Esther Kwan Adopts Healthy Lifestyle in Recent Years

After becoming a mother, Esther Kwan (關詠荷) gradually faded out of the spotlight to focus on her family, allowing her husband, Nick Cheung (張家輝) to focus on his career. To cope with the demands of being a full-time wife and mother, Esther has become increasingly health-conscious, and eats a healthy diet as well as engages in regular exercise.

Esther was naturally asked to be the spokesperson for Nestle Carnation’s enriched milk powder, which reduces cholesterol levels and provides additional calcium and heart protection.

While Esther’s family does not have a history of heart conditions, the females in her family tend to suffer from calcium inadequacy. For instance, Esther’s mother once fell and broke a bone, and one of Esther’s sisters suffers from osteoporosis, a condition that renders the bones fragile and brittle.

Esther admitted that she was a lover of good food, and used to frequently indulge in food that was high in cholesterol, such as foie gras, crab roe, dark meat, and egg yolk. Currently, apart from watching her diet and engaging in regular exercise, Esther also enhances her diet with the milk powder that she endorses.

Falling in love with Pilates recently, Esther laughed and recounted how she had muscle aches all over her body after the first class, but also became more relaxed. She said, “I hope to maintain a healthy body and live to more than a 100 years old. Both my husband and daughter have asked me not to die young.”

Esther revealed that her nine-year-old daughter, Brittany, is relatively lazy and afraid of the heat, thus preferring indoor activities. Brittany was however keen to obtain a slim physique. In response, Esther ensured that Brittany had a balanced diet, and spent time thinking of healthier cooking methods. She shared, “I would mix the milk powder into different dishes, such as steamed egg, tea or coffee. It tastes quite nice.”

On Brittany’s behavior, Esther admitted that she had moments of being frustrated by misbehavior. She said that she would only stay angry for a short while, and would eventually talk things over with Brittany, “I would try to understand the cause of the behavior, as well as Brittany’s feelings. We’ll talk for a bit and then it will be alright.”

On Brittany’s relationship with Nick, Esther said that Brittany was most averse to watching him in violent fight scenes onscreen. Would Esther remind Nick to use a body double? Esther expressed, “He’s an adult. He knows what to do. But when he was filming Unbeatable <激戰> and got injured, he didn’t immediately let me and Brittany know so as not to scare us. He only sent us a photograph of his injuries on his second day at the hospital.”

Esther added that she did not mind Nick taking on many violent and psychotic roles in recent years. She said, “You can try both villainous and perverse roles, but it must have a point in the plot development.” She then joked that many people had commented on how her serious expressions made her suitable for perverse roles, “It’s actually quite hard to tell from the appearance whether one is a psychopath.”


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  1. that’s a great idea to mix milk powder into foods through mixing it into dishes. got to start trying that too. Not sure how it’d taste, dishes w/ milk powder. anyone tried it?

    1. @m0m0 Mixing milk into food is quite popular, nothing new. There are milk coffee, milk tea, flan, cake, etc with a lot of flavours, very popular. You can use fresh milk, powder milk, evaporated milk, other kinds of milk, etc, a lot

  2. How is mixing milk into food a good idea? And enriched milk at that. Basically they strip the milk of everything, then add stuff back. Nothing needs to be enriched if it was good to begin with.

    She’s better off just eating loads of veggies and whole foods. There’s a lot of protein & calcium in veggies, depending on what she eats.

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