Drunk at Birthday Party, Charlene Choi Shouts: “Men Always Lie!”

By on November 26, 2015 in NEWS

Drunk at Birthday Party, Charlene Choi Shouts: “Men Always Lie!”

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) recently celebrated her 33rd birthday with several friends. Drinking heavily at the party, Charlene spilled her raw emotions, revealing that she was heavily hurt by William Chan (陳偉霆). She also implied that the men she had dated often lied to her.

Having suffered both a divorce from Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) in 2010 and subsequently a breakup this year from a four-year relationship with William, Charlene did not appear to be in great spirits despite being surrounded by close friends Kary Ng (吳雨霏) and Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡). Although she appeared to be having great fun in the photographs that were later posted, her frail and thin frame hinted at her true emotional state.

Charlene Gets Drunk

The group started drinking at 10 p.m. and only stopped at 3 a.m. Apart from drinking, they also split into two groups – those from Emperor Entertainment Group versus Universal Entertainment – and played an old-school game of “rock paper scissors”.

As the birthday girl, Charlene was completely drunk throughout the night. The first to reach the venue, she had already started drinking before anyone else arrived, guzzling down both red wine and white wine. Slightly tipsy by the time her friends arrived, she exclaimed, “You guys are late! I’ve already drunk so much!”

Later in the night, Charlene started walking around the venue with bottles of wine, egging her friends on to drink with her, “I’ll drink with you! I’m so gracious. We from Emperor Group are so gracious!” She then approached a male friend, who refused, saying that he was already drunk. In response, Charlene protested, “You’re drunk?! Shut up! I have never seen you drunk!”

Amid all the drinking, Charlene noticed that there was a badminton court nearby and started talking about playing badminton. Charlene and William had frequently played badminton while dating, and one wonders if the thought of the badminton court had prompted Charlene to miss William again. It was clear that she had some emotional moments, and was possibly still nursing hurt feelings. In the middle of singing karaoke, she suddenly yelled, “You men! You are always lying!”

The following day, while attending an event with Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), Charlene was asked about her birthday wishes. She said, “Let fate decide.”

As Charlene’s birthday is only a day after William’s, when they were a couple, the two often held combined birthday celebrations. According to the couple’s mutual friends, many of them only started hanging out with William because of Charlene. After the breakup, the friends drifted away from William and mocked him for spending more time in Mainland China, where he was considered to be “fresh meat”.

Sure enough, William did not celebrate his 30th birthday with friends but celebrated it with 5000 fans. He even took off his shirt at the party, flaunting his muscular body.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

17 comments to Drunk at Birthday Party, Charlene Choi Shouts: “Men Always Lie!”

  1. hannah says:

    Both William and Ronald are bad boy womanizers.

    Feel sorry for Ahsa! Hope she can move on soon.

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    • gingermessiah replied:


      Charlene Choi was dating William Chan right after announcing her divorce with Ronald Cheng. A younger and better looking partner. Let’s be fair here. Ronald dated and immediately married her wife soon after and just wants to settle down.

      If he really is a playboy, he wouldn’t have settled down straight away and continued to play around.

      Let’s not just play the victim card here with Charlene. She kept her marriage a secret and got with a better guy all the people was saying what a better match a few years ago. As soon as they break up, the guys are to blame once again…

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      • replied:

        @gingermessiah Very, very well said. I find that fans can get so caught up in their idol worship that they throw common sense, maturity and the ability to think like rational adults through the window when defensing their idols. They then come across looking like angry fools or hypocrites. I am going to get it now.

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  2. says:

    Ah Sa better not get drunk anymore. That is against the character of a Chinese woman, namely a goddess like herself

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    • m0m0 replied:

      chinese women can’t get drunk?

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      • replied:

        @m0m0 All women can get drunk. It is a human thing to happen. It is good that she got drunk and it was published. Lots of Chinese think she is perfect, so good that they can see she is human, doing human things like getting drunk. Just hope the thought of their goddess intoxicated will not make them jump into the sea.

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  3. jjwong says:

    It was her bday so what’s the big deal fr her to drink, get drunk and have fun. As long as you’re smart enough to surround yourself with good friends who’ll understand and take care of your stupor state. Her good gf were there so that’s good. Though, she might have a mole in her company since this report is so detailed. She might wanna cut that bad meat off bf more her personal times like this get airs. Unless she doesn’t mind then all hands to her.

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  4. funnlim says:


    If true, she hid her bitterness well. She may be a better actress than I think she is and I don’t think she is a good actress.

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  5. vlol says:

    Charlene invested so much of her time and effort in her relationship with William so it’s no surprised that she may be hurt. I think fame is getting to William’s head now that he’s famous because I don’t see him hanging out with his old crew in Hong Kong anymore. Instead, he post videos/pictures of the new and more famous friends he made in China on his Instagram all the time. Charlene didn’t mind that he was unknown when they first started dating and she often expresses that she dislike the media comparing their success against each other. However, William was complaining how it’s unfair to compare when Charlene been in the industry longer then him. He probably did cheated on Charlene since he is so famous now. Honestly, I think if he was still unknown, they will still be together. Charlene should be thankful she didn’t married him cause she’ll probably lose more year of her youth to him.

