Felix Wong, Michael Miu, and Jamie Chik Star in Theater Project

Jamie Chik (戚美珍), Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Felix Wong (黃日華) and other cast members rehearsed for theater project, Ha Jai’s Daddy <蝦仔爹哋> yesterday. In the show, Jamie had a different man play the role of her ex-boyfriend each night.  Jamie’s husband, Michael Miu, laughed and said that Jamie was extremely difficult to pursue when she was young.

Jamie indicated that she felt awkward in her scenes opposite Michael and often laughed foolishly and forgot her lines. Jamie said, “I am often scolded by Meg Lam (林建明). However, I cannot hold back my laughter in my scenes with Michael.” To this, Michael added, “Jamie is thinking of how I look at her when home.” (Was Jamie very difficult to pursue when she was young?) “Twenty years ago, yes. She was often looking at Jia Si Le (賈思樂), who was handsome and knew how to sing English songs. Only my biceps were larger than his!”

Meg Lam expressed grief in Ken Tsang’s (曾近榮) recent death. Meg had spoken with Ken about his family affairs at a promotional event, realizing that things did not bode well when he decided to resign from hosting a program.

Compiled from Oriental Daily and on.cc

Jayne: It’s nice to see Felix, Michael, and Jamie work together on a theater project. Lucky for fans in Hong Kong!

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    1. Choi!!! Another Ken! For a moment I thought what?!?!?

      Googled. Oh he is Ken Tsang? That veteran actor? Never knew his name but seen him often!

      1. Funn,
        Yes Ken Tsang Kan Wing is dead. I am in the midst of posting his obituary article now…hopefully will be up in a few minutes.

      2. Hopefully Ken Tsang Kong continues to live a long healthy life…. He can be seen in the new movie, “Overheard 2” with Sean Lau, Daniel Wu, and Louis Koo.

      3. This is so sad. Search the name and got shock. I always see him in movies. He’s funny in those Stephen Chow movies.

        So sad. I like this veteran. 🙁

      4. The forgetful Chemistry professor in Fight Back to School.

        Rip Ken.

  1. From the pic above, I see Jamie and Michael looks extremely ackward towards each other…probably their marriage isn’t as happy as proclaimed with the last scandal of Michael was in pic with a hk porn star.

    1. Veejay,
      I think Leni Lan, the star of “Sex and Zen 3D” claimed she had a relationship with Director Stanley Tong and ties with Michael Miu for publicity reasons. The only “relationship” she insisted she had was with Stanley Tong, who issued a warning public statement that he will sue for libel should the allegations persist.

      Actually, my impression is that although Michael is a flirtatious man, he treats Jamie well. Allegedly, Jamie has a temper, but Michael is the easy going one in their marriage and always does little things to make her laugh. A flirt is not always a cheat.

      1. Yes it’s her Leni, thanks Jayne and Welcome back 🙂

        As for flirting, I am not sure how severe Jamie views on Michael flirting a bit with this leni girl because I saw pics of her getting drunk and crying at a local pub with her friends after the news broke up for Michael..maybe they’ve reconciled after the incident.

      2. Veejay,
        Thanks for the welcome back! Enjoyed my little break….

        As for the news about Jamie crying at a bar, I covered that article several months ago. Since it was revealed that Michael Miu’s mother died in the same time frame, it was speculated that Jamie may have been crying over her death instead.

        The photo of Leni Lan and Michael Miu only featured hugging and nothing more….

    2. I have no idea that Michael had such a scandal/rumor with that woman, Leni Lan.

      1. I think there was a photo published by jayne before, sorry I’m too busy to source the link for ya to view.

  2. Very sad that I won’t be able to watch this theatre project as I really like these three main stars – Felix was and always will be my favourite number 1 TVB actor. Also love Jamie and Michael – the golden couple but love them as actors also.

  3. Nice to see them work together, they such a good actors and Felix always be my 1st favourite actor.

  4. Good to know that Michael Miu and Felix Wong are back. I like both of them.

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