Felix Wong Always On Call for Andy Lau

Shock Wave <拆彈專家>, produced by and starring Andy Lau (劉德華), will be opening in Hong Kong next month. The action film features Andy as a former undercover police officer and explosive expert who comes face-to-face with a departed enemy. Directed by Herman Yau (邱禮濤), the film also stars Jiang Wu (姜武), Felix Wong (黃日華), Liu Kai-chi (廖啟智), Philip Keung (姜皓文), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), and Louis Cheung (張繼聰).

Andy, who is hospitalized and recovering from his back injury, won’t be able to promote his film in the meantime, but his friend and fellow Five Tigers member, Felix Wong, is glad to lend out a helping hand.

Shock Wave is Andy and Felix’s first film collaboration in 11 years. In the 2005 film Wait ’til You’re Older <童夢奇緣>, Felix and Andy played father and son. In the upcoming action flick, Felix will play Andy’s superior and handler while the latter was on an undercover mission.

One of Felix’s last scenes in the film was a car chase in Yuen Long. Felix sat in the passenger’s seat while the car was drifting and braking, Initial D style. Felix said he had a lot of fun. “Haven’t filmed a car chase like this in over 20 years,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun. I really wanted to drive the car myself.”

After completing his final scene, Felix and Andy embraced. Andy told Felix, “We’ll collaborate again.” Felix replied, “Let’s play again some other time.”

Andy asked Felix to appear in the film right when production was about start. Felix agreed to it immediately. He compared his collaboration with Andy like that of a dinner gathering. “It really feels like a bunch of old friends meeting up to chat and eat,” said Felix. “It’s a social gathering for us. Of course, I would also feel nostalgia working with him. I would remember the happy days we had together. The hardships as well. But after so many years, and see how far each of us have gotten, I can see that Andy changed a lot. He’s no longer the workaholic he used to be. He’s come to cherish his privacy and family. He’s a lot happier now, and I’m so happy for him.”

Shock Wave opens in Hong Kong on April 27, 2017.

“Shock Wave” Teaser Trailer

Source: Mingpao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Great to see Felix back on screen where he belongs! Even better with Andy alongside. It was such a shame that he was so overworked by TVB in the 1980’s that he lost his love for acting. If history was different then Felix coukd have been raking in cash from acting in China or in movies!

    1. @jimmyszeto Felix actually did film a few series in Mainland China back in the 90s and has consistently participated in HK movies for at least 2 decades. But whatever the case, no need to feel sorry for Felix, as he has still been able to rake in the cash the past 2 decades due to being immensely popular in China and other parts of Asia (in fact, he’s probably making more money performing in various gigs across China than those steady actors who consistently film series over there). I remember Michael Miu saying a long time ago that Felix has nothing to worry about in terms of money and popularity because his 2 most representative works at TVB (1983’s Legends of the Condor Heroes and 1989’s Looking Back in Anger) are enough to allow Felix to live comfortably if he retires. Michael was referring primarily to the royalties that the artists receive from those series being aired over and over again, but he was also talking about the popularity factor. Both of those series were (and continue to be) wildly popular, especially with audiences in the Mainland, which is one reason why Felix gets invited constantly to perform in China or be a guest on one of their shows.

      The movie doesn’t look all that interesting but I will probably try to watch due to the cast. HK movies in general have been huge letdowns the past decade or so, despite all the big name stars that participate, but with the HK television industry being the way it is right now, I would rather “waste” my time watching a mediocre movie with great acting than a mediocre TV series with poor acting.

      1. @llwy12
        I was referring to the likes of Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Sean Lau and Francis Ng etr because back when everyone was young, Felix was more popular than all of them. While the others have heavy pockets and have lots of properties and investments,Felix is much poorer in comparison. Earning money isn’t an issue for him though because he can attend a few shows in China and sums of money will be there but it could have been even better. He is much happier nowadays though working at his pace stress free so I suppose that is a good balance and healthier lifestyle. I agree that it’s worthwhile watch the movie even if it isn’t a Johnnie To thriller. There’s always the nice feeling of ‘Bring back the old days’ when supporting these movies so I will definitely be watching.

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