Fan Bingbing’s Tax Evasion Update: Is She Banned from the Industry?

After an anonymous tipper revealed that Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and her production studio have been using “yin yang contracts” to sign jobs, the State Administration of Taxation made a move to investigate the country’s film and TV industries. Neither the government nor Fan Bingbing’s representatives were willing to comment on whether or not the The Legend of Ba Qing <巴清传> star was involved, but Fan Bingbing’s sudden disappearance across social media platforms is definitely suspicious.

According to a report by the Chinese paper Securities Daily <证券日报>, Fan Bingbing has already “been controlled, and will receive her punishment.” The article also reported that Fan Bingbing is suspected of violating other laws. An executive from the Beijing TV and film industry revealed, “It’s going to be troublesome. I think Fan Bingbing’s side will release an official statement soon to explain everything. I believe that a charge was already made.”

Yet another rumor is saying that Fan Bingbing has already submitted her dues of paying 9.8 million yuan of taxes and is currently in the United States with her fiancé, Li Chen (李晨), to register their marriage in hopes of counteracting bad luck.

Fan Bingbing disappeared from social media soon after the rumor of her tax evasion was reported in early June. Li Chen stopped updating his social media in early July.

The Chinese media visited Fan Bingbing’s production studio in Wuxi of Jiangsu province, and noticed that the offices were all emptied. A staff member later clarified that the office was undergoing a redesign: “The carpet was getting old, so the company decided to install a new one.”

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  1. she should’ve known better. but I’m sure she’ll be fine.

    it’s nice to take a break from all that media attention & work. and it’s a boon for me ’cause I think FBB is overrated.

  2. when these overrated, under performing, overpaid actors, singers get paid such mad undeserving amounts of money, the least they should do is pay their taxes. They are robbing us of seeing decent acting, they are hurting our ears with their idea of singing, and then they turn around and rob the government by refusing to pay taxes. It is unfair when the little people go all out to pay their taxes. When this happens, the likes of FBB should be suspended without pay or endorsements for at least five years, if not jailed.

    1. @kmfayb Harsh. Let us wait till the alleged investigation is over. No one forces the audience her dramas if they do not want to. If her company is guilty of tax evasion, fine them. Why suspend her from.acting unless it is in the law to not only fine but persecute them. I am sure there are many tax evaders in China. The number of ‘young ordinary mainlanders’ who owns several houses overseas are astonishing.

      1. @mangotango
        Many break laws in China so they think it’s the norm because everyone does it. Does not make it right though. The authorities are very selective on who to track down and take out…

      2. @mangotango maybe I was a bit harsh, but these celebrities should know better and pay their taxes. Yes while it is true that no one forces the citizens to watch their drama, movies or listen to them trying to sing, it is ironic that fans think their “talent” is the best thing since the breath of life. I never said no one is forced to listen or watch their shows, movies, whatever. I simply was pointing out that with so little latent, and making so much money, the least they can do is pay their taxes, thats all, since they are are collecting undeserved money. They are so many top guns involved in tax evasion and money laundering but they will never touch them. They will focus on and bring Fan BB to light. I won’t be surprised if the next exposee is also an actress or female singer.

  3. It’s ironic how a lot of people don’t like the US, but the US is their primary choice when seeking refuge.

    We don’t know the truth, as we all know news anywhere is filtered by politics. We don’t know if FBB really evaded taxes or perhaps she just stepped on someone’s toes or perhaps she rejected a higher up. We don’t know if she or the people she trusted evaded taxes. There are crooks everywhere. I doubt FBB bookkeeps her own income. It’s too much information and she’s too busy. She hired professionals. I’m not saying she’s innocent but when taxes and legalities aren’t your forte, you have to depend on the experts you hired to comply and sometimes, they’re not good people and get you into a sea of trouble. It’s just sad that as a celebrity and public figure, your face is held responsible. Anything is possible. But even if she evaded taxes, it shouldn’t be that serious where she has to flee her home land. Heck, American celebrities just have to pay it back and at worst, jail time.

    No one knows where she’s at. She’s in the US one day and the next, still in China. But whatever happens, I hope she’s okay, safe, and do the right thing.

  4. I guess we won’t be seeing ‘the Legend of Ba Qing’ anytime soon then lol. Unless they edit it without the Male and female lead…

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