsiveness for those different from you.

    Sure, not everyone is fit to be a parent, but their ability to raise children has nothing to do with whether they are gay or straight. Just because you can procreate doesn’t make you a good parent. There are so many abandoned or orphaned children in the world who need love and care, so I say kudos to anyone who has the means and heart to adopt. Children learn from example and if their parents give them a caring environment and teach them love and respect for one another, self-dignity to face the world’s ugliness, and tolerance for others, they will grow up to be good people.

    To those who will find these modern families “abnormal” or “disgusting,” I hope you will open up your mind a little, don’t let your intolerance cloud the good intentions of others. I have no doubt Hocc will make a great mother, you can already see it by the way she interacts with her godchildren.

    1. Thank you. Damn, we definitely got some close-minded ppl here. Trolling about idols is one thing, but to outright discriminate is just low.

  7. I think in this age, everyone should be treated equal. Just cos a minority is les/gay doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them . These les/gay/bi minority can be as good parents as a mother/father couple. It’s how the parent raise their children which should be the main importance, not discrimination based on one’s sexuality! It’s amazing how discriminate this world still is. I don’t call it tolerance to this, I call it Acceptance. People in this world need to accept people the way they r as long as they don’t do anything harmful to others. They have a right to live, as much as everyone else.

    1. You’re right, acceptance is a better term. Live and let live!

  8. To forward (ironic name) and everyone else with those views, if I had to pick between a lesbian mother or one of you guys as a parent, I know who I’d pick.

    Having a loving and supportive family, irrespective of gender of your parents is a lot better than having a nuclear family that isn’t loving. I have seen far too many cases of neglected children, and guess what? They had straight parents!

    So you may cloak your homophobia in any manner you chose, but in about 15 years, you’ll find yourself rather embarrassed to hold those views. Or alternatively, you won’t care and that’s okay because I have faith that the majority of people are able to move forward and be more accepting.

    But yes, thank you for caring about the emotional stress of children, when studies show that having homosexual parents have no adverse affect at all on a child’s upbringing.

    1. Well stated, Fiona.

      ‘forward’ is a rather ironic name, maybe it’s more like ‘one step forward and two steps back.’ The march towards equality soldiers on, as evidenced by the two highlighted Supreme Court cases this week. I believe justice and equality will prevail and that one day many of these people who fear the destruction of civilization because gays are allowed to marry or raise a family if their own will look back in shame.

      I’m heartened to see that in poll after poll, people’s views have become more accepting of LGBT and same-sex marriages. I think it has a lot to do with people like Denise Ho or Ellen DeGeneres who put themselves out there as an example that sexuality is only one part of themselves and that they’re no different from anyone else. It certainly doesn’t determine their moral character or ability to raise another human being. They deserve our respect and acceptance.

  9. I feel that if it’s someone like Denise Ho who’s worked so hard in this industry being a terrific singer and being the best actor in the under-30s category, then she’ll be a great mother regardless of her sexual orientation.

    And hey, she did come out. Imagine if she kept it secret and her daughter saw her making out with another woman. That would not be good. Coming out takes a lot of courage and she did it for all the right reasons.

    Plus she’s rich as hell.

    1. @dd
      I know and so true. I think it will be a bit odd for all esp the kid but if he/she has 2 parents to love them that is still a good thing regardless of the typical man/woman parents. The world is constantly changing and we see this everyday w/western celebs but for asians it is still new and can be controversial i guess. One thing i feel if lesbian/gay couple do want kids, it will be great for kids who does NOT have a home so adopting these kids will be good thing for all parties involved. Same parent celebs who have kids:
      Ricky Martin – too hot to be gay hahaah
      Matt Bomer – also too hot be gay hahaha
      Elton John
      They are seem to be doing great and have adopted kids so who are we to say whats NOT good for these kid? At least, these are rich individuals who can provide for them. But even if people who are not rich, does that mean they can’t enjoy life the way they should even if they are different than what god intended for them to do? Typically, it’s man/woman but what can they do if they are different? We should accept anyone who are human and as long as they are not hurting anyone.

