Gigi Lai Enjoys Family Trip to Universal Studios Singapore

Temporarily pushing aside the fast-paced life in Hong Kong, Gigi Lai‘s (黎姿) family of five recently spent a fun, week-long vacation in Singapore over the Easter holiday weekend.

Arriving to Singapore by private jet, Gigi and her family, along with five relatives and three domestic workers, were spotted on April 24 at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore, which is located in Sentosa, an island resort. Despite spending an entire day under the hot and humid 38 degree Celsius weather, Gigi was radiant and glowing with happiness and health.

It was a hectic day for Gigi – having to personally line up to purchase tickets and plan the entire schedule of the day herself – she nonetheless smiled happily throughout the day and took care of the family group. She carried a large backpack stuffed with necessities. Her relatives also surrounded her and her children to keep them shielded while they explored the park.

Gigi led her family to the New York zone and watched a Sesame Street performance, which thrilled her daughters. Gigi also took her family to the Madagascar zone, the Lost World zone, and managed to explore most of the theme park by the end of the day.

The former actress announced her retirement from entertainment industry in 2008, after her marriage to businessman Patrick Ma (馬廷強). She gave birth to twin girls, Patricia and Gianna, in 2010, and gave birth to a third daughter, Pegella, in 2012. In addition, she also took over her brother’s beauty salon business, expanding it to a large and commercially successful enterprise.

Planning a Fourth Child?

Almost immediately after giving birth to Patricia and Gianna in 2010, rumors spread of Gigi wanting a third, preferably a son. After the birth of Pegella in 2012, the media speculated that Gigi, 42-years-old, will not be having any more children.

Recently, Gigi uploaded her Weibo blog with the status, “Little treasure is coming soon!” The media assumed that Gigi was pregnant with her fourth child, but the post turned out to be implying that Gigi has opened another store for CosMax.

However, a source close to Gigi revealed, “Gigi doesn’t have much time for herself anymore. Although she has to take care of three girls, she really loves children. She and her husband agreed to have a fourth, but it won’t be until a few years later.”

Source: Oriental Sunday via

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  1. Is that a recent pic? Gigi’s glowing! After many years of struggle, things are falling into places for her. That’s good.

  2. She’s one glam Mom and positively glowing. Marriage life and children seem to suit her.

  3. good for her 🙂

    all we need is a rich husband, then we all will be glowing too!

    1. Beside wealth, you can tell her husband really love her. He was there for her after her brother accident.

      1. Of course she does. Look at the way she looks at him.

      2. I have never seen her look at him in public before. I only remember her walking ahead of him while he walked behind with his cane. I also remember him being wheeled in a wheel chair by someone else and carrying her handbag, while she walked freely.

      3. Hi Funn Lim, do you happened to have a pix of how Gigi Lai looked at her husband? Well, it takes a lot of good things for Gigi Lai to overlooked her husband. Neverthelss, I feel happy that she lives a blissful life now.

      4. Let me clarify; not literally look at him but rather look up at him, sortof. I think she did mention his offer to look after her came at the right time when she needed someone to shoulder her burden as well and I really do think she is grateful and in love with this husband.

      5. She is definitely grateful to him but whether she truly loves him in the romantic way, then only she would know that. That is Qing Yi versus Ai Qing.

      6. If I have only one choice, i.e. to be loved or to love. I would rather “to be loved”.

  4. I have seen women her age grow so old after having kids and everything. Gigi doesn’t seem to age at all. I don’t know if its because of botox, special skin treatment or stress free life, but her skin is so supple and elastic in all her recent pictures!

    1. Gigi had good skin to begin with, so I believe it’s in her genes. Her brother, a former dermatologist, probably helped as well.

    2. Well, she has a good and stress free life now. Of course, it is also in her genes and since she runs a skin care business she would know what to use.

    3. i think this is an older pic. she does have better skin. i remember her saying that she drinks alot of water and eats alot of fruits and veges. she also doesn’t eat sweets.

  5. she is so pretty and kind hearted.i liked her when she played stutter girl.

  6. She’s so pretty and still one of my favorites

  7. Gigi looks a bit cubby here I hope no photoshop but still looking good at her age.

    1. Well she has had 3 kids and lives a stress free life now so she is bound to gain some weight.

      1. Hi HeTieShou, to begin with Gigi Lai is not those super thin girls, she has always have some flesh. But I feel suit her. Blessed with good looks too.

  8. Really , going to Singapore in private jet. Is her husband that rich ?

  9. this make up has make Gigi Lai looks different and not her usual elegant look… her natural good look is already on par with rosamund kwan and michelle reis standard…

  10. hi there

    1. good on you, gigi.
    2. you had worked your butt out for yourself but your brother.
    3. you deserve it, gal.

  11. Gigi is indeed a great actress blessed with good looks as well…her wealthy lifestyle is comparable to michelle reis ang chimmy yau and melinda ng and kathy tsui and coco li and barbie hsu

    1. melinda ng………. who is she? Do you mean Melissa Ng?

  12. Oh common, 38 degrees celsius? I live here, and its never that hot… lols, please don’t exaggerate..

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