Ghetto Justice (TVB 2011)

Ghetto Justice

Producer: Terry Tong Kei-Ming
Writers: Lau Choi Wan and Chan Kam Ling
Genre: Law, Mystery, Comedy, Romance

Kevin Cheng – L.A. Law
Myolie Wu – Wong Si Fu, Kris
Sam Lee – Ting Ka Fu, Community Center Owner
Jazz Lam – George Mai
Joyce Tang – Leung ‘See Lai’
Eddie Kwan – But Chik, Policeman
Sharon Chan – Tsing Tsing, Prostitute

Author’s Note:

This is a review. By coming here and reading my review, you would have already understood this will contain spoilers. By doing a review I want to use as much of the story to prove my point but will reserve some plots as much as possible.  But spoilers is inevitable and should enhance the attractiveness of the drama and not ‘spoil’ your interest in it.  A good drama will be a good drama no matter what.  Although these opinionated articles of mine are titled ‘reviews’, I take my creative license to critique and analyze than merely saying I like or dislike something.  I must say, your feedbacks both negative and positive have been a great motivation!


The story centers a barrister by the name of L.A Law (yes…that’s his name) who has abandoned the superficial, materialistic, elitist, pretentious world of the upper class and moved into the ghetto world that is Sham Sui Po because of a mistake during one his legal cases stemming from 7 years ago.  He started working along his best friends Ting Ka Fu, the community service center owner, George Mai and But Chik.  Their mission is to provide legal service to the lower class and believes everyone has human rights no matter who you are.

The Controversial Title:

Who knew Hong Kongers even know what ‘Ghetto’ means?!  When I heard the voice of Mc Jin, that explained a lot.  Also, I don’t like Chinese rap/hiphop songs.  It sounds funny and it doesn’t have that tough urban feel.  It sounds like back in the day when they would do Chinese rhymes while hitting rice bowls with chop sticks.  However, no one can do it better other than Mc Jin.  This song also fits very well with the drama.  I liked the opening theme, it didn’t show any upcoming scenes.


‘Ghetto Justice’ is a BRILLIANT drama embracing the gray area of justice and braves the idea of what is morally right- not what is legally right.  It focuses on social injustices and prejudices on gender, uneducated, and lower class.  Appropriately named ‘Ghetto Justice’, it centers around a group of best friends fighting for the legal rights in the ghetto which inhabits the rejects and ignored individuals of society.  They use their talents and legal knowledge to do good.  This drama motivates audiences to think many times over the question ‘Should we fulfill what is morally right or what is legally righteous?’  I used the term ‘righteous’ to describe the abuse of one’s rights to impose their personal beliefs onto another human being.  This sort of narrow-minded feeling of entitlement ignores the needs of others and promotes a more judgmental society.  In a world where you can cover people’s conscience with money and use one’s occupation to justify actions that are against their morality with legal reasons -what is ‘right’ anymore?  Where should the balance be?  This drama offers audiences to be part of jury that can either judge or accept the ‘abnorms’ of society.  They used characters of a senior citizen, abused housewife, prostitute, teenagers, personal assistants, and a sibling love affair.

Cultural Message:

Stereotypically speaking, China is known for being obedient and hard-working.  Our previous generations has been raised with socio-political propagandas that has caused grave corruption and chaos.  This helps explain some characters who are intimidated to deal with anything legal.  Yes, this is also an issue anywhere else, but with China, I personally feel a general consensus of not wanting to challenge authorities and no-complaints. So when do we question authorities?  (Read about the ‘Strip Search Prank Call Scams)

The Band of Brothers:

The strong bond between the four best friends, L.A- a barrister, George- a legal advisor, Ting Ka Fu- a social worker, and But Chik as a police officer can be viewed as social and legal guardians of Sam Shui Po.  With the knowledge and passion of every element (law, law enforcer and that helps a society sustain (not necessarily order) but peace and fulfilled their social obligations at its fullest potential. This also puts forward the idea that if everyone does their part in society and lends a hand, the world would be in a fact- a better place.

The Writers:

Thanks to the brilliance, wit and intelligence of script-writers, Lau Choi Wan (who co-wrote ‘Gun Metal Grey’) and Chan Kam Ling, this is NOT an annoying preachy drama.  The use of words and logic overrides the appeal of some moral lecture that makes you feel bad about the mistakes you made and makes you feel like a little child.  (Like most TVB dramas.)  ‘Ghetto Justice’ however, makes you reflect and use your mistakes as learning opportunities to hopefully move forward and see the bigger picture and a farther future.

The Character L.A Law

Played by Kevin Cheng, he is a barrister of the former exclusive and privileged world who resorts to helping a community who couldn’t afford it.  He has been mistaken as careless but he is just carefree.  Audience can easily see that he is sincere verses someone passionate about their jobs because of paycheck, living style, network, etc. This shows that L.A. really has no ulterior motives.  He worries about what it takes to be a good human being above all else.  He cares more about the social rights than the legal rights when it comes to his community.  This point is made very clear.

Kevin did a great job portraying it not because of his intentions but because the casting director did a great job.  Kevin didn’t exactly have to transform per say but the way he naturally speaks and handles himself suited the role well.  It is also a plus when you see him pick his nose, smell his feet and shows his butt crack to add onto his character.

The Character Wong Si Fu:

Played by the wonderful actress Myolie Wu.  She is every word of the definition of what it means to be a modern woman.  Short hair, black fitted suit, high heels, and a sharp tongue that can speak 40 words a minute to rebuttal your statement.  With the hopes of ascending to be the barrister of the privilege society, she tries so many ways to succeedShe doesn’t need a relationship but never denied her affection towards L.A.  I also love her strong character and let-loose attitude! For example, when they first had sex, Wong Si Fu also wanted it and she was just as passionate, which made this scene easy to bear and not awkward to watch.  She wants what she wants and goes after it.

Myolie Wu seemed to be armed with some of the most talented image consultants, hair stylists, and make-up artists that helped her with her chameleon changing abilities.  Although you can see her signature quirkiness and natural charisma, she developed a little bit of a dark, cruel and serious side for this role.  This new dark side of hers wasn’t a huge or sudden change (even though it seemed sudden in the story), she did a great job where it seemed as if it made sense with her prior optimistic self in the beginning of the drama.  We see her character mature and seemed enlightened by Kevin’s philosophy in the end.

Kevin and Myolie’s Chemistry:

I felt they had great chemistry and fed off each other’s energy and timing really well.  When L.A. would act immature, Si Fu would tone him down.  When Si Fu couldn’t come up with a solution, L.A. is there to guide her.  Yes, she did win the last court case but I’m talking about the overall feeling of the drama.

-As I’m typing this, it just made me think, a lot of media promote images of females like mother figures and males like leader types.  I would like to see more where girls solve the problems that guys couldn’t. I’m not talking about mother figure oriented drama. (Mother’s are always right anyway. Lol.)

