Felix Wong’s Wife Talks About Her Recovery from Leukemia

Felix Wong‘s (黃日華) wife, Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華) was diagnosed with acute leukemia half a year ago. After going through five rounds of chemotherapy, her condition has finally stabilized and Kit Wah was well enough to be interviewed on television, where she gave encouragement to other victims of the condition. She also praised Felix for having been an amazing husband.

Kit Wah recalled how she initially thought that she was merely suffering from the common cold, “My heart would beat very quickly, and I frequently felt fatigued. I also bruised easily. It was only after a blood test did I realize that I was suffering from leukemia.” Kit Wah admitted that at first, she found it hard to accept her diagnosis but Felix offered her unwavering support.

Felix’s Strength

Felix expressed, “She was so worried about what would happen to her. She was instructing me on how to handle certain matters [if she goes]. I knew then that I could not express any fear, so that I did not make her feel even more afraid. I kept encouraging her.”

Kit Wah revealed that the process of undergoing treatment and all its side effects inadvertently caused her to develop depression. She said, “The doctor informed me beforehand that I would lose all my hair but when I woke up one day with all my hair gone, I could not help but cry uncontrollably. I developed depression and felt anxious and afraid all the time.”

Fortunately, Felix was by Kit Wah’s side all the time, and she could lean on him.  Kit Wah said gratefully, “While he was looking after me, he was also busy with work. Even though I was suffering, he was also suffering. I am very, very touched. He is an all-around amazing husband. I have no idea what I would have done without him!” Felix said modestly that he was merely doing his duty as a husband, and trying his best to be positive for the sake of Kit Wah.

Couple Had Contemplated Divorce

The couple’s 27-year long marriage has not always been smooth-sailing, and there were several big arguments over the years. Kit Wah said, ‘We once even discussed the prospects of divorce. He asked our daughter whom she wanted to [live with], and she said she wanted to be with, ‘Mommy’. He immediately realized that he did not want a divorce, as he would be left with nothing.”

Felix added that they have learned to communicate rationally with each other, and treasure each other more. Kit Wah also praised their daughter Adrian Wong (黄芷晴) for having become more mature over the years.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. All the best to her. Leukemia is one of the “darker” forms of cancers; I’m not saying other cancers are light and fluffy, so don’t get rattle up. Glad that she has support from him and he’s sticking it out with her. I truly believe emotional supports play a big role in the fight and recovery process of an illness, especially something as draggy and tolling as cancer.

    My co-worker has leukemia and he has more bad days than good ones. He went chemo, a blood transfusion, bone marrow transplant and is now on bunch of meds. It’s already rough for an outsider looking it, so I can’t imagine the hardship and effect on the family.

  2. Aww, love this couple!  I grew up watching Felix and Kit Wah on-screen and in a way, have been a ‘witness’ of sorts to their relationship over the years, so I’m definitely happy to see their love continue to endure.  (Sidenote: Come to think of it, many of the 80s couples I adored back then are still together now, which is refreshing to see!  Who said you can’t have lasting relationships in the entertainment industry?)  Glad to see that Kit Wah is doing better –it’s obvious that Felix adores his wife and his daughter, so it’s hard to imagine what he would do if he lost either one of them.   It’s hard enough having to deal with an illness and in their case, having to do it under constant media scrutiny is even harder. I think the family held up pretty well this past year given the relentless media hounding they had to endure (especially Felix, who also had to deal with all the media crap related to HKTV).

    Good luck to both of them and I wish them many more years of health and happiness (oh, and Adrian too, of course!).

  3. Reading this interview of Felix and his wife just reminded me of my parents when my mother was also going through cancer treatment few years ago. The shock we got when the doctor announced that it was cancer. My father held on and was always in good spirit in front of my mother. This was to encourage her to pull through. But my father cried only in front of his mother. As for my mother, she was depressed and would cry all the time. And with all this, our family finally overcame this situation. My mother is fine today but, of course, she is living with the side effects today. Through all this, my father was really amazing. He would make soup every morning to take for my mother at the hospital. I just saw how much my father loved and cared for my mother even though they quarrelled many times in life. Leung Kit Wah is really lucky to have Felix as her husband. I hope his family of three stays together always with love and understanding.

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