Esther Kwan Travels to Nepal to Oversee Reconstruction Projects

Slowing down her filming output since 2013, 51-year-old Esther Kwan (關詠荷) shifted her focus to charity work. As the ambassador for the Children’s Charity, the 1997 Best Actress Award winner was spotted at the airport on her way to Nepal, which is currently undergoing major reconstruction work due to the devastating earthquake last year.

In addition to overseeing the progress of reconstruction work in Nepal, Esther will also take this opportunity to educate the children and promote the importance of vision care. To prepare for her visit, Esther has thoroughly researched the country’s weather, customs, and etiquette. Her husband, Nick Cheung (張家輝), also reminded her to be more cautious, since she will be in an unfamiliar place. “There are a lot of mosquitoes and the air pollution is bad, so I will bring mosquito repellant and masks. I will also bring some cup noodles. I also need to be aware of the protocols there. I need to remind myself not to use my left hand and to not touch the children’s heads.”

Shocked by the heavy destruction caused by the disaster when it first appeared on the news, Esther has emotionally prepared herself to witness the devastation in person. “I am a cry baby. This time, I am going directly to the cities affected by the earthquake.” When asked whether she would like to take her daughter along, Esther said, “My daughter is already ten years old. I thought about taking her with me and she has also expressed her desire to go. However, there was some scheduling conflict this time. I will consider this next time.”

On whether she would plan for the entire family to visit and volunteer together next time, Esther shook her head, “No, because if the whole family went, the children will think it’s a vacation.”


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