‘Ghetto Justice’ Reminds Me of:

‘Boston Legal’ and ‘The Practice’.  Anyone still remembers ‘The Practice’?  I love these shows!  Some of you might see similarities where street smarts come into play in the court room.  One is where lawyers would ask questions to provoke an emotion and then take the question back right before the persecutor objects.

Other things I love:

1)     I love the ensemble cast! Whoever is the casting director for this production is a genius.

2)     This drama is one of the most goal-oriented drama I’ve seen.  Everything from the title to the song artist & song, character names, character development, casting, stylist, setting, dialogue, symbolism, EVERYTHING fits together so well. Which makes me think everything is planned and the production team really put their heart into it.  After all, this drama is about the people so I really appreciated the details.

3)     One of the details is using Vienna Lin as an extra.  She plays a cameo as a prostitute. Ironic or what? She is a popular TV personality who openly gives sex advice on TV and online.  She displayed oral techniques on a man’s finger, tested a vibrator and showed sex positions using a pillow on interviews/shows.

4)     I love how Jazz Lam had a totally different character in here and I find him sexy in this role- towards the end.  He can really command presence with his voice!

5)     I love it when actors who usually take serious roles, finally do a comedic role.  Eddie Kwan did a great job. Though I wish he had more screen time in here.

What can I possibly criticize?

I don’t purposely look for things to critique.  But honestly in this one, I don’t have much to critique. Other than…

1) In episode 7, Tsing Tsing (Sharon Chan) went into a café asking Si Fu to be her legal advocate.  The background is obviously fake but what I have to complain is the person who is playing Sharon Chan’s back.  This is the typical of TVB, fast, pretty, and good.

2) When Tsing Tsing was held captive and had a towel stuffed in her mouth but their hands weren’t tied. (Does the towel stuffing really work? Can you really not spit it out?) It was weird when you see Tsing Tsing shake her head ‘no’ and then next shot is man hands taking off shirt, then back to her shaking ‘no’ but then next shot is fumbling man hands taking off bra, then head shake ‘no’ then take off pants.  This scene’s shots don’t match up well and the man hands don’t match well with Sharon Chan’s emotions because I felt like she should be hesitant, not rushing to take it off.

3) When George is depressed, he hides in a kids playground. The other three guys came with liquor onto the playground to cheer him up and they run around wildly.  I know I’m just being picky and this doesn’t necessarily promote bad behavior, I just thought….couldn’t they have picked a better place?


This is one of the greatest dramas TVB can ever come up with among ‘War and Beauty’, ‘Rosy Business’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, etc. But they’re nothing like each other.  ‘Ghetto Justice’ brings something fresh to the industry and it’s about time it incorporated a younger generation’s appeal by addressing controversial issues over romance comedies, family-business dramas, and such.

Some Questions:

1)     Do you think the drama would’ve been as successful if the band of brothers were actually a band of sisters?

2)     What do you think of someone like Wong Si Fu?

3)     What do you think of Vienna Lin?

4)     What would you rate ‘Ghetto Justice’?

And of course all agreements and disagreements are welcomed.

HAPPY JULY 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (To those in the States.)

Note: This review was written by Yina for Please visit Yina’s blog.


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    1. yina, my apologies for posting the incorrect rating. it is rather late. it is now corrected: 5 out of 5 stars.

  1. “This is one of the greatest dramas TVB can ever come up with among ‘War and Beauty’, ‘Rosy Business’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, etc.”

    The fact you lump this with CBML just makes it less credible.

    I love the idea of this series, am intrigued by the 1st episode, etc but I shall reserve my judgement if it is “one of the greatest dramas TVB can ever come up with”. Clearly that can’t be the case since TVB surely came up with better ones. I am still not confident on TVB’s legal stuff but as long as it is not stupid and illogical, I shall ignore that.

    1. Due to the perfect 5 star ratings I might consider watching this series later when I have extra time, which won’t be anytime soon haha.

      “War and Beauty” to me is an intriguing and exceptional drama and suited my keen preference to subtlety and depth, but I don’t have the same fondness for “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Rosy Business” 😉

    2. None of the 3 (RB, WAB, CBML) are greatest dramas to me. 😛

      1. Ahhh but RB and WAB can be considered one of the greatest lar!

      2. Rosy Business belongs to one of the “noisy” dramas in my book 😛

      3. @ Funn

        RB lost to Safe Guards woh.

        Haha, I’m one of the very few who doesn’t find WAB great.

      4. I think WAB isn’t great but if watch it the first time, will be impressed by the characters and the storyline. Second time watch it, as all the secrets are known, will be less interesting.

        I think I’m the only one who think RB is so-so in term of storyline.

      5. True True!! Safe Guards is a classic and “one of the greatest dramas TVB can ever come up with” EVER. But Rosy Business, for all its dramatics, hyper scenes and all is actually a rather good story and series. WAB also, but not with Godzilla Gigi in it. But Bowie was magnificent, so was the actor who recently died who played his father. OMG, I forgot his name!

        But I already like Ghetto Justice when I saw the previews and the song and the themevideo and now reading the ending, oh yes, I think I will like it very very much.

      6. @Funn, Curious to know why you classified Safe Guards as a classic? I’ve been watching the series for a few weeks now and it’s taking me some time to finish it. It’s not a bad series, it’s good. But I wouldn’t consider it a classic and prolly won’t watch it again.

      7. Because it was the series that propelled Wayne Lai towards Rosy Business, it was the series I suppose where Steven Ma came back a stronger actor, it was the series where usual secondary veteran actors are given prominence and meaty roles, fantastic script, excellent acting for most characters, great story, subtle and yet satisfying, great ending, and most important of all, it teaches values of what it takes to be a man, a good man for that matter, an honourable man. Every other series after that follows Safe Guard’s format and it is the best amongst many of the same genre.

        I have watched it no less than 3 times, and each time it is satisfying. The dialogue is just amazing, the pacing may be slow at first but it is meant to establish 2 major characters and with TVB, consistency is the problem and Safe Guards is consistent. I can still remember the scene Ben Wong crying at the funeral, amazing acting, such hypocrisy, the scene where his father was dying and realistically they said “I can’t hear what you say!” which is so true. It may be sometimes OTT but in some ways it is the most grounded story I have seen from TVB in recent times. When you’re bombarded with so many everybody-in-one scene shouting, Safe Guards did it with style.

        And I dare anyone to disagree and tell me why.

    3. CBML is one of the smartest tvb dramas in my opinion. it takes the traditional folklore style of story telling with complex rhymes and rhythms when saying even the most mundane things in a smart witty comical way.

      1. would i sound pretentious if i said i studied poems and realized how difficult and how intelligent for someone to write for CBML?:-\

      2. Can’t Buy Me Love? Are you serious??? That series is so bloated. I really do not know why people enjoy it and it is hardly any comedic jokes in that series.

      3. They hit what? There no humor at all. Corny lame jokes. The storyline is so uninteresting. TVB favoritism spell…..

      4. I like the rhymes and rhythms too. Even though I don’t think CMBL is a classic, I still enjoy it and applaud the scriptwriter for the rhyming dialogues.

