Edmond Leung Helps Wife Survive Breast Cancer

Last year, Edmond Leung’s (梁漢文) wife Karen Lam (林文慧) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dealing with Karen’s illness privately at first, the couple was emotionally and financially stressed. Fortunately, Big Four, in which Edmond is a member of the music group, helped the couple find extra income by organizing additional concert tours. With Edmond and their friends’ help, Karen’s medical situation is now stabilized.

Edmond met Karen when she was still a model. After a long but steady dating relationship of more than 10 years, Edmond finally tied the knot with Karen in December 2008. Since the bride is media-shy, they kept the wedding reception a small affair, only inviting some of their good friends.

Struggling with Cancer

A year ago, Karen discovered she was suffering from Stage 2 breast cancer. At that time, she had wanted to keep it a secret. Although Edmond had respected his wife’s decision, the pressure of seeing his wife suffering was too much to bear. During one of Big Four’s concerts, the usually easygoing Edmond broke down in tears backstage, surprising everyone who was present. It was then that Edmond revealed to his good friends, Andy Hui (許志安), Dicky Cheung (張衞健) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) that Karen had breast cancer.

Under the persuasion of Edmond and their friends, Karen finally agreed to undergo chemotherapy. Based on recommendations by friends, Edmond brought Karen to both Western and Chinese specialists. Because cancer required a lengthy treatment process, the medical fees burned into Edmond’s savings. Fortunately, good friends such as Big Four all pitched in to help however they can, such as recommending trusted doctors and organizing more concert tours to boost Edmond’s income.

The cancer was discovered early and Karen did not have to go through obstructive surgery. However, the chemotherapy had caused her to lose her hair and her appetite. While she was previously slender, Karen was skeletal after her treatment. She wore wigs and hats and put on heavy makeup to mask her physical changes.

While recuperating, Karen cut herself from the outside world and stopped interacting on social networks. When she was fully recovered from breast cancer in April 2012, she began posting on Weibo again. Karen made more public appearances, most notably the press conference where her friends Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and Josie Ho (何超儀) claimed they did not take any drugs at Kenny Wee’s (黃浩) restaurant.

Cancer Advocacy

Having gone through a life-threatening illness together, Karen and Edmond are now closer than ever. Recently, in a bid to promote his new single, “Hug Tightly” <用力一抱>, Edmond uploaded a photograph of Karen and him hugging tightly on Weibo with the message, “Hugging must come naturally and from love, then the other person can feel it. But there is no need to ‘Hug Tightly’ this time, only need to slowly complement each other.”

Edmond and Karen are now active members of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Family Registry organization.  Last month, Edmond invited Andy Hui and William So (蘇永康) to take part in the launch ceremony for this year’s Breast Concern Action (關.乳.愛 Breast Concern Action). The couple hopes that their actions will help other families struggling with breast cancer.

When the press reached out to Edmond for details on Karen’s illness, he replied that he has nothing to say. Friends such as William So and Eddie Ng (吴国敬) also did not want to divulge the couple’s personal matters. However, Karen did look to be in better condition on a recent outing.

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. And people still criticize Angelina Jolie for doing a preemptive double mastectomy. Cancer not only takes a toll on the patients but also the patient family and friends. Unless the person went through and experience; you will understand cancer is such a terrible terrible sickness.

    1. ^ I agree. Cancer takes a heavy toll on the sufferers and their families as well. Angelina Jolie did not want her kids to lose her in the same way that she lost her own mother.

      1. i also agree. my father had brain cancer and passed away 2 months ago today. it’s extremely hard to see your love one suffer through the disease. i also applaud edmond for supporting his wife.

      2. My condolences on the recent loss of your father,mosailan. It is indeed very hard to see your loved one suffer through serious illness and not being able to do anything to alleviate their pain. I went through the same thing with my grandmother 2 years ago. Take as much time as you need to grieve, and don’t allow others to tell you to “get over it”. Your dad will always live on in your heart.

    2. hi mosailan,

      I’m very sorry to hear about your father. I wish you and your family strength in these difficult times.

      I have lost many loved ones through cancer, it truly is a difficult and devastating illness for those who are ill and their families.

      I pray things will get better for you and your family. Take care.

      1. Very much appreciated Siying. Even though I’m not a fan of Edmund’s but I do know what he is going through and I hope she is able to beat the cancer. As the Nike saying goes, you can do it!

      2. @Mosalian,
        Sorry to hear about your father and I have lost my father and dear brother(not to cancer but other health issues) so I know the pain of losing a loved one. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. Stay Strong!!
        I lost one of my closest friends to cancer so I know how it is. Cancer is a really devastating disease. I wish the best for you and your family…

      3. hi mosailan, 🙂

        You are right about the Nike slogan, I too hope she will continue to push forward and fight it, it will be extremely diiffult and painful but I hope she will not give up. Olivia Newton John and Kylie Minogue has fought the same battle and I am glad they have managed to beat it.

        Hi HeTieShou 🙂

        I’m very sorry to hear that you have lost your loved ones and friend to illness as well. It is very difficult.

        I wish you and your family good health and peace.

      4. Thanks everyone for the support. I will stay strong. I find ways to remember my father everyday such as listening to his favorite songs at least once a day. It will be difficlut road but I know my father will not want to see me sad everyday.

  2. Hope she is recovering… They love is so sweet.

  3. I wish her a strong recovery and may their love last always.

  4. Edmond Leung so lucky to have good friends that are always around to help

    1. Yup…love seeing these types of true friendships in the entertainment industry! Definitely very heartwarming given how ‘complicated’ the industry can be!

      Best of luck to Edmond and Karen. Very admirable couple!

    2. What I don’t get is how Edmond is in financial trouble when he has had a successful career after all not the best but he is called to have a successful career and he has make a name in the music industry

      1. Well, you know that money comes but it can go really fast too. You can be rich and successful one moment, but poor and unknown the next since life in the circle is truly unstable.

    3. And his wife is also lucky to have a supportive husband like Edmond. Hope they will overcome all the obstacles together.

    4. It is truly touching to have good friends that are there for you through your toughest times…

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