Gordon Lam Leaves Janice Man Bruised In Violent Scene

Gordon Lam Ka-tung (林家棟) has taken on a rather violent role in the upcoming mystery drama film, Nessun Dorma <兇手還未睡>. The Hong Kong movie, which is directed by Herman Yau (邱禮濤), deals with controversial issues and dark social themes.

The movie stars Janice Man (文詠珊) as a woman who wakes up in a dark room, tied to a bed naked and raped. Although she manages to escape, she and the people around her are continuously haunted by the incident. Nessun Dorma has been compared to last year’s Sara <雛妓>, which starred Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) as a victim of sexual abuse.

Yesterday, Gordon and Janice promoted their upcoming film at an anniversary banquet hosted by the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers. Janice told the press that the movie gave her the greatest challenge of her acting career, and urged everyone to pay special attention to her performance in the film.

Gordon, who plays Janice’s rapist and abuser, was asked to share his experiences on how he approached the violent scenes. “This is our first collaboration,” he said. “On the first day we met we already had to do those scenes. The director told me to not go soft on her.”

Did Gordon actually go soft? “Honestly, no, because if I did, we would have to reshoot it and that would be even more painful.” Nonetheless, Gordon said he felt miserable after doing the scenes because Janice couldn’t stop crying.

Janice wasn’t the only actress Gordon had to “beat up.” In the movie The Sleep Curse <失眠>, Gordon rapes and abuses Michelle Wai (衛詩雅). Michelle shared some of the injuries she had sustained through filming on her Facebook, writing, “This is all happening… it is not makeup… just acting but we were serious…”

Nessun Dorma will have its world premiere on March 22, 2016 at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. The movie also stars Andy Hui (許志安) and Candice Yu (余安安).

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @mulder99
      She looks cute but has she ever been on TVB series? I don’t quite remember that face anywhere?

    1. @kaykay408

      Yeah, she pretty. But, somehow, I am never able to remember her face. I watched the whole ‘Frozen’ movie (not the Disney cartoon), where she’s one of the 2 female leads, twice. So there should be enough time to for her face to imprint in my mind. But, when I watch ‘Midnight After’ where she’s also the female lead, I don’t know she’s Janice Man.

      1. @kidd yeah I don’t think I’ve ever watched any of her movies. I saw her pictures here and there and thought she was a model. Is she good in movies?

      2. @kaykay408 I find her good in the 2 movies I saw her in (Midnight and Frozen). Her role in Midnight was not that challenging though. I don’t remember her performance in the Laughing Gor movie, so, can’t comment on that one.

  1. Angelababy & Janice Man came out at around the same time. Not sure why AB got so much more hype than Janice. Personally I find JM a lot prettier. AB’s lips get to me too much. JM has a mostly proportional face. I give her my votes.

    1. @coralie

      AB is more popular because she has better stand-out facial features. JM’s facial features are more typical in which I prefer but to each their own.

      1. @anon or she’s just more controversial. her before and after photos are quite shocking, much more so than other people. It’s what made her so famous similar to dawn yang.

        AB strikes me as one of those ppl who needs a hundred photos to produce one good one vs JM only needs like 3, but that’s a personal opinion

      2. @coralie AB has that sweet-faced-innocent look that Asians really love. I know Japanese people are all about that. AB also has more female fans and we all know female fans are more extreme for their idols. Another BIG advantage is her being fluent in mandarin and the fact that she was dating and now married to Huang Xiaoming makes her transitioning to the Chinese market very smooth. And she’s not even all that bad an actress.

        Janice Man on the other hand, while very pretty, doesn’t particularly stand out (enough pretty girls in the industry) or had any luck with the public or projects. She was also signed by Leon Lai’s management for a long time and I personally think their marketing is lacking.

        Who knows maybe this will be her breakthrough role. Hope she does well.

      3. @peanutbutterjelly but Janice man has a sweet innocent face too. In some photo spreads back then, AB and JM look near identical (lots of PS I suspect.) It’s possible that it’s her Mandarin fluency that contributed to her success but she was already infamous even prior to HXM and her good (?) Mandarin. I still put my money on the controversial pics of her before and after that raised her profile.

      4. @coralie Her mandarin has always been good, I think she was born in Shanghai, but moved to Hong Kong when she was young. If you listen well, her cantonese sounds a bit weird.

        Sometimes it’s also sheer luck though. Luck with people, luck with projects, luck with the public. There are tons of beautiful and talented aspiring actors who never find succes. Such is life.

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