      1. @kiki, just like you mentioned, or I mean just as anyone will react, Ricky Martin = Too hot to be GAY. It still shows no matter how open-minded you are, but it still WOW when it comes to LGBT issue!
        Just like when news bout LeeHom is gay, most ppls commented HUH?/What a watse and etc..

      2. @Yen
        Well, since I am not a lesbian when i see hot guys are gay then automatically i will say WHAT A WASTE? But that does not mean i will discriminate those who are thou. I hope that makes sense.

      3. @kiki
        I’m okay too when I see a gay/lesbian couples which in fact most of them are really good looking.
        I’ve got a couple of friends who’s lesbian. As we accepted them but we among friends will still discuss “what a waste.. both are very pretty gals” and even the one -Tomboy, play the guy role is a pretty girl.
        And I’m not sure of others but most lesbian couples I met doesn’t last.
        Honestly maybe I’m not a guy, so to me, being gay is like hmmm u r born that way but as for lesbians, it’s more of a choice.
        Many of them who turned to be a lesbian, playing the guy role has some hidden heartache.
        And the one in girl role, mostly will end up with a guy.
        One of my friend turned to be lesbian/TB because she feels she is ill treated by her family. Her parents prefers her brother. So she wanted to be a SON to get her parents attention.
        Another one was in a broken relationship that she thought all men are nasty.
        If we really get to know them well, u will realise most of them wanted attention/care.
        Just like Denise case, she said she dated a guy but don’t like it. And she declared she is a lesbian after the chaos between her, Wilfred n Joey..

      4. It’s okay n still acceptable when they are just dating but marriage n bringing a child into the picture is another thing.
        Just the @@ of lollll asking her friends to donate sperm >.<||||
        How would you react if a friend of your husband or your friend requested it?
        Their children's is actually your husband's child too!
        What happened if one day they are to fall in love and only to realised they are siblings?!
        Some will say, lollll tooooo future, we never know. But there is still the possibility of that happening.

      5. Ah, but in that case, won’t you know that your husband donated his sperm to a friend?

        Is that worse, or your husband never donating his sperm to anyone, and when your child grows up, and gets married and have a baby, and when the baby is deformed, they got tested for genetic defects and realise they are half-siblings?

        A lesbian friend you know, or an unknown affair?

        But want to know another scenario? How about this your husband has a long lost identical twin brother who had a child who is orphaned from young, who meets your child and then the two children falls in love and gets married and have a child who is deformed, and they get tested, and realised they are half-siblings, and you get all mad and insist your husband had an affair which he denies, then you kill him with a knife?

  10. Maybe she can get Anthony Wong from Tatt Ming pair to be the sperm donor 😉

  11. Hi all,

    Sorry for this lengthy post.
    Just thought to share a link from Time magazine about a study of how children in lesbian homes may do better than their peers.,8599,1994480,00.html

    “The authors found that children raised by lesbian mothers — whether the mother was partnered or single — scored very similarly to children raised by heterosexual parents on measures of development and social behavior. These findings were expected, the authors said; however, they were surprised to discover that children in lesbian homes scored higher than kids in straight families on some psychological measures of self-esteem and confidence, did better academically and were less likely to have behavioral problems, such as rule-breaking and aggression.”

    And this also :

    “Gay parents “tend to be more motivated, more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents,” said Abbie Goldberg, a psychologist at Clark University in Massachusetts who researches gay and lesbian parenting. Gays and lesbians rarely become parents by accident, compared with an almost 50 percent accidental pregnancy rate among heterosexuals, Goldberg said. “That translates to greater commitment on average and more involvement.”

    I’m not a pro LGBT activist or anything, I’m actually just a heterosexual parent among many others, I personally don’t teach my kids to hate anyone in the name of God, even though I’m a Chinese Muslim convert, because what I’ve come to learn about Islam and Muslims is that its nothing at all like what the terrorists are trying to portray.

