Edison Chen Admires Tang Wei’s “Lust Caution” Performance

Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) open “love declaration” for Tang Wei (湯唯) has graced tabloid headlines for the last 4 weeks. On June 28th, Edison wrote on his Weibo blog, “I super like her! Is there anyone who can tell her this for me?” Edison’s remark was dissected by fans, wondering if he was interested in Tang Wei romantically.

Tang Wei accepted Edison’s admiration graciously, explaining that Edison made the remark from the perspective of a fan towards an actress.

Despite Tang Wei’s attempt to deflect Edison’s admiration and erase any romantic associations, the media continued to ask Edison why he liked Tang Wei. At a promotional event yesterday, Edison responded, “I am one of her admirers! I watched Lust Caution <色,戒> and Wu Xia <武俠>, in which Tang Wei acted very well in them!” Edison added that he only paid attention to Tang Wei’s acting performance and did not focus on her figure in the love scenes of Lust Caution.

It has been reported that Edison harassed his romantic targets aggressively. In May, mainland actress, Joyce Wu (吳思凡), revealed that Edison had sent her flirtatious text messages. Joyce claimed that Edison invited her to meet at his hotel room, even hinting that he was interested in engaging in a “threesome” sexual escapade with her!

Edison dismissed the media’s questions regarding his rumors with Joyce Wu. When asked about additional rumors that he was romantically involved with Juno Mak’s (麥浚龍) ex-girlfriend, Janine Tai (戴庚玲), he said, “In one interview, you have asked me about two separate women! I am not such a casual person [towards love]!”

Source: Sing Tao via yahoo.com.hk, hbtv.com, ifeng.com

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Jayne: At least Edison had the good manners to not comment on Tang Wei’s figure, although I’m sure he paid attention to it, which is unavoidable in Lust Caution.

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    1. hahahaha I was just going to say the same thing!

      BTW what does Tang Wei’s figure look like? She looks tall and thin to me, I have not yet seen the movie…

    2. What an a-hole! Does he really think she will fall for such a sleazy guy like him? the best he can get is to watch her Lust Caution film and jerk-off to it….doubt any woman in the entertainment industry will fall for a loser like EDC……Give it up A-hole.

  1. So Edison has cast another line… hoping to catch another fish on the hook.

  2. Seriously, did that actually come out of his mouth?

    “I am not such a casual person [towards love]!”

    1. Well some men don’t think of having sex is love. They can have sex with a hundred girls and only love one of them. So in a sense he is telling the truth.

      1. I think you may be right Stylus. Many people can have sex with each other but not really love each other… I guess sex does not necessarily equal love…

      2. lust does nt equal love.. he could be very reserve abt love.. lust is a diffrent matter all tgther.. thts why prostitutes n gigolos exist.. isnt it. we humans should be able control it unfortunately…

    1. hahaha i knw.. i find him at the vry least entertaining

  3. I bet Edison saw the uncut version of Lust, Caution. I got to say Tang Wei’s bedroom scenes are more graphic than any of Edison’s leaked bedroom collections.

  4. tang wei is one of talented and very beautiful actress, unique look. EC has diff taste now? now more dolly eyes?

    1. ..too bad because her body shape is/was terrible and she just didn’t know how to have sex despite countless claims that she’s very experienced lover. She didnt seems to enjoy it in lust&caution despite many attempts by Tony leung to provoke her sexual fantasy!!

  5. Edison’s news always come out sounding dirty LOL

    1. but gals love him like crazy…..especially those with strong preference/taste towards high-drive / high-end romantic relationship!!

  6. I like Tang Wei. She has a pretty, doll-like innocent face and good onscreen persona; other than her good acting in my POV.

  7. “Edison added that he only paid attention to Tang Wei’s acting performance and did not focus on her figure in the love scenes of Lust Caution.”

    Of course. Why I am convinced? Look at his usual past conquests. Tang Wei is too old by his standards.

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