      5. I took it as the production team has the general idea and initial creativity in producing the rhythmic verses; but the execution isn’t that effective.

      6. If CBML is one of the smartest, then Moonlight Resonance is like absolute tragedy isn’t it?

        And here I am asked why I consider Safe Guards a classic. Sometimes no explanation is better than explaining.

        Perhaps Yina meant wittiest? Because wittiest means funniest.

      7. @ funn, hm yes witty is funny. that’s generally my kind of humor anyway.

        how did you end up comparing two completely different types of dramas anyway? o.O

        i already explained why i think cmbl is great. i mean there’s a reason why they won.

      8. Hmmm even if the rhymes and poems etc. are truly commendable the series overall is hardly worthy of such high commendation. Its just a generic family comedy with better than average production values plus a lot of hyperbole. It could only be termed ‘claissic’ in the most nuanced way by fans appreciating its ‘genre’ whatever it may be.

      9. “Can’t Buy Me Love” deserved better then the favorite “No Regrets” for the Best TVB drama award? It means TVB awards are a joke!

      10. i liked both CBML and No Regrets. but personally no regrets is a personal favorite. i have no problems with CBML winning though.

        i see a lot of technicalities they work into the drama. (yes its about family blah blah) but i loved their execution. loved the acting. loved the chemistry. loved the archetypes. i hate to say this but, if you try to write everything you usually say in daily life, and things you can’t say directly (like during arguments) to a rhyming format and having that rhyming format last for MORE than ten lines in a set pattern of syllables and pauses and then memorizing them and then perform it. i mean, this is the quintessential form of the Chinese way of story telling. They even start the drama like those chinese paper art theatres. they also incorporated american type humor into it, which gave it a very refreshing humor.

        i’m surprised the majority here on jaynestars don’t like it. but it’s okay, you know, to each their own.

      11. there’s a reason why there was such a HUGE uproar when CBML won and NR didn’t. i don’t think there were complaints (esp 31!) made about the best drama awardees in the previous years. the 31 complaints received when CBML won was definitely indicative of the drama’s quality.

        while i applaud CBML’s scriptwriters’ efforts (true enough, it takes lotsa brains to come out with such lines) but clearly, i dun feel that their efforts match up to the teamwork and camaraderie that was very evidently shown in NR, which made NR overall, a very much better drama. 🙂 the way the story in CBML flowed and the way the producer filmed it just didn’t go down well with me. just sayin’

    4. oh and triumph in the skies! forgot to add that. ghetto justice is i think a pretty non-conventional tvb drama. its not extremely unconventional but its reaching new boundaries i think, and will open tvb further to more of non-pretentious, family oriented, drama. it has a ‘fresh’ feel to it.

    5. I don’t think this is one of TVB’s ‘greatest’ in recent history but I would say it is one of those series taking a positive step towards addressing the tastes of a younger generation. That said, TVB is years behind anyway so its not much of a compliment.

  2. By the way, there is nothing controversial with the word Ghetto. If I remember correctly Ghetto were places or areas where Jews were forced to live in during WWII. It just evolves to places with high crimes like in US with black rappers etc but seriously, nothing controversial. If the title is “Vigilante Justice”, now THAT is controversial.

    1. I meant it in a way where it’s commonly used as a demeaning term. Also, never thought Asian dramas would use urban words to translate their titles

      1. Ghetto just basically means a hard up place, poor district, as in very poor district in this series’ context I suppose.What did the narration define it as ?

      2. it’s known as a negative connotative term. its usually used in a derogatory way or jokingly to describe something as unclassy, low class, or uneducated.

        everybody i knew (asian americans) were talking about the title itself.

        as for ‘controversy’, it’s just a word i used to describe how unconventional it is for something conservative like TVB to use such urban slang.

    2. i know what the politically correct definition of ‘ghetto’ is but that is totally not what i have in mind and that is not the implied meaning in ‘Ghetto Justice’.

      Vigilante Justice..doesn’t sound marketable o.o. lol but i get what you mean

  3. thanks for the in depth review, Yina Z! i enjoyed this series alooot! great cast and story =]

  4. “Short hair, black fitted suit, high heels, and a sharp tongue that can speak 40 words a minute to rebuttal your statement.”

    Exactly why I love her! 😀

    “She doesn’t need a relationship but never denied her affection towards L.A.”

    Dares to love, but not clingy. Thumbs up!

    ” I also love her strong character and let-loose attitude!”

    The epitome of a modern day woman.

    “What do you think of someone like Wong Si Fu?”

    Uh… need I say anymore? 😀 Love, love, and more love!

    “What do you think of Vienna Lin?”

    Who is she?

    “What would you rate ‘Ghetto Justice’?”

    4.5 stars, but only because I want it to be more than 20 episodes. TVB, please make the sequel 30! 😀

    1. wow, someone wants a tvb series to be more than 20 episodes! lol. you know, i never found a boring moment in this drama. i think it’s mission accomplished.

      and I told you who vienna lin is already in the review……… can youtube her if you want 🙂

      1. The other day from event, Sam Lee admitted 20 episode of Ghetto Justice was too short and should have expand a couple episodes.

      2. @yina, Depends on what type of series it is. If it’s good, I don’t mind the extra episodes. For example, I think a series like Relic of an Emissary should have at least 30 episodes for development for all characters.

        Lol, but for some boring dramas, even 20 episodes is too much. 😉

      3. @chriselle, i think part of why ghetto justice did so well because it was planned for a 20 episode plot line.

        ohh and i thought R.E.M. is tooo boring. haha the initials are ironic, isn’t it?

        btw, did you check out vienna lin? lol

      4. See, Vienna Lin should have played the prostitute. It would have been far more convincing.

    2. I agree it should have been longer… I wanted to see the relationship between Jazz Lam and Joyce Tang develop!

  5. @yina, Btw, the link to your blog doesn’t work. 🙁

    1. oh, the thing is that, i switched the blog name, it’s a mess right now. i didn’t tell jayne to link it but she was nice enough to remember.

    2. @chriselle or anyone else, my blog’s been fixed. if interested, click on my name. i dont think spamming is allowed.

  6. The things I Luv about the Ghetto Justice^^

    1) The chemistry between Kevin, Jazz Lam, Eddie Kwan and Sam Lee. I cant get enough of them!!! 4 of them potray their character very well. At some point I really think they are really good brothers in real life too!! Bravo to them 4!!

    2) Myolie is a chameleon. She can take any hairstyles and looks soo good!! Life is really not fair..anyway I like her in this series, as she managed to contraint her normally over-acting and she has good enunciation for every lines. Bravo to her too!!

    3) I also love the overall casting except Joyce Tang. Im tired of her to acting the useless housewife. I want to see her in other type of character.

    4)Love the song, fits the series perfectly!!

    Things I hated bout the series:

    1) When Sharon has to run bare naked to the thief, I think its very illogical!! !Its just money, and if she cant catch the thief, leave it coz the thief will surely come back another time when he already came for second. And when the towel dropped she can just pick it up and cover her chest quickly or just grab something to hide her chest while running.

