Florinda Ho: “I Am Dating Joel Chan!”

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Macau casino tycoon, Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) eldest daughter with his third wife, Florinda Ho (何超雲) has been rumored to be dating actor Joel Chan (陳山聰) . Their relationship has been extremely ambiguous, clear as the bright skies one moment but cloudy like the mist the next moment. However before both parties can even officially disclose their relationship, they had to face several gossips from naysayers that there was a disparity of social standing and that the Joel doesn’t work while Florinda disregarded her father and went to date and tour Europe with him.

Yesterday, Florinda accepted an interview with Hong Kong newspaper, Oriental Daily, opening her mouth for the first time and admitting that she had been dating Joel for four months now. Besides that, her father, Stanley Ho, had already met with Joel. Florinda professed that her parents did not add a single bit of pressure into this romance.

Florinda Ho, who has been studying fashion design in the United Kingdom, finally returned back to Hong Kong. Yesterday at approximately 1 PM in the afternoon, dressed in a floral jumpsuit, a straw hat, and donning black sunglasses, Florinda emerged alone out of the arrival gates of the airport with her luggage in tow.

Florinda’s assistant and bodyguard who have been awaiting her arrival, immediately rushed up to fetch her whereas a group of more than ten reporters sprang up to chase Florinda to ask her why didn’t she left the arrival gates together with Joel. After constant pressing from the reporters, Florinda finally said that she wasn’t feeling well on her flight back and that she will explain things to everyone after settling back in Hong Kong. In the midst of the chaotic situation, Florinda saw a reporter who was trailing closely behind her, taking photos of her while on the escalators and reminded them to be careful of their own safety, in order to prevent any accidents from occurring. After leaving the airport, Florinda headed back to her domestic home in Bayview and retreated back to her “chamber room.”

It was known that during this trip back to Hong Kong, Florinda was accompanied by boyfriend Joel Chan and both of them sat at the same row in the first class cabin. Upon reaching Hong Kong, the couple split ways while Joel transited from Hong Kong and boarded another plane to Macau to meet his elder brother.

After returning to Hong Kong, Florinda Ho accepted an exclusive interview with Oriental Daily and sweetly went into details about her scorching hot romance with Joel Chan.

R= Reporter       F=Florinda

R: “This trip back to Hong Kong was particularly nervous for you?”

F: “Yes, I didn’t expect that there would be reporters the moment I landed. Joel and I are actually in a very difficult position. We weren’t holding hands when the reporters photographed us together.”

R: “You returned back to Hong Kong with Joel?”

F: “Yes.”

R: “For the past few months, Joel was staying behind in England to accompany you?”

F: “No. During the month of March and April, Joel came to England to visit me. Because he had work to do and had to leave first, he only stayed for about five to six days (in England)”

R: “Could you kindly explain why you  haven’t returned to Hong Kong for so long?”

F: “I was busy with an exam relating to design. When Joel knew that I was coming back to Hong Kong today, he was worried about me coming back home alone hence seven days ago, he specially came over  to England and “fetched” me back to Hong Kong.”

“Joel Is A Direct Man And Really Loves Me”

R: “Why hasn’t Joel shown his face in public ever since he came back to Hong Kong?”

F: “He is in hiding. Because there have been many negative news (about him) lately, he doesn’t wish to come out and expose himself for the time being.”

R: “Are you and Joel dating each other?”

F: “Yes, Joel and I are dating.”

R: “When did you and Joel first start dating?”

F: “We started dating approximately four months ago.”

R: “What do you like about Joel?”

F (In a sweet as honey tone): “Joel is very direct, attentive, and gentle. He really loves me.”

R: “Please excuse my straightforwardness but during Joel’s 7 days’ stay in Hong Kong, did he stay in your room, together with you?”

F: “No, I had a female friend who was sharing the room with me. Joel lived in the room next to mine. During his stay of seven days, I had to continue sourcing for materials for my exam but I did take time out to bring Joel around to shop, eat and do some sight-seeing together.”

R: “Aside from going out on dates, have your relationship reached the stage of cohabiting together?”

F: “We haven’t reached that stage yet.”

Stayed In Contact With Father Stanley Ho

R: “There were many news reports outside, speculating that you only cared about dating and didn’t care about your father, even to the point of not coming back to spend Father’s Day with him, saying that your father was very unhappy.”

