GOT7 to Part Ways With JYP After 7 Years

South Korean boy group GOT7 has achieved popularity worldwide throughout its seven years with JYP Entertainment. While the members are a tight team with a strong fan base formed over the years, it appears GOT7 is unable to overcome the seven-year curse for K-pop groups, as they will not be renewing their contracts with their agency. On January 11, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the company will be parting ways with GOT7 when their contract expires on the 19th.

K-pop fans are all too familiar with the seven-year curse, which is when a member of an idol group leaves or the group completely disbands. However, it is unclear if GOT7 will disband following their departure from JYP. Netizens and multiple news articles have implied that it is likely the members will continue working together as a group while everyone is being managed by different agencies.

Reportedly, Jinyoung and Yugyeom are currently in talks to join BH Entertainment and AOMG, respectively. It is also reported that Jaebeom is receiving offers from notable hip hop companies, Youngjae is in discussion with Sublime Artist Agency, and BamBam is considering Makeus Entertainment.

It is believed that Jackson Wang will continue to be managed under his own company Team Wang for his Chinese projects and seek out another company to manage his Korean activities. Lastly, Mark Tuan is allegedly returning to the United States to spend more time with his family, but he will pursue his solo music activities along with his Youtube channel.

Though nothing is finalized, all members are attempting to relieve fans’ anxieties by expressing their strong friendship and intentions to stay forever united. Each of them recently posted GOT7’s group picture with the hashtag #GOT7FOREVER on their social media platforms.

Source: Korea Star Daily 

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