Flora Chan Drives New Car Although Husband is Bankrupt

Since her husband Mike Chung (鍾家鴻) filed for bankruptcy in 2012, Flora Chan (陳慧珊) became the sole breadwinner for the family. To keep their daughter in a prestigious school, the family was forced to move and downgrade their home. After filing for bankruptcy, Mike transitioned to being the full-time caregiver for the couple’s daughter.

Due to the stress, Flora was reportedly difficult to work with on the set of TVB comedy, Good Morning, Boss (波士早晨). An inside source revealed, “Flora looks down on the group of staff. She’s grumpy with them and when she’s not happy, she will say English words that hurt people. A lot of people had to deal with her bad temper. Her acting has also regressed.”

Because of her aloofness, TVB allegedly will not be extending her contract after concluding the filming of Good Morning, Boss. Flora, aware that her career in the entertainment industry is deteriorating, intends to permanently move to the United States after completing her PhD program at Hong Kong University.

Flora’s Sudden Wealth

Although Flora has not had any new work for the last half a year, the couple suddenly purchased a brand new Mercedes-Benz worth $470,000 HKD. The family also upgraded their home to an apartment that costs $80,000 HKD per month in rent. Their lavish lifestyle did not seem to match with Mike’s bankruptcy.

Reporters sought out an esteemed lawyer to rationalize the odd circumstances. The lawyer explained, “If a husband and wife’s finances are separate, then the husband’s bankruptcy will not affect the wife. Even if the wife is responsible for all the expenses and the husband has no job and just spends his wife’s money, it is still okay! If the car is registered under the wife’s name, the husband can still drive it.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com

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  1. Technically the husband’s the bankrupt and wife is not liable for his debts and shouldn’t be. However morally well.. you decide.

  2. No wonder she looks so stressed, but she’s a strong and smart woman. Eventhough her husband had gone bankrupt but doesn’t mean that she needs to live her life miserably. Well, the bottom line is, she didn’t desert her husband but is trying to build their lives better. I salute her.

  3. She is an independent, capable, highly educated “strong and smart” woman and is valiantly manning the fort on her own. Kudos to her,

    Better than the ‘frail birds’ who need to be protected, with their claws out waiting to nab some rich prince for $ or to elevate their own social status.
    Or become a mistress so they can live off people for the luxury they want.
    Or gold diggers who jump ship once their partner declares bankruptcy (Gigi Fu 傅明憲) because they can’t afford to buy their parents exy apartments anymore.

    Finances are Flora’s own/ their family’s business – IF reporters are not stepping in to help make the situation better or lending the family money … why is it anyone’s problem if they choose to buy a new car or move to a new apartment?

    1. @nomad822 I suppose if her husband is bankrupt which means owing people a lot of money and yet the wife can afford a new luxury car, it can be inferred the couple lacks integrity in repaying debts. That sort. I get the point. But again it’s her money, she can choose to pay or not to pay for her husband. Doesn’t make her someone of integrity but not someone detestable either.

      Yes golddiggers are bad but likewise someone who knowingly owes someone else money but doesn’t pay and continue to live well, is as detestable. It is similar to the situation with Martin Freeman’s wife/partner. Martin Freeman has been getting a lot of flak.

  4. There’s definitely a bit of exaggeration in this article, especially the piece about TVB not wanting to renew Flora’s contract and therefore her entertainment career is in shambles and she has to pursue a different career – whoever wrote the article is giving TVB too much credit.  In an interview several years back (this was even before Flora decided to return to film Never Dance Alone), Flora had already stated that her entertainment career will take a backseat to her education, as her ultimate goal is to get a teaching degree and move to the U.S. with her family so she can pursue a career teaching English.  By the looks of it, her goal hasn’t changed, so obviously the person who wrote this article didn’t do his/her homework.  Personally, I actually applaud Flora for her efforts in pursuing higher education and still trying to take care of her family and working to support them….the Media really needs to leave her alone!

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