    2) The series ended too early, I wish it is 35 episode!! I think its too early for L.A to face the big boss, CK at episode 20.

    1. in dramas, (and ironically in real life) you will always find these people who have strong characters, because they are supposed to mean something to the story. her purpose here as a good and justice-driven citizen, a hooker with a heart of gold, is trying to tell us…..hey…prostitutes are people too. so her exaggeration of being a good human being; even better than the average citizen inside the drama is ‘necessary’.

      oh and naked running is controversial and ghetto justice is all about breaking new limits.

      but i get what you mean by unnecessary. i get what you mean. in REAL life, we’d never do that. (in fact, i was mugged before. i had ten dollars in the purse. i just stopped running after him)

    2. and you’re right……joyce tang always plays the ‘victim’

      like in ‘yei man lai lai 2’, the ugly girl in ‘pain/beauty/something’ (sorry i dont remember the names)

  7. Very well written! I wished it had like 20+ episodes but great story line

    1. thanks! and yea it ended too quickly for me too. but i think the number of eps is not bad.

  8. I absolutely agree on the casting. It was brilliant, it somehow fitted the whole story/genre of the drama. Like artistes such as sam lee, joyce tang, jazz lam… quite random in these sort of series as we almost never see them in this type of genre especially Jazz Lam playing such a professional character. It magically just worked. I loved this series. The chemistry between Kevin and Myolie was also great. The best I’ve seen yet. It’s also not those ‘cliche’ lawyer shows, very different and unique. I would rate it 5/5 too.

    I also wished it was 20+.. a drama like should have been 30 Episodes, but I hear that they are making a sequel. I hope the original cast will be in it, and so is Sharon Chan (maybe a different character).. it’ll be weird to have her “reborn” like Laughing Gor.

    1. uh…….im not too fond of sequels…

      one thing im afraid what tvb would do is, try to formulate its success n try to create similiar dramas

      1. yea i know :-\. try to bank on it while its still hot! doesn’t matter if quality is good or not………hopefully it is though…

        i hope they continue with the storyline.

  9. I do agree that this drama is funny, but one of the greatest TVB dramas? No way. It’s not that good. What I disliked the most is the ending (episode 20), it was just so predictable and stupid. Please don’t make a sequel.

    1. i dont mind if a drama ends in a predictable way,it’s just how they execute it. twisty, unpredictable endings, if not done well is too showy and tries too hard for shock value.

      i think this drama will open new doors to unconventional story telling.
      and yes i hope they don’t make a sequel!

  10. Which eps that Vienna Lin on? Thanks.

    The supporting cast is great. Eddie Kwan, Jazz, Lee Chan Sang, Sharon, Leung si lai, PK and several other guest stars.

    I skipped some episodes. Glad they are filming the sequel.

    1. Jazz is so underrated. He’s very good in this series but unfortunately he doesn’t get much news and exposure. Why?

  11. The greatest series of the year! This is the first series of this year that I’m very satisfied and don’t want to slap the scriptwriter.

    Worst series of the year up to now: MSOEF. Terrible script and acting. I have lots of complains!

      1. MSOEF = My Sister of Eternal Flower

        weird English name, and a crappy TVB series.

  12. I applaud this series for being unconventional and not preachy! It’s a very up to date series. Bowie must’ve regret that he rejected this great series with great script and great characters but I’m not convinced that Bowie can make a good Law Ba. I’ll puke if Bowie show his butt crack.

    1. Im so glad someone thinks so too!

      and yea…i was so surprised they ask bowie first! imagine how weird it is to watch myolie make love to bowie

      1. Myolie was awesome! To tell you the truth, I was worried about the Kevin&Myolie pairing because I really didn’t like it in BF3 but they were adorable here! ^_^ hehee Really good series ^_^

  13. Kevin Cheng was amazing in this role ! It’s a perfect fit ! But apparently, it was just a coincidence that he was cast in this role because the first choices were Bowie Lam and Felix Wong. Although they are good actors, after watching Kevin, I do think he was more suited for this drama than anybody else ! And I hope Sam Lee will be in more series now !

    1. totally! i was so shocked to find kevin is 43 years old! and still hot!

    2. I’ve always find Sam Lee a good actor and he delivers in this series too. I enjoy watching Ting Ka Fu a lot.

      1. @kidd yes! i was so glad to see sam lee in there. and when i saw jazz lam, and myolie wu in there, i was like ‘I KNOW THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!’

        i dont watch (or have access) to tvb drama commercials. so i never know what drama is coming up or who is in there. so this was a great surprise!

  14. I’ve finished the entire series, and love it! Besides being a great Kevin’s fan, I do reckon this is his second best performance thus far, after Last One Standing. Great chemistry between him & Myolie, Jazz & Joyce Tang and Sam Lee & Sharon Chan! Looking forward to the sequel & hopefully I can see them in action when I’m in HK in September, especially in the Sam Sui Poh area!!! 🙂

    1. @Joeanne, oh im so jealous of you! I haven’t been to HK for 14+ years!

  15. 4.5 stars out of 5.
    Kevin role was superb, surprisingly. All of the cast did really well.

    Some criticism at the end of the case, that bird wooden weapon hiding… which is stupid to hide it.

    For the sequel… extend the storyline. Bring back Law Lik Ah back to the court int some TVB power. Love triangles and extend the episode count may be up to 30 or even 40 get the pace slow down to fit all types of cases.

      1. but hiding it in that place; could easily be found by the police. Making PK that dumber and HK Police that stupider to find it?

      2. @larry, i didn’t think it was an easy place to find because cops usually search the hidden cracks and corners instead.

        you might be a smart cop!

      3. You got to be kidding… its right near the door. They could have search the entire room and easily found. TVB writers could have put the object under the floor or somewhere that doesnt make Hong Kong Police so stupid to find it.

  16. I have to admit that I had my reservations when I found out that this series would be broadcast. For one thing, I thought Kevin and Myolie had horrible chemistry in Burning Flames, and there wasn’t anyone in particular I was a great fan of in the cast. Also, the title was “Ghetto Justice” and I was thinking, “huh?”
    But without giving the series too much expectations, I absolutely loved it. As most of you used the term: “Brilliant!” From the script, to the actors’ portrayals, and the chemistry between them, and no exaggeration in acting or storyline, this is one of my favorite series this year so far! There’s humor in it, and it seems to come at ease from the actors, but yet, I like how the story focuses on issues and discrimination that people still face in today’s society: the gap and injustices between the rich and poor, the discrimination against the poor, the uneducated or in not respectable occupations, as well as domestic violence and abuse. These issues are still very prevalent today. The cast was perfect for their roles! I love Kevin’s portrayal and I also love Myolie’s performance in this one! She plays these quick-witted, feisty roles very well! Can’t wait for the sequel!
    BTW, Terry Tong is leaving TVB? Apart from Tim Gor, I really like his productions, like this one and GMG. He has a certain edge and style to his series.

