Five Months Pregnant, Myolie Wu Maintains Figure

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Five Months Pregnant, Myolie Wu Maintains Figure

Five months pregnant, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has only gained weight in her midsection while maintaining an overall slender body. With the baby due in November, Myolie plans to work at least through the eighth month of her pregnancy.

Appearing as a guest on a television interview despite today’s tropical storm level eight warning, Myolie said that the weather forecast had only initially projected it to be a level three when she left the house. She will wrap up her work and quickly head home afterward. The hard-working 37-year-old actress said that she plans to work until close to her delivery date. “It’s good to walk more before my due date. Sitting at home is not good. My obstetrician said it’s okay for me to even fly on the airplane. Of course I shouldn’t get too tired.”

With her baby bump barely visible, Myolie and her husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), were initially concerned about the baby’s growth and size. “The baby is very well-behaved. Whatever I eat goes to the baby. I was worried about the baby’s health because my appetite has not been well, but the doctor said it was fine.” The baby’s sex, however, remains a mystery. “When we had ultrasounds done, the baby either covers the face or the private area.”

When asked whether she hopes for a baby boy or baby girl, she said, “It doesn’t matter, since I don’t plan on having only one child.” To recovery more quickly and try for a second pregnancy soon after, the 37-year-old actress is planning to give birth naturally. “I hope to give birth naturally. I’m quite scared, but I will try it.”

Myolie’s cup size has noticeably increased. Myolie laughed at the comment and stated, “I’m not sure! Really? I think this is pretty normal. I’m very happy I can still wear my clothes and suits. Later, I might need to only wear dresses.”

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Five Months Pregnant, Myolie Wu Maintains Figure

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      OK to fly during 2nd trimester as everything should be stable by then. She looks great really. Still very slender. But good luck in giving birth naturally!!! can be painful!

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