Gigi Leung Shares Cute Picture of Her 20-Month-Old Daughter

Last year, Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) and her husband Sergio Crespo Gutes welcomed their first daughter, Sofia (祈淑菲), in Hong Kong. Gigi often shares photos of little Sofia on social media, happy to know that her daughter brings joy to many fans around the world.

On October 30, Gigi shared a picture of Sofia, now 20 months old, standing up and smiling to the camera. Sofia wore a cute white dress and had on short pigtails.

“I am 20 months old now!” wrote Gigi on social media. “Can everyone guess what my favorite children’s song is?”

The 40-year-old Gigi said she and Sergio are eager to have another child, as they want Sofia to grow up with a sibling. However, baby plans will have to be pushed back, as Gigi is currently busy with the preparations of her comeback concert tour.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. Sofia is mixed and her dad is Spanish. Chinese and Spanish usually make a good complexion ….. eyes and skin.

    1. @orchid123
      Not always…..My mom had a g/f friend who was from HK and she looks ok not like extremely old fashioned type but passable looking and she had a sis from China and just came to US and she has china feel written all over her; from the way she looks to the way she dresses. Somehow she managed to find herself a Spanish husband and the daughter looks 95% chinese and looks 95% like her the mother. Not at all a good looking mixed …lol. l am not kidding. I swear she did not look mixed at all so you never know. I remember this taiwanese star old veteran singer and he’s 100%, dont know his name now but he’s pure chinese but his kids look exactly like the mom. That was a beautiful mixed children that you would never have guessed that those white kids are this china man’s kids. haha they did not look mixed asian at all, that one all went to the wife’s looks. lol… I also once had an IT colleague, he’s ABC but looks very china man feel as well we were shocked to learn he married a british woman and his daughter looks more asian than chinese but still looks like a ok mixed person but not that pretty and the son 80% asian looking and also not that good looking. haaha lol…You NEVER know, depends on the individuals and how they look also. This one above is INDEED CUTE and looks mixed. 🙂

      1. @wworth Lol, you sound very judgmental and honestly kind of offensive, using the term “China man” which is outdated and derogatory, and implying that Chinese people generally do not look good. In my opinion, whether mixed kids look like one race or another should not matter. It is all about character.

        I do not agree with your comment but you are entitled to have your opinion. However, I hope you are not actually as shallow and vain as you sound here.

  2. She’s so cute! She also looks quite big and tall for a toddler. She’s probably going to grow up to be tall like Gigi

    1. @janice well, mummy is pretty while daddy looks good…these factors plus mixed blood will lead to such cute kids. i don’t mind having a doll just like sofia.

  3. Of all the Chinese, Asian or mixed Asian celebrity kids I have seen in years, little Sofia is about the cutest. Her parents are good looking and she takes after them

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