Joel Chan Publicly Acknowledge His Mistake; Christine Ng Refuses To Accept His Apology

The day before yesterday, TVB artiste Christine Ng (伍詠薇) announced in a high-profile manner through popular Chinese micro-blogging social site, Weibo, that she was thereby cutting ties with a friend of hers. Soon after Christine had made that announcement, it was observed by reporters that she had immediately stopped “following” fellow colleague and god brother, Joel Chan (陳山聰), on Weibo.

Upon receiving knowledge of the news, Joel hurriedly rushed to make amends yesterday for his blunder in the form of an apology over a well-known radio program. Joel also took the opportunity to clarify that he had accidentally offended Christine out of drunken stupor that night.

However, as the chinese saying goes, “spilt water is difficult to retrieve”, and the damage, needlessly to say, cannot be undone. When interviewed, Christine refused to comment, only responding that she was confused as to what was truly going on around here.

As everyone would have known by now, the rumors of the dispelling friendship between the 3Cs (Christine Ng, Joel Chan and Sharon Chan (陳敏之)) first came about when Christine had left a Weibo message to Joel on his 35th birthday, wishing him a happy birthday.

However, unexpectedly, within a short span of less than five hours, an enraged Christine deleted her birthday greeting and even tweeted on Weibo, “A friend of mine had just called me, telling me not to contact him anymore!”.

It was known that the abrupt revelation from her friend had greatly incensed Christine thus prompting her to make a declaration over Weibo that she was biding farewell to that said friend and officially cutting any form of ties with him.

The identity of the said friend finally came to light when reporters uncovered that Christine and Sharon Chan had stopped “following” Joel on Weibo and in addition to that, like a jigsaw puzzle that had fallen into place, reporters managed to piece everything together when they noticed Sharon’s Weibo message of consolation to Christine, which read, “Someone has already let all that money go to his head!”, clearly fingering the culprit out to be none other than their common god brother, Joel Chan.

Tried to contact Christine to explain things but to no avail

Five days after the incident had occurred, Joel accepted a phone interview from renowned radio personality, Eileen Cha (查小欣), over her radio program,《巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐》.

During the interview, Joel publicly admitted that he was indeed the said friend that Christine Ng was referring to. Joel recounted the incident and claimed that everything stemmed from his drunken stupor that night.

Joel explained, “At that time, I was celebrating my birthday with a bunch of friends who were not from the entertainment circle. We drank a couple of drinks and I was soon drunk. While drinking, we played the game, Truth or Dare, and I unexpectedly lost the game when it was my turn. As a form of punishment for losing, my penalty was to call up a friend to say that I was breaking friendship with him/her. ”

Joel continued, “Like an intuitive thinking, I instanteously thought of Christine as she was good-humored and most likely to be able to take a joke. After the call was through, I immediately said, “You better not come and find me anymore!”. Upon hearing my outburst, Christine only replied two words which was, “Okay ah!” and hung the telephone line in a jiffy. After which, I tried calling Christine up but she didn’t pick up my call ever again!”

Joel professed that he only grew to learn of the severity of the matter when he saw the Weibo tweets and read the Oriental Daily report about him and Christine. Joel asserted that after realizing the graveness of his blunder, he tried calling Christine up several times but to no avail. Joel added, “I thought about finding Christine to clarify the misunderstanding in two days’ time but she completely ignored me. Since we have known each other for eight to nine years now, I assumed that we were all people who could handle a joke from each other. Who would have thought that things would escalate into something so serious? As such, I sincerely wish to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Christine that I’m terribly sorry!”

Eileen Cha then asked Joel whether he faced an immense amount of criticisms from the outside world after he had publicly disclosed his relationship with girlfriend, Macau casino heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲).

In reply to this, Joel responded, “I respect that everyone has their own way of thinking and furthermore, Florinda Ho is extremely supportive of me. Actually, it’s really nothing much as I have already expected that tongues would be wagging away about me.” (Eileen Cha: “Do you feel wronged?) “No, I don’t feel wronged but I do feel very pressurized. Actually, I work as hard as everyone but it is simply too difficult to explain so many matters one by one. Hence, I have no choice but to accept those criticisms instead!”

Joel expressed that TVB did not interject with their opinions with regards to the rumors that he and Christine Ng had a falling out with each other but merely hoped that he would handle this matter amicably.

Joel revealed that although he had received a poaching short text message like many of his colleagues, he had no intention to leave TVB.

Confused as to what was really going on

When Oriental Daily called up Christine Ng to ask her opinions on Joel’s explanations, Christine only coldly replied, “No response. In any case, I’m just confused as to what really happened!” (Reporter: Will you accept Joel’s apology?) “Not responding!”

Backtracking a little to when Oriental Daily first asked her about this matter, Christine had clearly conveyed that she was thoroughly heart-wrenched and even used buses to represent her take on friendship, “Some would eventually want to board that bus again after many years but they wouldn’t have the opportunity to re-enter that bus because I wouldn’t open the door for them ever again!”

Although Christine did not say much, it was indeed strange to see that she had nothing to revert to those netizens. In that case, could it probably represent that Joel and Christine’s friendship had come and go like the wind?

