Faye Wong’s Daughter Wears Nearly 20,000 HKD on Her Body

Li Yan (李嫣), the 13-year-old daughter of former couple Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), has been studying in Switzerland for over a month. She often shares photos of her new lifestyle at the expensive aristocratic school, Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil, and it is apparent that Yan has taken a liking to fashion, like most girls.

Earlier, the school shared on Instagram a group photo of Yan and her classmates touring the memorial hall. Yan, who stood in the middle, wore a blue sweater with jeans, white sneakers, and a crossbody bag. Sharp-eyed netizens were able to pinpoint the price of Yan’s outfit. They estimated her black and white bag is worth about 9,500 HKD, while the Gucci sneakers are sold for 7,500 HKD on the brand’s official website. Excluding the sweater, it is estimated that her outfit costs almost 20,000 HKD.

Two days before the photo was taken, Yan uploaded a picture of herself in the same outfit. Since the Gucci logo was not visible on her sneakers, netizens immediately pointed out that Yan photoshopped the logo out of the image. They believed she was afraid of being accused of showing off her wealth.

As the daughter of a superstar, Yan has long been accused of living affluently. Last year, she went on a shopping spree with her friends and spent 100,000 yuan in two hours. Afterward, outsiders nicknamed her “Li Hundred Thousand Dollars.”

It is no secret that Yan cares deeply about her appearance. She has a great fashion sense, wears makeup, and likes to accessorize. Also, she was last seen sporting red nail polish while wearing her school uniform.

Source: Topick

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Well, she comes from a well-to-do family as long as she didn’t steal the money to buy luxury goods. Am sure her parents know about her lifestyle

  2. It’s ridiculous though if a 13 year old girl is allowed to go on shopping sprees for over 100,000 yuan though. Most 13 year old will be on a few dollars pocket money a week! Although she is very likely to inherit a huge wealth, the spending should be more in lines in reality because there is no guarantee that she will earn in the future anywhere near at the rate spending right now. They can afford it for sure but right now it’s all about getting the correct education at school and at home. I didn’t even know brands such as Gucci had products for children…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      didn’t know until i was in my 20s about these namebrands….

      i think these celebrity kids are simply spoiled. on one hand, it’s good that you are giving them all the things they want to have. but god, you got to wish that they are going to make their money and not just spend yours since there is a finite amount. wealth doesn’t pass through generations unless the offsprings are good at managing wealth.

      1. @jimmyszeto
        with wealth like them, i doubt that any materialistic thing would make them happy. that’s why rich kids’ got issues too

    2. @jimmyszeto She (her spending) pales in comparison to some children of Hollywood stars. Don’t think she’s spending that outrageously relative to those people.

  3. Faye Wong herself does not know how to manage her own life and her own family. How can she expect her daughter to lead a good life with good disciplines? Since Faye cannot give her daughter a complete and happy family, I think she wants to make it up by satisfying her by providing her with the best materialistically. However, it is absolutely wrong for her daughter …………….. to be spoiled like this.

  4. I don’t think there’s any problem for spoiling your kids when you can afford to. She’s attending a prestigious school. None of us know if she’s well disciplined or not. We’re nobody to judge anyone. I personally spoil my kids within my ability. As long as they’re doing well in school, get good grades, well behave, finish their chores. I’m totally ok with spoiling them because I know they’re good kids and they deserve it. I gifted my older daughter a pair of Gucci shoes for her 16th birthday, Off-White belt, and my other 14 yrs old daughter a pair of Costume National shoes for her middle school graduation with high honor. They know the brands, they know the value and they treasure it. They always told me they know they’re very fortunate compare to other kids they know, get to go to high end steakhouses for dinner all the time and each time they said they see ppl looking at them with surprising because they’re probably the only kids in the restaurant full of adults. Well, you’re working hard to give your kids a good life then I don’t see any problems with movie stars spoiling their kids, I see a lot of Asian on the street, international students wearing expensive brands like that. If they can afford it then go for it

    1. @joyce True, every family has its own lifestyle. As long they are not doing things to harm other ppl, I see no reason for them to live the way they wish to. One can choose to spoil or not to spoil their kids, it’s up to them.

  5. Geez I don’t think I can afford this much money just for a clothes maybe I can spend 200 the most on a clothes with a cheap brand name. I might have to make a payment for it if I spend this much money on a clothes and she’s such a spoiled brats and if she went broke she can resales them to earn some money back then she might learn some lessons see how hard to earn money instead blew them away just like that.

  6. Pity her. Let’s hope she can earn as much as her parents when she grows up. If not, she will have a hard time maintaining that kind of lifestyle.
    Bad way of bringing up a child. Boarding school, luxurious lifestyle….sigh…you will reap what you sow Faye and LI Yi Peng.

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