Etta Ng Was Once Beaten Up Due to Connection with Jackie Chan

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Etta Ng Was Once Beaten Up Due to Connection with Jackie Chan

Known as the illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan (成龍), 15-year-old Etta Ng (吳卓林) has experienced many ups and downs in the past year. Etta and her mother, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), recently accepted an interview with the Hong Kong media, during which they talked about Etta’s previous encounters with spiteful classmates and their mother-daughter relationship.

Practically born under the eye of the paparazzi, Etta moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai when she was two years old in order to escape the media. However, because she grew up without Jackie’s involvement in her life, Etta never had the chance to experience a father’s love.

When she was young, Etta always felt jealous when she saw her classmates’ fathers picking them up from school or playing with them. However, she is now accustomed to life without a father, and though she is not angry with Jackie, she has no desire to meet him.

For some, having a celebrity father may be cause for celebration, but for Etta, her connection to Jackie actually caused her to be bullied at school. She revealed that when she was eight or nine, one of her close friends suddenly became hostile toward her and ordered her classmates to beat Etta up.

Another classmate would also frequently steal Etta’s worksheets, book bag, lunchbox, and other belongings and toss them into the garbage can. The situation became so severe that Elaine had to step in and speak with the perpetrator’s parents.

A single mother, Elaine has showered Etta with double the amount of affection in order to make up for Jackie’s absence. However, their mother-daughter relationship took a downturn in March when Elaine was taken into custody for alleged child abuse.

Since then, Elaine and Etta have reconciled, though Elaine is still quite strict towards her daughter. For instance, she knows all of Etta’s friends, and whenever Etta goes out, she must report her whereabouts to her mother. One time, Elaine even whipped Etta with a leather belt.

Despite the ruckus caused by the “child abuse” controversy, Elaine is thankful that it gave her the opportunity to reflect on herself. “The whole situation was like a slap in the face waking me up!” she said. “My daughter is almost 16 years old. I’m still looking after her like she’s six.”


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3 comments to Etta Ng Was Once Beaten Up Due to Connection with Jackie Chan

  1. mike says:

    Just curious who got the police involved for child abuse, was it Etta herself reporting her mom?

    Jackie Chan is the problem. That guy is an awful person in his private life.

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    • freedalas replied:

      @mike You are spot on. Poor Etta, to have such a big jerk as her father. I don’t blame Elaine for over protecting her daughter, she doesn’t want Etta to end up with an asshole like her.

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  2. vyvy says:

    I blame Elaine for all the mess. Jackie is sure wrong in this relationship but Elaine was the one that ruined her life and her daughter’s life.
    First, she became the third party. No nice girl would become the third party.
    Second, she let herself be pregnant. Who know, she might intentionally get pregnant to pressure Jackie.
    Then, she draged her daughter into the public so she could be exposed as Jackie Chan’s daughter.
    Jackie Chan was and is wrong but it is understandable (not excusable) that he owes his wife big so he can not take responsibility to Etta. But I think he did and does support her monetarily. If not how could they live when Elaine did not work for that many years.
    Elaine should keep her life low key to avoid trouble for her daughter. I don’t understand why she keep appearing in public after all the mess and accepts interview… I am not sure if she tries to make Jackie look bad or not. But I am sure what she is doing hurts Etta the most. I hope she will realizes it and keep quiet to protect Etta.
    The reporters are to be blamed to. They should leave Etta alone. She is paying the mistake her mother and her father did, which is enough. Don’t report news about her please, let her live her life.

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