Edison Chen Harasses Joyce Wu, Inviting Her to Meet at Hotel Room

Following Edison Chen (陈冠希) and his friends’ physical assault against reporters in Beijing on May 20th, Edison has been accused of sexually harassing mainland actress, Joyce Wu (吴思凡), pressuring her to meet him at his hotel room! Edison’s suggestive text messages were exposed by Joyce’s friend, who hoped that the public shaming would put a stop to his unwelcome advances!

Upcoming actress, Joyce Wu, met Edison Chen last month while filming movie Tourbillion <陀飞轮> in Beijing. After Edison asked for Joyce’s cell phone number, he quickly text messaged her. On April 6th, Edison asked Joyce if she wished to meet him alone at his hotel. When Joyce asked why they had to meet at a hotel, Edison responded that his hotel was desirable, “Because I cannot appear at many places.” Joyce replied that she will contact him after work the next day.

On May 16th, Edison sent another message to Joyce, asking her, “Do you wanna play with me?” Joyce replied that she had to work, perhaps circumventing Edison’s offer.

According to Joyce Wu’s friend, known as “M,” Joyce was an upcoming mainland actress who felt pressured to respond to Edison’s messages. She was a newcomer and did not have any backing in the entertainment industry. However, Joyce was shocked by Edison’s increasingly bold messages in which he had asked her to meet him at his hotel.

At the same time, Edison allegedly sent bold messages to another actress in Joyce Wu’s filming crew, asking her to invite Joyce to participate in a threesome date.

Apparently, Joyce Wu felt that she was harassed by Edison’s unwelcome attention. Joyce’s good friend, “M” revealed the incident to a well-known mainland blogger, in which the cell phone text messages were published online. “M” hoped that the public exposure would lead to greater scrutiny over Edison’s advances. “Hopefully, he will quickly stop sending messages harassing other actresses. Joyce Wu is not the first actress that he has harassed. However, we will use public scrutiny to make sure that Joyce will be the last actress he bothers with his games!”

Edison Becomes Publicity Tool for Starlets

Edison Chen’s love life was considered to be overly promisicious, which resulted in heavy public criticism. An increasing number of starlets exposed that they received sexual advances from him. Although Edison had stated that he was tired of women, such as Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙), using him for publicity, he continued to send flirtatious messages to set up meetings.

Edison and Joyce Wu’s messages appeared to reveal that they were more than friendly with each other. One netizen commented, “Edison Chen has become a publicity tool for starlets to promote themselves!” Although Joyce’s friend hoped to reveal the shameful side of Edison’s advances, this appeared to have resulted in a backlash towards Joyce as an opportunist as well.

Edison Chen Implicated in Assault Incident

Controversy appeared to follow Edison Chen’s every step. Aside from the negative publicity due to his love life, Edison often appeared to be impatient and irked by the paparazzi’s intrusive tactics. On May 20th, Edison and two other friends were spotted eating supper together. When they discovered that a reporter were taking photos, one of Edison’s friends cursed roughly and shoved the reporter to the ground, breaking his camera! Edison left the scene by the time the mainland police arrived on the scene. The assault incident reached a settlement among the involved parties, in which the reporter allegedly received $5,000 Yuan to compensate for the broken camera.

Source: Sohu.com, sdnews.com.cn, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Is it a good idea for starlets to associate themselves with Edison Chen, even if they desired quick publicity? Joyce Wu will not be the last actress to reveal that she had received suggestive messages from him. Nevertheless, Edison does not seem to care that his private text messages were revealed, as he prefers to use text messages to arrange his dates.

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  1. how come we don’t see this happening when Edison was still not a semi-porn star?

    1. I think a SOB like Edison needs to be castrated or thrown out of the entertainment industry…..if somebody hacked off his hand like it was rumoured a few years ago……..that might do it.

  2. I don’t care whether the girls want publicity or not but Edison REALLY needs help about his sexual addiction.

  3. He really needs to slow down and stop being a player he may be good looking but he is old and no one really wants him anyways so…….yeah
    btw the girl is pretty and cute

    1. Even if he was young and good looking, he is all used up now that you wonder if any sane girl would want him anymore?? I wonder if he has any STDs???

    2. Haha! He’s like 30. I don’t think he’s old. But I do agree that he used to be good looking but not so much anymore…

  4. i hope she said ‘no’ to him! he is such a creep, its as if his mission is to conquer the actresses, take pictures and then dump them.

    1. I think what you said is probably right. He’s a bit too much to some gals….but unfortunately they like him till crazy even though they know he’s a useless playboy who can not be counted on for eternal happiness…

  5. There is no stopping this predator. Girls beware.

    1. It’s very difficult to find eternal happiness without daring oneself to take risk and explore the opportunities of making love with different guys……..

      Gals, you need to grow up!! You got to open yourself more and take it easy while changing mates from time to time – you’ll gain alot more exotic experience on bed so that you can service future husband better!

  6. well stll better thn tht old perv wth hs pics collection..

  7. I think he wasn’t as handsome when few years ago. That scandal must have brought down him down hard. And one more thing, if those picutres weren’t exposed, i be thinking he still getting tails from girls! Now he seems to be desperate! Guess everyone turns their back on him.

  8. Joyce will not be the last female to receive sexual text messages from Edison.

  9. Will he ever learn? I just don’t understand this guy…

    1. It is really hard to cure an addiction…

  10. That is a nice photo of Ed. He looks good.

    How can such a good-looking boy turned out so wrong?

    I wonder how his mom and dad look like, and whether anything happened to him in his youth that he seem to have all these problems.

  11. used to think he is cute but with the sexual news exposing one after another, i find it reli hard to look at him and not thinking bad of him.

  12. I guess he is still lucky that no one has accused him of rape…

    1. With his so handsome and sexy face, I think almost all his target gals are more mentally/physically welcome for him to rape them anytime as he wishes than not…..

  13. Nothing new man. The public knew long time ago what kind of person Edison is. He likes to do this. That’s how he beds girls.

    Its so obvious what kind of person edison is by now, yet girls who meet him still try to think the best of him. naiveeee

    1. Sadly, not only Edison, but many men are like him – some in their seventies and older are still so lustful. They are not afraid of karma at all.

      1. Innocence cannot be judged from a person’s face………You never know that your handsome idol is a crazy & disgusting pervert until he’s proven of that………

  14. More of him, more perverted news. Is there anything he does that is heart warming.

  15. Edison is like most men, he just loves women. Just that some other men only think about it, but Edison acts on it. There is no way that Edison is going to stop him. Someone needs to give him STD and HIV to make him stop or make other girls afraid of going near him.

  16. RetardED should send text messages to that psycho Andy Lau fan lol…

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