F: “Getting written this way, the reports really made me extremely upset. Actually my father (Stanley Ho) was never unhappy with me and did not ever blame me. My father knew I had homework to do thus why I couldn’t come back. I have always kept in contact with my father via telephone, even on such close terms to communicate via letters. Sometimes,
Daddy would say, ‘My daughter, haven’t seen you for the longest time; I miss you so much! When are you coming back to Hong Kong?” and I would reply, “Daddy, I miss you so much too! Once I have finished my assignment, I will immediately fly back to Hong Kong to accompany you!”

R: “News reports said your mother opposed to the idea of you and Joel dating?”

F: “No, no such thing (in a steel and determined tone) Actually my mother has accepted Joel since a long time ago. She knew we were dating. Even Mommy felt that Joel has a rather good personality. Daddy has also seen Joel. My parents completely did not object to our relationship. They feel rest assured towards our relationship and didn’t give me any pressure at all.”

Encourages Boyfriend Joel Chan to Face Reality

Florinda Ho’s love’s was not only direct but also brave, even encouraging boyfriend Joel Chan to face all the different negative reports out there.

R: “For a long time now, Joel has been involved in a lot of these negative news reports, saying that he didn’t go to work and only concentrated on accompanying you and at the same time saying that you only cared about dating. Did you guys give some thought about those news and did you talk to Joel about his work matters?”

F: “I did discuss this with Joel, encouraging him that it wasn’t worth it being unhappy over those negative news reports and that he had to face them (the negative news reports) somehow since he still has to return back to TVB and start filming again sooner or later. (Referring to TVB’s executive producer, Tim Gor’s (李添勝) My Cruel Lover <我的如意狼君>?) Yes, Joel will resume work on it. I told him, you don’t have to care about those negative news, it’s not like you killed someone or committed arson, what’s there to be scared of?”

R: “In the past, there were rumors about you and Pakho Chau (周柏豪)?”

F: “We are just friends.”

R: “Just as what Pakho said, you guys are friends now and will still only be friends in the future so not planning to change your relationship with each other?”

F: “Yes. We have no intentions to change our relationship.”

R: “Since there are so many rumors surrounding you and Pakho, did you and Pakho discuss about those news?”

F: “He did call to talk about those rumors, we talked about them over the phone.”

Source: Orientdaily.on.cc

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

Ah K: From the way Florinda talked Joel into getting out there and facing those negative reports and comforted him (when the role should be reversed), Florinda striked me as a person with a very mature mindset (as compared to Joel) and a high EQ (judging from the reports above, not recounting the time when she allegedly blasted Pakho Chau, “You should be ashamed of yourself”)

Instead of hiding at home like Joel, she chose to take the first step and bravely accepted a “no holding back” interview on her own accord (probably to lessen the public backlash on boyfriend Joel) Maybe because Florinda is practically half a westerner after living abroad for so long hence the boldness and outspokenness from her.

Joel is no doubt irresponsible for dumping the series on Tim Gor and leaving without a word. Even to the extent of not picking up calls from his colleagues as proven by Sharon Chan (Sharon Chan said that she called up her godbrother Joel to find out what’s wrong but he didn’t pick up her calls)

He probably has to face his colleagues’ and TVB’s criticism and the media scrutiny for his disappearing act but as Florinda said to him, it’s not like he killed somebody or committed arson, what’s there to be afraid of? There’s nothing wrong in pursuing your own love but with much more work responsibility, of course. Or unless the previous media reports were proven to be right that he was probably hankering after Florinda’s wealth and didn’t even think of going back to TVB and planned to leech off Florinda’s family for the rest of his life?

28 comments to Florinda Ho: “I Am Dating Joel Chan!”

  1. jayne says:

    Florinda Ho seems head over heels in love with Joel Chan. I wonder if there will be a speedy wedding between the two?

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    • Snow replied:

      shes still so young, they shd take their time (even tho Joel is 13 years older)

      i know most ppl would be sceptic about their relationship but i actually think they will last for a good amount of time even if not turning into marriage

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    • lol replied:

      I hope it’s not her and his short time fling.

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    • lara replied:

      only if Florinda is pregnant.. then quickie wedding might occur.

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  2. Kidd says:

    Joe has already accepted an interview with the magazine.