    In our little home, we teach our kids love and forgiveness, to accept everything God created, we also teach them art, music and poetry.

    We teach them to sing their lungs out, dance like there’s no tomorrow and be merry at the appropriate times, but we definitely do not teach hatred to anyone based on their sexual orientation, race, religion etc.

    @Nicole & @Funn,
    Maybe you both have personally met some Muslims who somehow made you feel the way you do, I honestly understand and I hope one day you both may meet a truly good Muslim who may offer a different perspective. =)

  12. Oh my, I apologize for the terrible face that goes with my name, it’s my first time posting so I really don’t know how the face icon thing works. But please believe me, that face wasn’t the one I was expecting or reflecting.

    1. Sign up at this site:

      using the same email address you use to post here. Then you can choose any avatar you want to on gravatar, and Jaynestars will pull the picture from there (like my “gwing” avatar :D)

      1. Hi TVBFanatic,
        Thanks so much for helping me.I have signed on and did as you say. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it. =)

      2. Oh damnit, now anyone can join the secret club.

        You ruined everything, TVBFanatic

      3. Uh oh, I’m sorry to get you into trouble TVBFanatic, sorry to dd and to everyone in the secret club

      4. lol.. no… dd was just playing 😛 There is no secret club 😀

      5. The council elders have already called for your execution, TVBFanatic.

        There’s no use trying to get back into our good graces now.

      6. Lol thanks TVBFanatic and dd, you folks are fun. (But since its a secret club, I know you must say it doesn’t exist else it wouldn’t be a secret. lol.) supposedly Secret clubs and council elders who want blood. I like! 🙂

  13. We should not suppress or change ourselves because society is not receptive to who we are. Rather, we should change our society such that everyone is free and unafraid of being who they are.

    1. Society is us. If we don’t within ourselves how can then society evolve?

      1. I meant if we don’t evolve or change how can then society as a while evolve and change?

      2. Thank you for mentioning two key points: (1) “society is us”, and (2) “evolve”.

        (1) When society alienates certain groups of people because of who they are, then it is no longer “society is us”. To live in harmony, society must be inclusive and respect each member of the community. Everyone is created equal. Hence, no set of members should have the natural-born rights while other members of the society are deprived of theirs.

        (2) Society cannot and will not evolve if some of its members have to suppress themselves in order to part of that community.

    1. lol-not really

      how would the child cope with having a lesbian mother? How would she/he cope with all that teasing?

      1. Why does a child have to cope with having a gay mom?

        How does a child cope with a mom/dad who fights everyday? How does a child cope with alcoholic mom/dad? How does a child cope with a mom/dad that uses drug? How does a child cope with mom/dad who is never home? How does a child cope with a mom/dad who has extramarital affair? Etc., etc, etc.,

        Do we scrutinize every heterosexual couples about their ability to raise a child or the well being of that child given his/her family condition? We probably don’t. Then we scrutinizing gay couples for wanting to have kids?

        Why are we immediately assume that a child raised under a mom/mom, a dad/dad or single parent is certain to be a subject of harassment. If that’s the case, then the problem is not created by homosexuality. The problem lies in the heterosexual society–and this is what needs to be fixed. Good grief!

  14. Why do you assume that the child of same-sex couples have to cope with anything? I think you’re projecting your heteronormative views and masking it as concern for the child.

    Of course, I concede that there’s a chance the child will face bullying from his or her peers. But how is that different from now when children are made fun of for being too fat or too slow or too ugly, or for whatever else. I was bullied because my name sounded funny. Bullies are bullies and oftentimes, there’s no rhyme or reason to their behavior. It’s up to the adults to their child right from wrong and all those good things that make a society. The rest, Lee said it best above.

    I would choose two loving parents over an abusive, alcoholic, negligent parent any day.

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