    1. Aly,
      Agree that Kevin and Myolie had great chemistry in “Ghetto Justice” but not “Burning Flame.” Perhpas it was due to how the roles were written and increased understanding of each other, resulting in better sparks.

      Another actor that I think would ace the Law. Ba role would be Wong Hei. He would be able to carry the character’s quirky attitude, fierce intelligence, and righteousness very well. Kevin would be more handsome, but Wong Hei would probably interpret and play the role better. Personally, I think Bowie would be too understated.

      1. Their acting in BF3 were forced and unnatural for both Myolie and Kevin. Kevin can’t carry that heroic firecaptain role while Myolie can’t carry that gentle innocent girl.

        Their roles in GJ suits them better. Full mark for the casting in this series. Jazz, Eddie Kwan, Sam, Mandy, Sharon and all the supporting actors were great in their roles too.

      2. Wanted to add that if Wong Hei were cast as Law Ba, he can reveal more of his famous toned butt. 🙂

      3. But Wong Hei will not be convincing as a lawyer, not with his tendency to pout. Sorry but some actors aren’t made for such academic role.

        Bowie will be excellent, no doubt. Whilst Kevin may be more on charming, Bowie may be more on being rough.

      4. That butt revealing is a genius move. It introduced the uninhibited side of Kevin in a strong but effective way and help make headlines. Kudos to Kevin for doing that.

      5. @Funn

        Bowie has tendency to underact and handling roles in an understated way.

      6. Wong He can be lawyer… He probably gain more experience by watching Stephen Chan’s corruption trial. 🙂

        Cast him and he’ll be the long lost brother of Law Lik Ah.

      7. I don’t see what’s so great about the butt scene that people will talk about it for so long and highlight it so much. It’s just a 1 second scene and it shows just a little bit of butt crack.

        The success of the series and it’s enjoyability is certainly notdue to the butt scene.

        The butt scene is more an accidental outcome than a genius move. The initial plan was for Law Ba to show his ‘ma yin tung’. But, there’s no ‘ma yin tung’ around and the director asked Kevin whether he mind showing a bit of butt crack. Kevin said ok since it’s an important scene to show Law Ba’s character.

    2. yes! one thing i really appreciate is how this drama faces the current issues of society but also incorporates comedy into it, so it’s less intense and easily digested

    3. @kidd, buttcrack scene tests the limits of the ‘safe’ conventional dramas TVB has around. Because of social stigmas, it is not appropriate to do these scenes. the bigger picture here is, ‘ghetto justice’ is trying to normalize everything you are not supposed to see on traditional tvb drama. they are trying to break barriers.

      if you think this is just another scene, imagine those who are offended. why do you think they are offended?
      there’s a bigger message behind this scene.

      and if bowie got the part, i’d feel like my dad is trying to lecture me all the time. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. also……..i’ve NEVER seen a butt crack scene on any tvb dramas. a buttcrack is even a huge deal here in the USA TV. it would cause a huge FTC uproar. actually…that scene wouldn’t even pass. (of course im talking about network tv)

      2. The only thing the director tried to achieve is to establish Kevin’s character who doesn’t care about outer appearance.

        Like I said earlier. There’s no butt crack scene initially. Kevin is just supposed to show his ‘ma yin tung’. But, they couldn’t find one on the set, so, director ask Kevin whether he minds showing a little bit of his butt crack.

        If there’s a bigger message behind this scene, do you also agree that there’s a bigger message behind Fala appearing on TV in her bra in ‘Stew of Life’ and Relic’s SM scene?

        No matter what TVB shows, there are bound to be someone who is offended. Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean the scene has some bigger message behind it or the scriptwriter trying to push anything.

      3. The butt crack scene is definitely a gimmick b/c it was in the first episode and it successfully garnered a lot of attention for the series. Gimmicks are acceptable as long as what they’re selling is a solid product. In this case, the series actually lived up to the hype.
        Besides, who doesn’t like a little eye candy.. can’t wait til boxing king comes out. Kevin and ray Wong will be hot.

      4. @ Josie

        Ok, it’s a gimmick. But, what I mean is, this scene is overhyped. It’s not big deal. It’s just 1 one second scene showing a little bit of crack.

        Yes, it’s not surprise that the HK media will write about it since they like to write about such things. But, the media sensationalise it so much this time, even claiming that it revive Kevin’s career. Kevin even has to wear a fake butt during promotion of the series. This is over doing it.

        “Besides, who doesn’t like a little eye candy.. “

        Why is butt crack an eye candy?

      5. @Kidd @Josie
        I felt the butt crack revealing scene was suitably and humorously incorporated into Ghetto Justice. I laugh and cringe every time “Law Ba” is referred to in the series because “Law” is phonetically the same as “Law Yau” (butt) in Cantonese. A funny play-on-words since the nickname means “Law King” but I only think of “Butt King” each time. The name pokes fun at his “sex symbol status.” The media often refers to big-busted actresses as “Ball Ba” so it is quite funny to have the equivalent of “Law Ba” in a man.

      6. @ kidd, yes the examples you listed are good examples of a movement taking the tvb media forward in times.

        even though AT that moment of filming, it wasn’t intended for a bigger message behind, the fact is in social media, it did have an impact. people talk about it because it isn’t common on hong kong television primetime.

        though i have to say, i never watched stew of life to know the reason why they reveal her wearing a bra. but the message is the same ‘so what?’. so what if she’s wearing a bra? you’re right, it’s no big deal. so why do people get offended?

      7. @Jayne, oh you are so right! i never thought about that! how smart of a joke that is! im not to familiarized with cantonese slang or culture really, so after your explanation, i find the writers are so witty! haha

      8. Yina, glad you enjoyed the butt joke. TVB dramas often contain colorful play-on-words.

  17. I want to add. For the sequel… TVB, please dont make the cases so predictable.

    Even though it usually a negative thing, apparently the performance of the acting triumphs the people who guess the outcome correctly.

    1. thats the same thought i have for ‘grace under fire’ the script did not deserve such a great cast.

      but i like both the script, storyline and cast for ghetto justice

      1. Grace Under Fire has lot problems in that series, wasnt even great.

      2. Grace Under Fire has a lot of problems in the scripting and editing. Some occurrence made me go ‘Huh?’ at the storyline. There are times where I wonder if some scenes have been harshly cut since some scenes didn’t make sense with previous scenes. While at other times there are scenes that the series can go by without.

        Character development are at extremes. Some characters such as “Sam Shui” are overdeveloped, while others such as “Kwai Lan” and “Loong” are underdeveloped. Some characters are made to look weaker than it supposed to such as “Fei Hung”.

      3. …except they cut scenes and make the series unwatchable.

  18. I was mislead by the title- Ghetto Justice, where are the bangers rolling down the street with their gin and juice???? No one got gunned down just for wearing the wrong color on the wrong block???

    1. TVB has weird English titles that doesnt really makes sense:

      Like Triumph In The Skies, acronym: T.I.T.S.

      or TVB’s current drama on-air: Wax and Wane….? But the chinese name title is “Reunion”??????

      TeeVeeBee, providing crappier series English titles!