    Ah K. Are you planning to translate Joel’s interview as well?

    Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd
    • Ah K replied:


      Ah yes, you know me so well lol, in the midst of translating! 😀

      Actually I have finished translating that article but I’m combining it with a second article about Joel apparently taking money from his elder brother to support his spendings and his response on the allegations that he didn’t pay for his airline ticket so that the comments can be centralized in one article link. 😀 *droopy eyes*

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  3. Aly says:

    Glad that she came out to accept an interview. She seemed very direct and upfront about it, which is good to avoid any further gossips and speculations. Joel is probably afraid to face the criticisms from the public and acting unprofessionally, not finishing his projects and busy pursuing a rich girl. So, it’s much harder for him to come back out.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Aly
  4. Ah K says:

    Hi @Jayne,

    Have emailed you the translated article on Joel’s exclusive interview with the press! Combined two articles in one to facilitate the reference to just one article. Kindly check your inbox k, thank you for taking time off to edit, I’m going off to sleep now haha! 😀

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  5. Ah K says:

    Anyway is it just me or does Florinda seem abit like Hong Kong’s answer to Paris Hilton? Anyway, I think Florinda was wearing a wig in the header photo cause her actual hair color is gold and not this hair color plus her actual hair length isn’t that long in the latest photos taken of her.

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  6. comet says:

    She looks a little like Serena Jen.

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  7. Lucia says:

    Does anyone know when did Joel divorce his ex-wife?

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  8. Addy says:

    Didn’t Joel leave Lau Kar-ho’s drama (Back to the 3 Kingdoms) and not Tim Gor’s? I still remember there was a piece of news a while back saying that Joel left half-way through filming and Ngo Ka-nin had to replace him.

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  9. Veejay says:

    Florinda is the chinese version of Paris Hilton.

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    • Chriselle replied:

      Really? I have a better impression of Florinda than Paris Hilton.

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  10. Kidd says:

    Florinda sounds very mature in handling matters. Sounds like a good partner for Joel to give him emotional support and strength.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd
    • Chriselle replied:

      Joel seems to be a fun and easygoing person to hangout with, but this article about Florinda being more mature than him made me lose a bit of respect of the guy. He’s 13 years older than Florinda, meaning he had 13 years worth more of experience than Florinda, but still lacks an EQ? Lol.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Chriselle
      • Fox replied:

        The reporters are harsher to him but not to Florinda. He is bashed by the whole city for his secret divorce.

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  11. Fox says:

    What I can say: Rainbow after the storm :).

    3C is now contacted to be in TVB series again. I can smell the promotion.

    So what? Money’s power. Rulez!

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    • Chriselle replied:

      I hope not. Joel is watchable in supporting roles, but he cannot lead a series.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Chriselle
      • Fox replied:

        Not many ppl now can do such thing so one more 3C isn’t much.

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  12. lara says:

    Just before Florinda, Joel used to hang around Christine Ng and Sharon Chan a lot. They used to upload pictures almost every week on Weibo of them 3 having dinners and stuff.

    And then Joel met Florinda and started courting her……He has no time for his friends and reading from Sharon’s responses previously, seems like she was a bit worried and/or disappointed in Joel because he just disappeared and didn’t tell anyone where he went and wouldn’t return her phone calls.

    I wonder if he has contacted them now that his back in HK. And are still close friends like before or have their friendship been affected because of Joel’s attitude? I have a feeling their friendship is probably quite distant now – coz as if not tell ur best friends what’s happening (which is sad because they were like BFFs). Reporters should ask the girls about this – I’m interested in their response.

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    • Fox replied:

      Sharon sent 3C blessings recently. You dun need to be worried, their friendship is still good.

      Sharon is one of the small group that supported 3C from the beginning and not join the party in the middle.

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      • Chriselle replied:


        Do you know how Sharon, Christine, and Joel met and became such great friends? 🙂

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      • Fox replied:

        Same manager.

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    • lara replied:

      @Fox – are you sure? Sharon sounded really upset when Joel suddenly disappeared without saying a word to her. And they don’t interact on Weibo at all like before.

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  13. Funn Lim says:

    I have waited with abated breath just to read this wonderful fantastic awe inspiring news!

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    • Ah K replied:

      Wow, surely this is sarcasm at it’s very best?

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Oh thank you! Thank you!

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