Felix Wong and Eddie Cheung Comment on TVB’s Tardy Scripts

The Hong Kong Star Football Team will be recording a CD to help raise funds for SARs Charity.  Being part of the team, Felix Wong (黃日華) and Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) participated in this good cause by lending their voices for the recording. Eddie claimed that he learned singing during his acting training days in TVB and he believes his singing should be passable.

Lately, there has been a spate of angry exchanges in Weibo between Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Beauty at War <金枝慾孽(貳)> script editor Chow Yuk Ming (周旭明) on artists not receiving timely and completed scripts.  On this, Felix said “I have seen the report, it seems very unpleasant. Actually, receiving piecemeal scripts happens often, nine out of ten artistes hate it. It’s very difficult and not enough time to prepare for the role.”

Eddie Cheung also added that though he has never worked with Chow before, he feels that it is devastating for the artists when they do not have a complete set of scripts and sufficient time where they can develop the character of the role well.

Since its debut, Beauty at War has been receiving mediocre ratings with some episodes falling below 20 points.  Though Felix did not watch Beauty at War, he feels that ratings of the series is mostly unpredictable.  Often, whether the show does well or not depends on the viewers.  Usually audience finds it easier to accept if the theme of the drama is light hearted. If the dialogue is more classical, understanding it will be more difficult and not many viewers may not bother to consistently follow the daily broadcast.

Felix has worked with Chow in The Criminal Investigator <O記實錄>, Secret of the Heart <天地豪情> and other series. Chow has revealed in a mainland China media report that while filming with Felix, he made so many last-minute script changes that Felix hated him.  Felix added “Twenty years ago, I already cannot accept receiving late and incomplete scripts, at that moment we have talked about this before. A professional actor needs time to digest the character. If script comes by bits and pieces, the actor has to rely a lot on the screen writer and producer.”

Asked if they will have a chance to work again since Jonathan Chik (戚其義) and Chow had left TVB, Felix replied that “the earth is round, today may not be together doesn’t mean the future will not be, as long as everyone is happy and we need to work hard.”  As whether the late and incomplete scripts will affect the ratings of the show Beauty at War, Felix felt that the two may not be interrelated but stressed that actors should be given the finished scripts on time to be productive.

Sources: Apple Daily, Apple Daily 

This article is written by Jennifer for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Felix spends too much time hating on TVB. He needs to move on and get a life.

    1. Felix didn’t say anything unreasonable. And he actually did get a life: he left TVB.

      1. Felix worked for TVB for over 20 years. If anyone has earned the right to speak about TVB and the very poor way they treat their actors and actresses, it’s Felix. Constructive criticism is good. Why is it that whenever anyone says anything critical, someone out there (like lol) has to bring up the word ‘hating’? This ‘hating’ has become the new shut up argument. What exactly did Felix say that constitutes ‘hating’? What was wrong with what he said (if anything)? Did he have a point? Why or why not? Was he lying? Was he trying to make an argument without evidence? Was evidence even necessary? Was he only stating his opinion? Why do you (lol) disagree with him? Answer these questions and stop hiding behind meaningless words like ‘hating’.

    2. Don’t think his answer is hating. His words could be much stronger and harsher. His answer is quite “light” compared to his past answers.

    3. I know right? He seems to be the most unpopular one as well comparing to 3rd brother and all those from that generation. He does not aged well or always look the worse, the others still got it, including this Eddie guy above.

      1. you can not say that Felix looks older than Eddie based on the above pic. Obviously, Eddie’s picture got Photoshop since it was took in the studio.

        I am not sure Felix is not as popular as 3rd brother. In their golden period (around 80s,90s) Felix was more handsome and famous than 3rd brother.

        Recently he is not allowed in any TVB shows and news since he is under CTI management.

      2. Felix did went to that $3 million Eric Tsang TVB party.

      3. You’ve got to be kidding! Felix definitely aged well compared to other actors from his era, some of who looked either haggard or heavily Botox. Felix and Michael Miu definitely aged well.

    4. Charity work makes real heroes off the screen.

      1. Felix is always classy, he could have bashed lots of people for doing that to him and other actors but said it just wasn’t helpful.
        People will blame the actors if they don’t act well, but how can they act well when they only get parts of a script and don’t understand their characters? It makes them look bad and effects their career opportunities even though they may be a great actor.
        I wish them luck with their charity CD. I agree that real heroes are those who give themselves and their time to a good cause for no profit.

  2. Ahhhhh Felix responds! But not with angry words though.

  3. these two dudes should change their hairstyles

  4. Love these two besties. Great actors, great parents and most of all great people 😛

  5. If one complains and makes a big fuss out of it, you’d think they were just causing a scene and making noise+headlines…but this is not just coming from one person that’s commenting on their disappointment on tvb, but multiple A-list artists’ speaking up one after another about the way tvb works…doesn’t that say something? Since they have a some kind of stability in their career, they wouldnt be afraid of speaking out, im sure many other artists’ who aren’t of their status are also not happy with the way tvb works… seriously, they are watching their artists’ go one by one, and yet they seem to make little to no progress on improving something.

  6. I Like Felix, he is a great actor, I’m sure he was famous than 3rd brother back to their golden years. until now he still famous just not in the TVB shows and series.

  7. Way to go, Felix! Tell it like it is. TVB has been sucking for many years already – poor scripts, lack of talent pool, not enough respect from management given to its artistes – none of this is new information. Felix is speaking the truth.

  8. I’m glad that at last another actor is saying something re the late deliverance of scripts and how it affects the actors from performing their best.

  9. Now we know the reason TVB keep producing rubbish scripts!

  10. Don’t see anything wrong with what Felix had said. He gave fair comment from his own experience which is about the situation not about ‘hating TVB’!! Point is so clear but some people still want to try and twist the facts!! Behind u all the way Felix!

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