Eason Chan: “I Don’t Mind Hilary Tsui’s $500,000 Shopping Trip!”

Style icon, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈), does not take cheap vacations.  Hilary may have just drained husband, Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) pockets of $500,000 HKD after returning from her Tokyo trip.

After Hilary became embroiled in a purported drug scandal at Kenny Wee’s (黃浩) restaurant, she jetted to Tokyo and left the world wondering if her marriage with Eason Chan had collapsed. When the going gets tough, Hilary goes shopping.

When Kenny Wee declared that he had a video clip of celebrities taking drugs at his restaurant last year, rumors surfaced that  Hilary Tsui, Josie Ho (何超儀), and Grace Ip (葉佩雯) were at the psychedelic gathering. Despite their reputations being smeared, Hilary, Eason, and their friends refused to comment on the drug scandal for two weeks, leaving the public to think the worst.

Hilary vented her anger by mocking Kenny on Instagram; most netizens immediately interpreted her action as confirmation of her involvement in the drug scandal. Rumors surfaced that Eason was extremely upset at Hilary and yelled at her using profanity, claims which Eason subsequently denied in a press conference held on December 7.

Shopping is the Best Therapy

Eason was reportedly not amused by Hilary’s childish behavior and begged her to stop embarrassing herself. Hilary decided to pack her bags and fly to Japan. In less than a week on her Tokyo trip, Hilary reportedly ended up spending $500,000 HKD.

When Hilary returned back to Hong Kong on December 2, she was spotted with plenty of luggage in tow. Asked why Eason did not go to Japan with her, Hilary ignored the reporters until she was provoked by them photographing her. “Enough is enough! I have no makeup on, how many photos are you going to take? I will not answer any questions!” Hilary told reporters.

Eason Does Not Mind Hilary’s Exorbitant Shopping

Hilary has often been a gossip magnet, while Eason remains tolerant and supportive of his wife. Asked about Hilary’s extravagant shopping habits, Eason said that her spending sprees did not mean much to him. “You’ve got to spend, so you can earn, and vice versa.”  Eason even said proudly that Hilary purchases second-hand clothing to save a few pennies once in a while.

Asked about rumors that Eason’s mother was not too fond of Hilary, causing their marriage to almost collapse, Eason flatly denied the rumors. He said there were no problems between Hilary and himself and asked why the rumor mongers were so evil to bad mouth the couple.

At his press conference on December 7, Eason dismissed Hilary’s drug rumors and the couple’s marital rife rumors, “Although it’s sappy, I still want to say that we are very loving towards each other. The rumors are all false.”

Source: Sina.com

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  1. Doesn’t mind her spending $500k?!?!? He must be lying through his teeth. What husband would not mind his wife spending that much money unless they own a gold mine. That’s just ridiculous. He’s not that well off for her to spend lavishly.

  2. um you would assume that by spending 500, 000 thousand dollars (whether this is USD or HK) she would dress well. Her style and taste in fashion is so embarrassing. She thinks she’s like a fashion guru or icon when in fact she’s a “fashion terrorist”. Poor Eason. I swear he’s just trying to keep it all together for the sake of his daughter.

    1. Money dont buy good taste in cloth or good skill in styling xD

    2. why is she wearing a dog chain? looks very much alike one that a real fat dog has on in disney

  3. I don’t think Eason Chan is that rich to let his wife spend HK$500,000 on a short (less than 1 week) shopping trip in Japan.

  4. wow this Eason must the be biggest COnfidant in this world. HE really got no balls to stand up to his wife. If the wife is super Ms Universe, then at least I understand (but in this era, i dont believe beauty rules) I think Eason must be under some black magic. Tired of all his wife spending and luckily I m not a fan of Eason otherwise his wife would have been spending some of money too. I think any women in the street would be better than his wife.

    1. I think Hilary was a much better person (simple) when Eason met her. She changed too much after her marriage. Probably Hilary thought she had found a gold mine and could do what she wanted.

  5. $500,000 HKD is est. $64.5 thousand USD. To Eason, it’s probably not much since he does make loads of money. If he were to divorce her, he would probably have to give up more than $64.5 USD. Besides, he probably has investments in sectors we don’t know about.

  6. >Eason even said proudly that Hilary purchases second-hand clothing to save a few pennies once in a while.

    Wow. This is what being rich and famous nets you. You get a wife who can spend all your hard earned cash in a few hours, and meanwhile you prove to the press how much she controls you, plus make yourself out to be an idiot.

  7. Omg! Please stop butchering the term “fashion icon”. She’s no where close to fashion anything…maybe a fashion victim but NO WAY is she a fashion icon. AND what kind of mother would up and leave her child at a time like this for the poor child to fend for herself and go shopping?!? This fashion road kill needs to get her act together & her priority straight.