      1. we all know by now tvb chinese titles are never the same tranlsation to its english name. this is because they’re trying to market the english titles to the ‘west’. so i was really surprised they used ‘ghetto justice’. this shows tvb catching up to the times. lol

      2. true that, I want to know who in teeveebee comes with the English titles. I would like to shake that person’s hand… T.I.T.S., lol. That person must be still laughing about it.

      3. Even better; coming soon, soon to be called: T.I.T.S. 2… TVB is so perverted 🙂

  19. One thing I must applaud the producer and scriptwriters. Too often, lawyer series in TVB put too much focus on romance/family instead of the subject matter. The epitome of this is File Of Justice 5. I see more times spent on the multiple love triangles and people chatting in lounge/bars than dealing with cases.

    But, in this series, they don’t do that. This series focus on social prejudice and injustice and how the lawyers deal with it.

    Myolie did great in episode 8. I especially love the part where her facial expression slowly changes when Lik Ah make her see how prejudice she is towards Jing Jing and how this prejudice marred her objectivity. Love that part. You see her expression soften and there’s a tinge of guilt in it when she realise how awful she has treated her friend.
    Beside prejudice, she also successfully shows her anger and disappointment towards Jing Jing.

    1. OH YES! that epiphany part! too bad i can’t do weekly reviews of dramas, i would LOVE to do that with ‘ghetto justice’. i have too many good things to say about it.

      this drama makes the concept much more important than the characters. the characters are merely there to prove a point. we can apply anyone that we know to these circumstances. simply brilliant.

      i mean, this way of story telling is nothing new, it’s just the chinese main stream media seems to be really slow catching up with the times. they use the same producers and writers. FINALLY something different, and someone who gets it!!!

  20. Ratings for Ghetto Justice:
    The final week of averaged 31 points. The final episode averaged 33 points, and peaked at 35 points.

    Around 29 points average throughout the series.

    I know the reason why the ratings low, That because the 8:30pm drama on TVB Jade channel. “My Sister of Eternal Flower” and “Wax and Wane”; both series struggle on the ratings and performed poorly, thus hurt “Ghetto Justice” TV ratings.

    Too bad 🙁

    1. You are sure to be very good at blaming game.

      “My Sister of Eternal Flower” and “Wax and Wane” can affect “Ghetto Justice”’s rating? So don’t tell me that you wish “Ghetto Justice” to be aired on 8:30.

      1. You really think they can? Then it’s up to you. You won yourself’s prize.

    1. Last week airing of “GJ” complaints:

      “The Hong Kong Broadcast Authority received 6 complaints on the bed scene in ‘Ghetto Justice’ between lead actor and actress (Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng), the scene is a bad influence on adolescents and children.

      The prostitute (Sharon Chan) nude thief chase scene also received complaints that it should not be broadcast because it is morally offensive. ”

      hmmm, just 6 complaints…. I thought its going to be more 🙂

      1. i think this scene is more offensive because myolie was so ‘passionate’ during the scene. but i found the scene to be kinda funny instead.

        this drama is all about getting attn by being offensive, to use it to attract its quality content.

        which reminds me, i forgot to put it in my review, TVB dramas don’t rate their shows right? like for movies, they have rated pg-13, rated r, etc.

        usually tvb is for families… how do they control this issue? now?

        this is why i thinkk ghetto justice is one of the best dramas, it’s changing the game in the drama industry.

      2. You know, bed scene, nude thief chase sounds so major you know? But knowing TVB, I will say written words are more major than what is shown.

      3. Question to Yina or other commenters who watched:

        Sharon Chan’s “nude thief chase” scene, was it necessary or was it just added to get some “noise”, in your opinion?

      4. @Masaharu,

        Personally, I find it unnecessary. It was logical that a woman will go running the streets half-nude to chase after some money. When I was watching the episode with my sister, I remember questioning “why is Sharon chasing after the thief?”

        It’s only money and it was stolen from her purse. Do people even bring that much cash out these days considering there’s credit card? So if you ask me, I would say it’s to add noise.

      5. @Masaharu’s question. i never say whether a scene is necessary or unnecessary. i always ask ‘why did they do this scene? and did it work well?’

        i like the running naked idea….yes it is noise, i have to be in denial to say the producers didn’t know what they were doing. they KNOW this will attract attention. and she is NOT just going after her bag. she is going after the money he stole from her best friend. her whole life savings! did people forget that? Also, this thief is threatening the safety of the whole prostitute area. so she isn’t doing it for herself. she is doing it for the safety of her friends. last point is, this is very much her character. she is all for doing good deeds especially because of her hurtful past.

      6. @chriselle, nothing is ever ‘necessary’, we have to question ‘why’ instead

      7. Sharon Chan’s “nude thief chase” scene, was it necessary or was it just added to get some “noise”, in your opinion?

        TVB thinks its necessary since people are watching less. More viewers to them.

  21. Still think the last great drama TVB came up with was The Greed Of Man back in’92.

    WAB, Safeguards and RB were good but not great. Which suffice to say sums up my opinion of the other dramas TVB came up with nowadays.

    And I think the drama that truly got Wayne Lai on his ascending trajectory was more accurately The Conqueror’s Story, another good drama.

    And the last good drama from TVB I watched would be Gun Metal Gray (yes, I prefer it over the over-hyped No Regrets).

    Which is why I am very interested in Ghetto Justice since the wirter also co-wrote GMG. Gonna get the DVDs today.

    1. wow how do you guys even remember these drama names!

      OMG! I WAS JUST TELLING YOU to check out gun metal grey! it’s totally up my alley. the concept is also, what is right and wrong. you’ll love it!

    2. There are others up there. I think The Edge of Righteousness (93) is pretty good, and Vengeance (92), Cold Heart Warm Blood (95), The Breaking Point (91), The Criminal Investigator II (96).

      I personally thought GMG could have been much better than it was (only passable).

      1. @SDS, I would never watch a drama from the old days. That ruins my fondness of them. My recollection of watching them when I was younger would be at its best place. Rewatching it would make me think ‘Wow…this is so bad’, because now I’m even more jaded.

        in this context,im only referring to tvb dramas.(and some movies)

      2. @yina

        To be dreadfully honest I agree with you to some degree. Its like rewatching the Felix Wong’s version of ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’. But there are a few that, when you look past the fashion, they are still watchable (but only if you’re that bored with life, heh).

  22. Fact 1: Law Ba’s wayward charm and quirk continually diminished past episode 12-13.

    Fact 2: The supporting cast is underused.

    Fact 3: TVB is still hung on presenting cliche social issues in cliche ways with cliche resolutions via cliche dialogue; case in point- the whole prostitution and the single mother plotlines.

    Fact 4: TVB is still still unable to create a realistic or investigative trial-drama.

    Fact 5: Where’s the ‘ghetto’ in all of this? Shum Shui Po looked rather friendly to me, kinda like eating fishballs in McDonalds.

    Fact 6: Nice theme song.

    Fact 7: For the crying last time, can the defense lawyer, and not the prosecutor, please be the one sitting closest to the accused like in a normal courtroom!