Florinda Ho refuses to interject but strongly supports her boyfriend for making amends

On the other hand, Joel’s girlfriend, Florinda Ho, was also asked by reporters for her take on this matter. Florinda replied, “Joel can settle his matters all by himself. I trust that he can handle it on his own hence I will not interject or comment on this. Thank you for your concern though!”

Florinda, who was in high spirits, uploaded a photo of a hairy crab onto Weibo last night and left an accompanying message which read, “Hairy crabs tonight!” It was not known whether Florinda was going to be enjoying the hair crabs with Joel but a curious netizen left a message on Florinda’s Weibo wall, asking Florinda whether she was cooking them for Joel.

Besides that, another netizen tweeted Florinda via Weibo, asking her to show concern for Joel. The tweet wrote, “Florinda, please treat Joel well. Because of you, Joel had to withstand so many personal attacks. He is really such a poor thing!” It seems like many netizens were extremely concerned and in favor of the duo’s romance.

Tavia Yeung: Joel Chan should be beaten for betraying friends

While attending a car showroom event, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) was asked about her open support for Christine Ng via Weibo when the falling out between Christine and Joel Chan had first occurred. In reply to this, Tavia responded that she was on very familiar terms with both parties hence she felt that Christine would be magnanimous enough not to bear grudges, especially since she has known Christine to be a woman with huge sensibilities.

As for Joel, Tavia professed that she did hear about the news that Joel was just playing a prank on Christine, “I have never pondered whether Joel’s reason was true or false. However, no matter what, it is still wrong to betray a friend over the playing of a game. Should really beat Joel, he is already a grown up so he should really assume more responsibility for his actions.”

Tavia also mentioned that she used to be on extremely familiar terms with Joel but in recent months, as they have been busy with their own stuff, she wasn’t clear whether Joel has really underwent a huge change of personality ever since he had started dating Florinda.

In other news, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) had earlier on jokingly self-professed to be the said friend who had fallen out with Christine Ng. However, Chilam declined to comment when asked about his opinions on Joel’s side of the story. As for Sharon Chan, who is close to both Christine and Joel, she also implied that she will not comment on this matter.

Source: Oriental Daily,

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Lame, are they 12? And really…does anyone give a s$@! about these two?

  2. Hmm.. could this be a TVB comedy-drama script in the making? Sure reads like one.

  3. Although I’m not too fond of Joel’s actions, for some reason, I do believe what he said to be true. However, just because it was just a joke and he didn’t mean to hurt Christine doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to be angry at him. Only Christine would know if he really did sound drunk that night and was a tad bit different in his speech. Christine seems like a kind and easygoing person, yet she also seems to have her strict side and own morals. Christine being so firm on her stance and not accepting the apology do make me wonder why. On the other hand, I do believe that Joel and Christine has fallen out in their friendship after him meeting/dating Florinda and has been a little torn that they are no longer as close as they use to.

    Christine seems to value friendship a lot and because Joel hasn’t contacted her in while (assuming since he’s busy with Florinda), she took his message more serious than she should’ve. If their friendship was before he met Florinda, would she have reacted the same way and held her stance for so long?

    1. @Chriselle:

      Seriously I’m not sure whether to believe Joel anot but something tells me Christine wouldn’t be so petty as to give a cold reply if it had really all been a misunderstanding.

      In any case, only the persons involved would know what really happened but I was just wondering why Florinda said she didn’t know what had happened when the reporters first asked her about Christine’s and Joel’s fallout with each other.

      If it had really been a true and dare on the night before his actual birthday, given that Florinda and Joel are quite inseparable, then Florinda should have been beside Joel when he did the prank call so why is it that she claimed no knowledge of what could have led to the fallout? *Confused confused lol* 🙂

      1. “If it had really been a true and dare on the night before his actual birthday, given that Florinda and Joel are quite inseparable, then Florinda should have been beside Joel when he did the prank call so why is it that she claimed no knowledge of what could have led to the fallout?”

        I was too wondering about this! Florinda doesn’t sound as naive about this issue as she claims to be. Furthermore, I’m sure she would’ve questioned Joel about this afterwards. Hopefully, she’s not that blindly in love with him.

        I don’t think Christine is petty person either, but it was so abrupt and sudden that after the call, she immediately deleted in his birthday message on his wall and updated a message on breaking off their friendship. I was really curious as to who made the phone call and what their content entailed. I didn’t know it was Joel himself calling.

        I’m more on Christine’s side for her character, but it was indeed impulsive, rash, and perhaps a little unexpected for her to update such a message. I expected her to calm down beforehand and not take the issue in such a high-profile manner.

      2. I am with you, Ah K. There is more than is said.

        If it’s just a drunken truth and dare game like Joel says, it is very easy for Christine to forgive him. But for Christine to take such a drastic step and Sharon to support her, there must be something else which of course Joel is not telling.

        By the way, the last photo of Sharon, that is the first time I’ve seen her looking so hot. Her figure, her hair, everything, was gorgeous! She should look like this more often!

  4. Wouldn’t the “dare” part have been fulfilled when he wore those short shorts and gold shoes?

    Anyway, I think he’s making excuses.

  5. Haha…. it’s actually a pretty good excuse.

    Maybe the truth, anyway hope Christine will get over it soon. He should sent her flowers etc…. to apologise. The bigger the gesture the better.

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