Eddie Kwan Accompanies Daughter, Fabienne, to Miss Hong Kong Semi-Finals

Miss Hong Kong 2021’s semi-finals was held on August 22. Among the 20 contestants, TVB actor Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) daughter Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨) was in the spotlight the entire night. Father and daughter played a piano accompaniment together in the talent performance, which became one of the highlights in the evening.

Being a strong supportive father from the start, Eddie has been cheering for Fabienne throughout the pageant. “I would just tell her that ‘You got to do well yourself, because if you don’t, then your punishment is doubled!’ As she always does her best, there isn’t too much to worry about,” the actor said.

While competitions are generally tough, it can spur growth and transformation. When asked if he saw any changes in Fabienne, Eddie shared, “Yes, for example, she has higher expectations for herself and has learned how to adapt during the [pageant] staycation. At first, I thought my heart would ache seeing her experiencing challenges, but I eventually realized that this needs to happen so she could grow.”

Successfully advancing to the next round, Fabienne will compete in the pageant finals held live on September 12.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I mean with her dad backing her up, there’s literally no way she can’t make it to the finals

  2. How do I say: she’s not hiding she’s connected but it’s almost like the father-and-daughter duo are rubbing it in people faces that she’s a celebrity second generation. I really like the supportive dad role and I like Eddie as an actor, it’s just the television station is making it so obvious than it what already appears. Objectively speaking, there are taller candidates with more feminine facial features. She’s also not the most eloquent, which she admitted.

    1. I agree and she clearly has her dad and uncle Eddie backing her up so she definitely has an advantage over others. Even if she doesn’t win, she can easily sign a contract with TVB and get a career in showbiz. Sadly it is not fair to those who don’t have connections.

  3. She is using her connections to the hilt playing a duo with daddy. Shame on her!! She will always have the burden of not achieving anything on her own merits. She started out on the wrong foot! I am shocked TVB will allow something like this to happen.

    1. I agree and it seems like she is using her father’s connections too much. Even when she was entering the pageant they also mention that uncle Eddie Cheung was the one who recommended her to enter the pageant.

    2. I’m not shocked that TVB allowed Eddie & Fabienne on stage. TVB always emphasizes connections with people because it’s something to talk about. For ex, Lisa Tse and her aunt Maria Cordero (Fei Ma), and many others.

  4. This is too cringe. I mean, I see Will Smith and his son and understand the drive to want to help his kids to succeed by having them accompany him in showbiz. Or Beyonce and putting her kids into her campaigns and music. Or Jackie Chan with his son JC in movies. But participating with her in a contest? That’s an unfair advantage right there as it puts more spotlight on her from his fans. It’s unfair to the other contestants. It’s one thing to know she is his daughter, but another to flaunt her dad’s connection in front of others.

  5. It’s a double-edged sword – being open about being a son or daughter of a celebrity would obviously be a talking point and get you more attention but I also feel like that attention isn’t necessarily good. You’re held at a much higher standard and people already have a preconceived notion that you only have a foot in the door because of your connections. Therefore, you’d have to work twice as hard to prove yourself. If you end up being successful, people are going to attribute that to you being born into a family that helped you get there like it should be a given that you SHOULD be successful because you have the background. And in the unfortunate case that you end up not being that talented, you’d also probably get way more haters than if you came from regular, non-celeb parents. It’s a lose-lose situation in my opinion.

  6. I feel TVB should get the greater deal of criticism instead of the father/daughter. They allowed it to happen when it should be a fair competition with everyone treated as just a typical participant. Obviously, TVB just wanted to boost ratings. ‘Just like the Wong Cho Lam cringeworthy onscreen proposal’

    1. Very true as TVB allowed it so they will get criticized. I find it strange that they would let her perform with her dad.

    2. Anything for viewership, doesn’t matter if it’s negative, at least they got ppl talking about miss HK.

  7. Her dad’s participation was absolutely unnecessary especially since he only played a few notes and didn’t add any value to her performance. Plus not to mention, if this was a solo act then it might be more appropriate but this is a group talent act and her dad has no business being there. Despite her explanation as to why her dad did a cameo, I think it’s the wrong call and TVB should not have allowed that. We all know she is his daughter already. This was unnecessary and I don’t think it’ll help boost her popularity either.

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