Grace Chan Not Afraid of Gaining Weight Despite Big Appetite

Not afraid of gaining weight despite her eating habits on her variety show, Organized Dining <搵食飯團>, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) expressed that keeping up with a healthy exercise regime eliminates any worries of adding pounds.

Weighing around ninety pounds during the Miss Hong Kong competition, Grace’s light weight drew controversy over her eating habits. However, she reveals that she has a big appetite and naturally high metabolism that allows her to eat without gaining weight. Although actresses may fear that their figures will be challenged when hosting a food program, Grace has no such inhibitions. “We usually get together for midnight snacks too. It’s important to eat happily. If we have to monitor what we eat every time, then it’ll ruin the mood! That’s why I always eat a lot on the show – it shows that the food we’re eating is actually good!”

Since winning the Miss Hong Kong title last year, Grace has been heavily promoted by TVB. Aside from her variety hosting responsibilities, she is also starring in her first drama, Trade Wars <商戰>. Filming opposite Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Power Chan (陳國邦), Grace has been praised as willing to learn and easy-going. Grace also does not hesitate to compliment her fellow co-workers, especially Power with whom she shares a lot of scenes. Grace is grateful towards Power for mentoring and giving her acting tips.


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  1. grace might be the next fadan tvb leading actress due to her “christine kuo goddess” who once also been promoted when she was new in TVB….Grace should indeed grab the opportunity that given by TVB to rise up faster as she is as beautiful as gigi lai

    1. yeh,grace chan eliza sam and tracey chu are the new queens of tvb.

    2. In My Opinion, Grace is pretty but she’s not as beautiful as Gigi Lai. Something about Gigi, her face just stand out more to me. Nicer body too 🙂

  2. She needs to gain. Filming for TVB will only make her lose.

  3. Above Grace looks put on weight a bit congrats, better for her now.

  4. Since she has high metabolism rates she can really eat as she likes

  5. Finally a Miss HK that almost everyone is fine with?

  6. Oh my god. No more charming gal meh? Only her? zzz

  7. she’s not hot nor cute…just bony skinny with a v shape face, which is the current trend face for “beauty”

    1. you probably have such a low self-esteem of yourself

  8. She ok not bad looking as for the next goddess i say neh…………Eliza Sam is still ontop of my list even tho I’m not a guy I still like her more then Christine Kuo arrrggghh shivers when have to watch her acting in dramas

  9. HK has some beauties. Michelle Reis, Gigi Lai, Sonija Kwok, Christine Kuo, Kristy Yeung, Cecilia Cheung, and Grace Chan. Annie Liu, Liu Tingyu, and Zhang Zilin are pretty too. Crystal Liu Yi Fei has a cute face and so does Ruby Lin.

  10. Grace has a naturally ‘glam’ face. Im a little worried forher though cus her face can mature really fast and look much older than her actual years. Great now but dunno about later.

    1. Yes, she has the type of face that looks nice when you are young but ages very fast.

  11. she’s pretty??? I’m totally dumb-folded by that statement.

  12. She’s already bones, what “extra” weight would she fear?

  13. Idk why people are hating. It’s better if she gains weight. Bigger boobs ,bigger butt , small waist. Prefect combo with beautiful face. Eat more Grace but stay healthy.

    1. She looks fake.. no charisma at all.. not like previous HK beauty such as Michelle Reis.. she has been over-rated

      1. Michelle Reis is hot but Grace still look better and she should continue eating to get that prefect body.

  14. Grace Chan looks pretty Indian in the above photo!

  15. Was never a fan of Michelle Reis but she is much better than grace chan

    1. I don’t get how people find grace a goddess. She has the looks but not all ”super pretty”

  16. Grace is pretty but something i don’t like about her lol maybe i’m jelly haha. Hope to see her in drama and that she can act mayb i will change my mine.

  17. When someone is huge fan of an actress/actors, their favorite actress/actors looks is automatically goddess to them.

  18. Usually actresses say they aren’t afraid to gain weight until they actually gain weight, but at least she exercises.

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