Felix Wong Excited by “Gun Metal Grey’s” High Ratings

Earlier, Felix Wong Yat Wah had angrily blasted TVB for failing to promote Gun Metal Grey <刑警> adequately despite branding it as a 2010 Anniversary series. Gun Metal Grey aired its finale last week, which peaked at 36 points. Although the ratings did not surpass No Regrets <義海豪情>and Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>, Felix was already very satisfied with the results.

In his blog, Felix wrote, “It’s very exciting news! I would like to address the fact that Gun Metal Grey’s high ratings were not a result of my ‘scolding’ [TVB]. Thanks to the series’ fans for  watching and supporting Gun Metal Grey to achieve the ratings results!” Felix signed off with, “We’ll see each other again if destined to do so!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Felix Wong was upset at certain TVB management for neglecting Gun Metal Grey, but he did not write off the possibility of filming another TVB series. We’ll see if audiences are lucky enough to see him onscreen soon!

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  1. definitely hoping for another felix series. he’s great at what he does.

    GMG’s script wasn’t too great though. I felt it was very rushed towards the end.

  2. Definitely because of his scolding. But then that’s part of the whole idea called publicity.

  3. The ending was good, very not typical so call BBQ happy endings.

    It was great drama til the end. It is shame that TVB awards got shut out on this series because of the air date,

    Also too bad the ratings did drop in Week 4 and Week 5. It recover on Week 6 endings. I really hope Wong Yat Wah films another TVB series, most likely modern since he doesnt like to film ancient series anymore. Hell, maybe the 5 tigers collaborated a series in TVB series someday… in my dreams,

    To TVB management, shame on you for not promoting this series enough equivalent to Rosy Business II: No Regrets promotion. This is the second year that TVB did this. Will they do this stunt again? You betcha.

  4. Felix didn’t exclude the possibility for working with TVB again… But the producers he mentioned, he would only work with, are no longer with TVB. So…

    Besides, it’s not like TVB is even interested in getting vets back. Why else would they treat them so shabbily? Last year, it was Born Rich and this year it’s GMG. I agree that GMG’s script was uneven at times. But so was No Regrets’s. And CBML’s script was the worst – it was just plain abysmal overall!

    TVB is only interested in young people, they can pluck out of obscurity and promote to fame. Why? Because they make a tidy profit of these people: They sign on to TVB – work like a horse, get a poor pay and then TVB takes a cut of their advertising income. It doesn’t matter than the public doesn’t agree with how they push people who aren’t ready yet for leading roles. They have monopoly!

  5. I actually enjoyed GMG very much. I liked it more than EMYM and MOL, and of course CBML. I think the characters are a lot more developed and interesting than the other series. If TVB had more promotions on GMG, their ratings would have been even better. But considering there was lack of promotion for the series, hitting the 30 mark or more is actually quite good. I know TVB received comments from viewers requesting Felix Wong to film more TVB series in the future, so I won’t be surprised if he does come back to film in the future. Can’t wait to see who he will collaborate with next!

  6. @ Advo

    I don’t think he said we will only work for so and so producer. I’ve read the article where he mentioned the producers. From what I understand, he said if this list of producers ask him, he will definitely agree. The did not shut out other producers. Anyway, there’s still one producer one his definitely list i.e. Lee Tim Shing. So, there’s still chance.
    The reason he changed his mind about filming for TVB is because he has a great time filming GMG. So, he might probably film again if he miss the ‘great time’.

  7. The finale just averaged 31 points. I hardly consider that high.

  8. ^ – TVB nowadays use “peaking” not average rating of a 5-6 episode per week, to demonstrate TVB series have made a high rating. The finale shows a 36 at peaking, consider it good in this year’s HORRIBLE ratings.

  9. @ Kidd

    I still think he was being gracious. I mean, I do believe him when he said he had great fun filming and the cast also seems really close but… The way TVB treated him and the rest of the cast was terrible.

  10. @ Advo

    From what I heard in his interview with Cha Siu Yan, I believe that he will still return to TVB to film if his acting bug bite him and he miss the fun.

    Honestly, his fire has already subsided by the time he accepted his interview with Cha Siu Yan. It’s the haters (TVB’s and CBML’s haters) and disgruntled viewers who refused to let go and keep on bringing Felix’s outburst up and projecting their own thoughts on to him. All I know is, despite being not happy with TVB’s treatment of GMG, he still maintained in his interview that he would not write off filming with TVB again.

  11. One thing I do agree with Felix and Micheal. TVB should promote all their series equally and let audience decide which one they like. Give each series equal opportunity.

    GMG is a good series. I watch halfway and it has kept me captivated so far. It has a well balance drama and comical moment.

  12. @ Kidd

    The interview with Cha Siue Yan – is that the radio interview w Michael Miu? I heard it too, and I believe that Felix has gotten over the whole anniversary-gala thing. But I’m more thinking of how TVB wouldn’t throw the cast a celebration dinner at first.

    I dunno. When I see his interviews, he seems very resigned to how TVB works nowadays. Very a la Jessica’s response regarding the anniversary-gala. I think it’s been a bit of a wakeup call for Felix regarding how much TVB has changed. Maybe I am projecting. I also thought it was interesting that he didn’t attend the awards as a presenter even though they had invited him. (I know he said that he would only go if Michael went, but that itself, I found was an excuse not to go.)

  13. @ Advo

    Yeah, maybe he has resigned his fate to how TVB works. But, I hope he will still continue to film TVB series just for the sake of acting and working with his fellow actor friends again.

    Yeah, he didn’t attend the award ceremony, but he attended Fuk Look Sau’s concert as guest artist a day or 2 before the award show. It’s funny how they made fun of the the award ceremony and it’s all in good fun since the TVB higher exacs like Miss Lok was also there.

    I think he finally decided not to attend the award show because he can see what an empty offer that was. It’s just to ‘bou wok’, not a genuine offer. Even his normiation seems like a ‘bou wok’ move, a move to appease his anger. He might have gotten over the anniversary gala thing, but, didn’t want to participate in this farce of an invitation and nomination.

    Or maybe, he’s still helping FLS out in their subsequent concerts. 😛

  14. I wonder if TVB will do another all-star “The Yang’s Saga” collaboration. We may be able to see 5 Tigers working together again! I hope Felix returns soon! It’s great to see him on TV again.

  15. I hope he can film a tvb wuxia serial in future ,i think he can play in old Guo Jing if tvb film a Remake of Return of Condor Hero ,Felix is the best .

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