Etta Ng Registered for Marriage and is Back in Hong Kong

Nineteen-year-old Etta Ng (吳卓林) left home with her girlfriend, Internet personality Andi Autumn, to live to Toronto, Canada for half a year. Their photography business fizzled and after running into financial troubles, in which the couple allegedly couldn’t pay their rent for two months, they finally returned to Hong Kong to seek help from Etta’s mother, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉).

Already Registered for Marriage

Etta described that registering for marriage with Andi was a surprise, and she denied using her father, Jackie Chan’s (成龍) , name in the marriage registry.

Elaine Ng admitted to reporters that Etta was back in Hong Kong, but she did not ask her about the marriage registration. When Elaine was asked if Etta will stay in the family home, she replied, “They said they wanted to find a place to live. They are adults and I have to respect that.”

Etta to Join the Entertainment Industry?

As Elaine was busy with work and Etta’s return was so sudden, she enlisted help from her Mainland manager to pick the couple up from the airport. According to the manager, when Etta was in Toronto, she considered the possibility of settling in Thailand and did not rule out going back to the entertainment industry.

The manager stated that Etta felt that her personal life had been too publicized and will be more careful in the future. When asked if Jackie had been in contact, the manager replied, “No!”


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  1. Chinese parents (Jackie Chan excluded) will always take care of their children no matter what has happened.

    1. @mike Totally agree. I’m curious to see if both Etta and that Andi would both shamelessly move into Elaine’s home.

  2. Jackie Chan probably had an agreement with the wife Joan Lin who controls their finances, that he is not to be involved in any way relating to the ex-mistress’s daughter!
    Lousy model of a parent! Simply irresponsible and ‘money rules’ his life!

  3. That’s good that Etta is finally back home. Elaine should have stayed with TVB. She would have made a great actress. Her daughter would have gotten a step ahead in the HK entertainment industry and be surrounded by the TVB family, which is much better than being homeless in Canada.

  4. I know Etta has had it tough, a volatile relationship with her mother and a non existent relationship with her very wealthy dad.

    From the outside, he’s cold and callous, abandoing his daughter abd not supporting her at all. But we are outsiders, so may only read or see one side of the story.

    I get it has not been easy Etta, but you know what…s… happens and sometimes we have s… parents!!!

    But there comes a time when we start taking responsibility for our own lives and stop blaming our parents.

    Go home, get a job, stand on your own two feet, save some money and find a place of your own. That’s what most people do.

    Let your biological father see how well you’re doing with out needing a cent from him. Get a life and get a real job.

  5. Why is it that in all these Lesbian marriages, one of the two females start to groom themselves to look more and more like a man………But with Male-Gary marriages, both men continue to look like a man.

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