Gavin Gao’s Case Update: Victim Requests $10 Million Settlement

In the latest development in Mainland Chinese actor Gavin Gao’s (高雲翔) sexual assault case, the victim allegedly has requested a settlement for $10 million AUD.

Recently released on bail in Sydney, Gavin did not make any comments on the possibility of agreeing to the victim’s request.

Taiwanese media outlets reported that the victim, a 36-year-old Australian-Chinese woman, is only resorting to the settlement as a way to quickly end the case. During the trial, Gavin’s lawyer tried to prove that the victim had consensual sex with the two defendants. In video tape evidence, the victim was seen kissing Wang Jing (王晶), the other defendant in the case. As there is gossip that the victim has cheated on her husband, she is feeling pressure and wants to end the case.

Although both parties are looking for a quick closure, money will not help the issue in this case. Just because the victim requested a $58 million HKD settlement does not mean the case will be settled outside of court. Sexual assault is a criminal offense and whether or not the victim decides to pursue charges, the court still has the power to call upon the victim to give a statement at future court hearings. Gavin may still face potential charges from local authorities.


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  1. Next time, Gavin should just engage escorts; definitely cheaper than AUD 10 million and purely business.

    1. @rika
      Might not be allowed to go near women for a few years now. The only contact he might have will be aggressive men in showers….

  2. Not surprising that the guys will prefer to settle out of court. They can be stuck in Australia for years if the case drags on. Keep the fly trap tightly closed when overseas. LOL

    1. @mangotango
      well, his name and fame has completely tarnished, i wonder if his wife would pay the settlement given that he’s admitting that he’s cheated out in the open.

      1. @m0m0 She appears to be supportive as she and daughter are now staying in Australia with their passports kept by Aussie authorities. It is a big sacrifice.

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