    Fact 8: Illogical final plotline involving a set up to set someone else up to have someone else get up-set who then finds out he was set up to set up a trap for another man and then sets himself up so the initial set up could come to fruition. This stuff could only happen in TVB.

    Fact 9: I’m sure there is a man in HK so feared that no other honourable barrister would prosecute so that the DPP was left no choice other than to ask a man who recently discharged himself in open court which violates oh just every unstated rule about being a barrister.

    Fact 10: [antispoiler] Kevin and Shek Sau shake hands and make up playing marbles.

    1. Reality 1 : This is TVB, don’t expect them to be 100% different

      Reality 2 : This is TVB, don’t expect smart storyline, just 60% is really great

      Reality 3 : This is TVB, since when supporting cast is NEVER underused

      Reality 4 : This is TVB, story always goes towards romance and family in the end

      Reality 5 : This is TVB, if one day zero cliche lines, I will be like This is NOT TVB. Moreover where got prostitutes as pretty as Sharon Chan? If got, surely they have gone to TVB to act rather than be prostitutes

      Reality 6 : This is TVB, if they say Tsim Tsa Tsui is ghetto, it is ghetto

      Reality 7 : This is TVB, as long as they find proper singer to sing, probably nice theme song

      Reality 8 : This is TVB, everything is illogical and has to be dramatic for the ending but at least this is different ending

      Reality 9 : This is TVB, when has their legal drama ever written with real legal drama in mind? Anyway Fact 9 exists. Crown prosecution or prosecution can sub contract to other lawyers for a variety of reasons and reality is if someone is that powerful, unless they have strong unbreakable case, they probably won’t charge

      Reality 10 : This is TVB, so fact 10 is all TVB. In reality, maybe shake hands and make up playing cards. Don’t know, because in reality no lawyer would throw away their reputation and career just like that and a good lawyer always finds holes, without the need of planting evidence. Again I like the fact that this series is different.

      Reality 11 : This is TVB. What do you expect?

      1. To be honest I expected ATV. If ‘The Men of Justice’ could do it, why can’t TVB?

      2. And I’m pretty sure the supporting cast in Safe Guards were not overused.

      3. Haven’t seen Men of Justice but isn;t Men of Justice very serious drama? The problem with ATV is we see the same people again and again and again. Story may be solid, but frankly how many times am I to see the same people? From what I can observe, Ghetto Justice gears towards drama but less serious. Kinda different?

      4. Safe Guards? Well used. In fact one of those rare ones where I get to see veterans actually shining. What’s the actor;s name who played the uncle? Fantastic performance at the end.

      5. Hmmm I think someone made a good poitn before that GJ is kinda veering towards ‘Boston Legal’ or ‘The Practice’ kinda legal drama. With the perks, the laughs and the kinks but tailored to HK audience. Whereas MOJ from ATV is more ‘Law and Order’.

        Problem is the legal stuff is not done very well still in GJ, but better than before.

      6. I actually meant to point out that the supporting in Safe Guards wasn’t underused to prove case in point for Reality 3 😛

      7. Boston Legal’ or ‘The Practice? Both of which I dislike. Law & Order, I like.

        But I don’t think Ghetto Justice is Boston Legal’ or ‘The Practice. The latter 2 are kinda annoying.

      8. @ SDS

        TVB cannot turn so fast. Audience will not be able to catch up. I’ve read comments from viewers that ‘Men of Justice’ is boring despite being good quality.

        Ghetto is a good effort.

      9. @Kidd

        There’s no denying GJ is a good effort but in the bigger stream of things it was only different because of Law Ba. Everything else was not ‘that different’.

        MOJ approaches quality legal drama. Its problem, like you’ve pointed out, is that there is no accompanying melodrama audiences are so use to from TVB. Overall MOJ was ill-suited for a HK audience and had its own presentation defects. But in terms of dealing with the legal aspects of things, it has done excelled far better which baffles me.

      10. @ SDS

        I think HK audience need both type of dramas.

        I’m watching both series at the same time now.

        MOJ is a series that show you the stark reality of the legal system. It’s serious, it’s realistic, and also kinda pessimistic. It tells you, life is not always fair.

        GJ, on the other hand, is more optimistic. Most of the time people get fair justice. The series also has funny moments and likable characters to root for.

        Honestly, it’s nice to have series like MOJ whose style very resemble American shows. But, if you ask me, do I want all HK series to be exactly like US series (or Japanese/Korean/Mainland series)? No, I don’t want. HK series has it’s own flavor, own style.

      11. I agree with Kidd.

        For more realistic and pessimistic dramas like MOJ, I have to watch them in a few sittings. It wouldn’t be a series where I will catch each episode on TV everyday because it’s too pessimistic to watch.

        However, for GJ, I would watch it to go with my dinner for all the funny jokes and all.

      12. @Kidd

        WHilst I appreciate optimism, I value more the ability to showcase courage and the determination people emit when faced with real life situations, especially when justice is not immediately served or what is right for others turns out unfair for yourself. Its more touching.

        I definitely agree I like the TVB light-heart stuff and how they throw in a love plot in their dramas. They try to have eggs in all baskets rather than specialise as with US dramas in one genre.

        That said, I just wish TVB would some time make something more specialised. I wanna see a HK version of a US drama just to lift our game. Oh well, I guess most people are comfortable with TVB being TVB. Yay to that.

    2. @SDS i like men of justice! but it got boring after awhile. but i like it.

      and ‘cliche’…hm…when you think of the ghetto, what demographic usually lives there? single mothers seems like a no brainer character to have in there.

      im not gonna get into the whole ‘logical’ or ‘realistic’ thing because even in real life, some of the most stupidest or miraculous events take place. and well, some technicalities have to be done for drama purposes.

      some of your facts are merely opinions…that i disagree with. (except for 10, though i dont know why its in that list?) they make up because…well…in the end, your name, your status, your power don’t really mean a thing. in jail, you are stripped of your name and identity and restorts to a number. what is left is you as a basic human existence.

      i wouldn’t stroll in sam shui poh if there’s all these prostitutes, gangsters and horny men trolling around.

      1. i think most of my ‘facts’ are in fact opinions or merely preferences if you really want to draw lines in the sand 🙂

        I think they could have dealt with more intricate issues arising in the Shum Shui Po area such as problems with the old style markets, big businesses cluttering into the streets, the faulty electronic stores, the notorious estate gangs in the area etc etc. But I suppose I’m asking too much.

      2. @SDS no, you’re not asking too much….but that’s kinda (emphasize on ‘kinda’) irrelevant to the social issues which are the main concern.

      3. @yina

        I’m not sure what you mean there but what I was trying to say is there are other ‘social issues’ pertinent to the Shum Shui Po area that could have been canvassed. Its far too easy to rehash the ones they did in GJ.

  23. Hey You,

    There’s something I don’t understand. You don’t like the TVB style of dramas. You think it’s too predictable. You always resist against its ideals and formulaic execution. You complain about how every single time you watch a TVB drama it disappoints you.