    Also, it’s completely normal for Charlene to drink on her birthday, she’s 33 for god sake! She was drinking responsibly with people that she trust, even if she’s completely knock out she’ll be in good hands.

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  6. kaykay408 says:

    Charlene has nothing to complain about honestly. She should never complain if she truly respects her partner Gillian. How does this make Gillian feel? Gillian has always been the one that faced real tragedy. I’m talking about serious stuff that actually matters. No matter how many times ah Sa got dumped by men, it can’t and will never compare to the pain that ah Gil had gone through. It forever leaves a scar in her life. What ah Sa is going through is just temporary and such typical girls’ problem. She will eventually forget about it, other people will forget about it, and there’s no damage to her reputation like ah Gil’s incident. As one of the “twins”, she got it better than ah Gil and she should feel fortunate in life.

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    • vlol replied:

      @kaykay408 I’m puzzled?! So just because she’s partner with Gillian so she must never express her grieve about her fail relationship because Gillian got it worst?! Charlene and Gillian have more best friends then just each other so that means they all must never ‘complaint’ of their relationship because it’s not comparable to what Gil went through?! Charlene’s divorce was very very public too, it’s was not definitely a small matter. Her breakup with William will take some time to heal, I didn’t know that a break between two people who had been together for 5 years and viewed each other as marriage partner is nothing huge but just a ‘typical girl problem’?! Being the more fortunate Twins is because Charlene and Gillian made different choices in their life. Therefore, that reason shouldn’t be used against Charlene cause both girls made their own choices so they each bear their own responsibility.

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    • alien replied:

      @kaykay408 it is unfair to Charlene, everyone have different stress level or the amount of stress they could handle. Gillian could have higher stress tolerance while Charlene is lower. Although Gillian faced huger tragedy it does not mean Charlene couldn’t feel sad. It’s not like she’s making comparison with Gillian, to see who is more pitiful. It’s just that she’s unhappy, and revealing her emotions. What you are saying is like eg. A’s dog passed away and A is not qualify to cry and feel sad or rant just because B got it worse, both of B’s dog passed away???

      It’s ridiculous to make such conclusion. Are you going to stop everyone whose complaining because others had it worse than them?

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    • anon replied:

      @kaykay408 Your logic is so flawed by comparing Gillian with Charlene.

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    • kaykay408 replied:

      No this is just for ah Sa, not everybody. Other people who are not close to ah Gil might not understand how much ah Gil suffered but how does ah Sa not? And if she does, she will realize how good life has been to her, appreciate it and move on from her love life problems. If my sister was a victim of something similar, that would remind me every time I complain or feel sad about my love life, that this is nothing, this too shall pass. I’m very lucky. Look what sister has to endure? And that’s just my perspective.
      I already said it but think about the seriousness of each one. Those pictures stayed on the internet. People will always remember that when they see ah Gil. It will come back haunt her for life, and effect her husband, her kids later on. Ah Sa’s problem will go away with time. Think about how people view their images differently after each incidents. How people judged ah Gil, ridicule her, but feel bad for ah Sa on her divorce and break up.
      It’s like, some people complain about not having hot water to shower while there are people that don’t even have clean drinking water. My point is ah Sa really should feel more grateful and get over it.

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      • gingermessiah replied:


        At the end of the day they are a duo act. In defense of Charlene, anybody can feel sorry for themselves. It’s not like she’s rubbing it in Gillian’s face. Just because someone has a harsher life than yours, you cannot complain about your own? I don’t think any of us should complain in life then as there will always be that one person in the world who is worst off than the rest of us.

        Back when the Twins was in their prime Gillian was the lead role and loved by most of the fans. They portrayed her as the angel and perfect girl of every boys’ dreams. Charlene was given the short end of the stick and had to be the side act.

        All you have to do is go back to the period before the Edison scandal, and you will notice how much work Charlene has put in just promoting herself in the film industry. Just so she can show her truth worth without being overshadowed.

        In addition, why people ridiculed Gillian? I believe it was months before Edison’s scandal, paparazzi or someone took photos of her changing and she cried her eyes out like, “Oh my God! How could people do such horrible indecent things.” It made people sympathise for her because of her pure innocent angelic facade. Yet when Edison’s pictures of hers leaked out. She failed to shed one tear and the image she portrayed of herself was destroyed. This is why people have less sympathy for her because of her charade.

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      • kidd replied:

        @kaykay408 Just because Ah Sa’s problem will go away with time, she’s not allowed to feel sad at the moment it happen and still hurting? What logic is that?

        Ah Sa was not even ‘complaining’. Her feelings just came out after she was drunk.

        ” My point is ah Sa really should feel more grateful and get over it.”

        There is no ‘should’ when it comes to hurt feelings. Ah Sa can never get over it if she does as you ‘recommend’ her to do.
        The path to healing is let your heart grief. Only after one go through what feelings one need to go through, one can move on. If Ah Sa deny her hurt feelings, she can never move on, because that hurt stays inside her unacknowledged.

        Your demand on Ah Sa is inhuman. It’s like Ah Sa is never allowed to feel hurt anymore no matter what happen to her because Ah Gil has it worse.

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  7. catcat says:

    She can’t blame all men. She lie about her marriage n it could still be that way until someone spill her secret.

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