Godfrey Gao, Wang Likun Hit It Off in “Love is a Broadway Hit”

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Godfrey Gao, Wang Likun Hit It Off in “Love is a Broadway Hit”

It was an endless month of fun for the frenemies Godfrey Gao (高以翔) and Wang Likun (王麗坤), stars of the romantic comedy Love is a Broadway Hit <請遇曼哈頓>, in theaters on October 13.

The film, directed by Chinese American director Peter Lee (李巨源), stars Godfrey and Likun as two Asian musical performers who share the goal of making it big on the Broadway scene of New York City.

On opening week, the two leads took a tour around the cinemas of Guangzhou to promote the film, sharing many behind-the-scenes tidbits of working on the film in New York, as well as talking about their close friendship on set.

At the event, Godfrey shared the experience of filming a scene while riding a roller coaster in real-time, and admitted that he was afraid to look at the camera. Likun butted in, “But you didn’t look like it at all.” Asking if there were any awkward moments between them, the on-screen couple said they supported each other with their strengths—while Likun helped Godfrey with his dancing, Godfrey helped Likun correct her accent.

“Love is a Broadway Hit” Trailer

Source: Sina.cn

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  1. aiya says:

    A very interesting film that appeals to me in a personal way.

    Hopefully, this romcom will also touch upon the challenges faced by Asian American/ Asian stage performers that impact even rare stars like Lea Salonga Chien, who never had another major Broadway role after her surprised success with Miss Saigon.

    BTW, I heard somewhere that Miss Buckteeth HK wants to jump right into Hollywood bypassing TVB. Let’s have some wager on the probability of her success.

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