    So…why do you watch it?

  24. Another modern series?? Are there any good ancient series out???

      1. I’ll watch this for the Mr.HKs + Fred Cheng. 😛

  25. After waiting for what seems ages I was finally able to watch the above series and I’m glad to say that it lived up to my expectations. It has a good story, brilliant script,(love the witty dialogues)and lovely cast, all suited for their various roles. Needless to say that I enjoyed every minute of the series, maybe an exaggeration,still. Thumbs up for Kevin and Myolie. I think they understand each other a lot by now! Kudos for the other actors as well as they did a fine job portraying their roles. After all the interest and positive comments over the series it is no wonder that TVB is making a sequel. Why not?

    Thanks, Yina, for your interesting and comprenensive review. Enjoyed reading it.

  26. As for me t main actress that i prefer should be charmaine sheh,s,,myolie just to menly or not so interesting and she got really bad hair cut not funny not portraying t roles how ever lucky kevin doing a really wonderful job brawo for kevin….

  27. Storyline, plot and shooting locations were excellent. One detractor was Joyce Tang’s role as a “single parent” could be better played by a different and more homely female with less makeup and shorter fake eye lashes. Her made-up face makes her role as a struggling “see lai” too unreal such as working in a restaurant or at a social center in the ghetto. She was a bit too phony begging the judge in the courtroom with her kids. Other artists fit their character roles nicely.

  28. Ghetto Justice II = Cast:-Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, , Sam Lee, Alex Lam, Niki Chow, Joyce Tang, Eddie Kwan, Joyce Cheng etc.

    1. To be honest. I’m disappointed with the addition of Nikki to the cast. I don’t like her very much.

      According to wiki, she will be Sharon’s younger sister (long-lost?) and she will end up being LA’s wife. 🙁

      Will Nikki be a Sharon clone?

      1. Nikki Chow? WHY? WHYYYYY?! And LA’s wife? What happened to Myolie? Bomb blast kills off her character??

      2. @kidd,
        since they can’t bring back sharon character back to life but she can act as Sharon’s twin sister.
        the other cast that i dont like is Joyce cheng ( Lydia Sum’s daughter)
        TVB wants to make a noise between niki and Kelvin ( ex Lovers )….Niki will be very happy but poor Charmaine Sheh.

      3. @ Funn,

        I do not know how accurate the wiki entry is. You can check it out yourself.

        In the info in wiki is correct, you postulation might very well be correct to. The relationship is kinda messy according to this wiki entry

        Nikki – Ho Lai Ching
        – Ho Lei Ching’s younger sister
        – LA’s girlfriend then wife
        – Kris Wong’s good friend

        Kevin – LA Law
        – Kris Wong’s husband
        – Ho Lai Ching’s boyfriend then husband

        Myolie – Kris Wong
        – LA’s wife

        Sam – Ting Ka Fu
        – Ho Lei Ching’s widower
        – Ho Lai Ching’s husband

      4. @ Funn

        It could also be someone messing around in wiki and the info is not true.

        @ Stephy

        I like Joyce Cheng and welcome this cast edition. But, her pairing with Eddie Kwan, the age gap is kinda wide.

      5. wow! niki married twice huh? to Kelvin and Sam Lee. sure or not or typo error from tvb

      6. @ Kidd.
        I don’t know why I dislike Joyce Cheng but I prefer Niki Chow.

        I want Sharon.

      7. I prefer Joyce. She can sing, she can act. Nikki Chow has only one expression and I hate the way she talks. BUT it would be interesting to see her with Kevin since we all know how upset she was when she was dumped by him.

      8. Like you guys, I don’t like watching Niki much either. Don’t hate her, but I agree with Funn that she seems to only have one expression. The way she talks annoys me a bit too.

        So it’s a love triangle between Kevin, Myolie, and Niki? TVB should just keep it simple between Kevin and Myolie since it’s a lighthearted series overall.

      9. @ Chriselle

        “So it’s a love triangle between Kevin, Myolie, and Niki?”

        Should be 4 corner love. Myolie-Kevin-Nikki-Sam.

      10. I forgot to mention that I’ll rather TVB increase Mandy Wong’s character screen time and give her a love story line than bring in new characters.

        But I think it would be interesting to see how Kevin and Niki interact after their break up. Always sense that Niki held a grudge on Kevin?

    1. TVB, its not that hard to come up….

      Look at “The Academy” sequels. Micheal Miu shows up in another character at any point. 😀

  29. Can wait to see who,s the new cast for ghetto justice 2.

  30. Ghetto Justice 2:
    Kevin Cheng – LA law lik ah
    Myolie Wu – Kris
    Joyce Tang – Leung See Lai
    Eddie Kwan – Police man
    Sam Lee – Ting Ka Fu
    Sharon Chan – Deceased

    New Casts
    Niki Chow – Sam Lee’s girlfriend
    Joyce Cheng – Eddie Kwan’s girlfriend

    1. Sharon won’t be there. They are looking for another actress to be the second lead. Last I heard is the casting team is approaching Annie Liu

    2. is this official? or from wikipedia?

      Coz it would be VERY interesting to see Niki and Kevin interact after all these years.

      Joyce Cheng??? Bit young for Eddie Kwan who can be her dad!

      1. I won’t believe it til I see the costume fitting. Niki giving Kevin death stares and Kevin looking squirmish and uncomfortable.

        Maybe their first scene will be like-
        Kevin: hello miss, my name is law lik ah.
        niki: *slap* I know who u are, u bastard! *slap* again
        -end scene-

    3. Umm…I believe that it said that the filming begins this October

  31. Big development on Ghetto Justice II casting: Joyce Tang not taking part, only to do a upcoming bloated TVB sitcom.

    What a shame.

  32. I really enjoy this series.

    Never like Kevin but he did great here. Hope he keeps up like this from now! Myolie also is so cute & look like a million bucks! This is her best role so far. Their chemistry sizzles.

    Sam Lee & Jazz are also fun. Unfortuately it’s a pain to watch Eddie Kwan. He’s suppose to be the vetern but over acts throughout.

  33. okay i dont know if anyone noticed this but in the last episode near towards the ending when myolie was playing table tennis, you can see someone in the top left hand corner fixing something. this was weird and they should of seen that before airing

  34. i just watched n realised one of the case who totalli rip off from korean drama Partner’s first case- the case of guy being charged for killing his sister but it was actually an accident. i wish they didnt copy totally; completely. did they even credit writers of Partner?

    1. You have not realized…TVB likes to copy cat ALL THE TIME!

  35. DO you know the song in Episode 9, where it was played during a court case?

    1. The song is called “Mixed Up”, I think it is cater to this lovely series… here the lyrics:
      交錯 《怒火街頭》 插曲 – 黃嘉樂


      都一樣 仿似小說中那些列子
      心中位置 留下了是那心事


  36. Anyway, this drama series is one of my favourite shows of TVB! 😀

  37. The ending could have been better. The cases weren’t that outstanding, but characterization and development was done very well.

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