  8. Maybe she did not spend all that money on clothing or dressing herself??? Many spend a lot of money, but on other things besides clothing..

  9. wonder where’s the no makeup, t-shirt material tops (disguise) worn by them at the press conference?

  10. I still don’t think Hilary should have gone shopping in Japan while she is involved in a drug scandal. In fact, who cares how much money she has spent on her short trip to Japan. It is just critical that she’s gone and has left her daughter unattended during this sensitive period of time.

    1. Exactly, no one sane mother to a kid or wife to a husband behaves like what she does, overall, her attitude is just not acceptable and inappropriate at time. I have ssen pictures of her visiting Chanel factory inParis and attend fashion show which really shows she is really a gold digger. I hope she and her miserable husband could read this and repent once a for all. I m sorry if I offended her or Eason’s diehard fans here but I normally do not participate in comment especially so harsh one. Excuse me.

      1. Precisely. No matter how much she’s hurting, it should be responsibility first, as any good mother would – IF she has the unselfish maternal instincts.

        All this $500K buying spree says is retaliation, acting out, blatant irresponsibility, immaturity.
        ie Someone who can’t even take care of herself, much less a child.

        Why would someone need to spend $500K anyway on a shopping spree?
        That out of control-ness is masking other issues that need to be addressed.

        And yes style CANNOT be bought. Being avante-garde but ugly, is not style. She looks like a clone of Josie Ho (same hairdo).

  11. haha, he must have been going through all the receipts like mad

    1. Pretty sure she doesn’t have receipts for the vitamin pills and the baking soda she bought.

  12. Years back when Eason was still a nobody, there is rumour that Hilary slept with Eason’s (then) boss to terminate Eason’s contract.

    This could be the reason why Eason is so supportive till now.

    1. Wife sacrifices by trading sex to save husband = not a new topic.

    2. ioc, that’s why he’s so tolerant, good thing he never forgot her sacrifices and throw her away like a dirty old rag, wonder how did the word go round? could it be from the boss’s big mouth, that’s why not good for actors to sleep around

    3. don’t think so, observe the smirk on her face, doesn’t look she’s in pain, more like, ‘so what? eason’s on my side/glad i got out off this mess for now and i can do whatever i want’

    4. then why is he not humble? think many ppl don’t like him because of his attitude

  13. Honestly, that’s not that much money. It’s Eason Chan we are talking about here, not William Chan. He makes more than that in one night for a concert. That’s just the price of a car and not even a luxurious car.

    1. The point is not the amount of money. It is the timing and Hiliary’s silly and stupid habit to go on a shopping spree at that time, and left her daughter at home unattended.

      In that case, whenever Hilary is not happy, she can easily spend all their joint assets overnight or over weeks. Unless Eason is a gold mine and gold mine will be sooner or later be empty, she will be a big burden to Eason.

      1. What Funn said. It’s hard to judge the relationships within a family. All I can say is Hilary has been like this for a long time. Eason is aware of it and if he truly has a problem with it they would have divorced a long time ago. It’s not the first time Hilary has been reported as a big spender. Obviously Eason does not mind.

      2. let her spend all his money, i would like to see them poor, no more money to hire lawyers or doing silly things like smoking marijuana

  14. Eason Chan = grade A simp. Just dump her and get custody already.

  15. Celebrities involve with drug is actually nothing new these days. The disturbing part is the way they behave after this incident. How could one just go for a vacation while ignoring the family? Using the social media to verbally attack people? Social irresponsible. How come this news only appear when the incident appeared one year ago? Doubtful. How could one disturbs a child when her parent chooses not to face the music? Unfair. In short, what’s wrong with this society? What’s wrong with loaded people? What a crazy world this is.

  16. having a junkie mom sucks, better be careful, monkey see, monkey do

    1. How will Constance face all this? It must be hard for her to go school and has her friends and teachers knowing her mom is in a drug scandal and her dad is a rude man.

  17. Eason is trying to do damage control with his “wife” while she has no clue or does not care about their personal or family relationship. I am sure the Jaynestars’ bloggers will agree that she comes across just plain selfish and should just dump her for the sake of raising a well adjusted child. Eason is either too “lovestruck” or just too weak to admit the problem. Denial will just create more pain and problems in the end!

    1. Eason is just trying to maintain his fake happy family persona that he has been holding as an idol to his fans. This scandal destroyed the fake outlook and showed their broken relationship and ugly truth and Eason is trying to do damage control by all means.

  18. wondering what was in eason’s mind when he told eric tsang to handle the situation

  19. Eason and her looked like struggling w/eachother and unhappy. They have too many history with negative rumors in between them as a couple…there maybe some truth to it. Hope they put their daugther first!

  20. maybe she was blowing off drug money in case she gets investigated lol.

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