Grateful for Being Remembered, Anne Heung Considers Filming Again

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Grateful for Being Remembered, Anne Heung Considers Filming Again

Ex-TVB actress Anne Heung‘s (向海嵐) elegant appearance became a hot topic after she was sighted at a charity event. Remembered for her roles in historical dramas, The Legend of Lady Yang <楊貴妃> and Love is Beautiful <無頭東宮>, the 44-year-old is thankful for her fans’ support and does not mind filming with TVB again.

Left TVB for Public Relations

Winning the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1998, Anne was one of the most promoted fadans during that time. However, Anne got tired of waiting for opportunities and eventually left TVB in 2008 for a career in public relations in Shanghai. Many fans were disappointed with Anne’s decision to leave the station.

Filming with TVB

Reminiscing of her career at TVB, Anne feels grateful for the opportunities in starring dramas but admitted that she lacked experience in acting, “I am grateful that I was lucky to encounter a good script. Many people had to shoot a long time to have such a role but when I first started, I was able to act two very memorable characters. Of course, looking back at my own work now, I was really young and I thought it was funny. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, why did I do that?’”

However, when recalling her role in Love is Beautiful, Anne felt happy for her role. She said there is even a possibility of filming again, “People grow up and have different experiences. This affects how they act and adds more to the acting. I am happy that people liked the character. Of course, I hope that if I encounter such a role in future, I can make a breakthrough. If the story is attractive, I will consider filming.”

Beauty Secrets

Now at the age of 44, Anne has kept her beautiful looks. She shared her secrets, “I am very lazy, but I now I really need to keep [it up.] I love to exercise because it helps me keep fit. In terms of diet, I like to drink a lot of water.”

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  • 15 comments to Grateful for Being Remembered, Anne Heung Considers Filming Again

    1. cutie777 says:

      She still looks good for her age. If she decided to return to tvb again I would like to see her act as a policewoman since she haven’t had a policewoman role before. That would be great if she can be a policewoman for forensic heroes 4 or even a forensic person?

      Login or Register before you can reply to cutie777
    2. anon says:

      Please don’t act again.

      Login or Register before you can reply to anon
    3. jimmyszeto says:

      I hate the way some actresses disappear for years and announces a Friday comeback hoping that we forgotten how crap their acting was. Well…we haven’t forgotten. Anne’s acting is Crap…

      Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
      • m0m0 replied:

        her acting is crap compared to the former glory days but maybe just on par these days. yeah, she’s not a good actress acting wise but she was very lucky to encounter some good scripts and good partners to make her dramas and roles memorable. i was never a fan of her and was sincerely glad that she retired back in 00’s.
        anyway, she looks great in the pic above.

        Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0
        • jimmyszeto replied:

          The picture looks good but when Anne sang on that 50 years song show, she didn’t look very good. On par with the new crap actresses these days like Grace Chan at that age will be no good. She was lucky that she worked in an era where there were decent connected scripts but I still wouldn’t call any of her series classics because they weren’t..

          Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
        • coralie replied:

          @jimmyszeto I thought her drama, Legend of Lady Yang, was pretty classic. It may be her best series to date, which is unfortunate because she peaked too soon. And then there was also Love is Beautiful, but Marianne was the one who made it good in that one.

          Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
        • jimmyszeto replied:

          Marianne was the star in ‘Love is beautiful’ and Florence Kwok stole the show in ‘Legend of Lady Yang’. I don’t think Anne peaked at all….

          Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
        • coralie replied:

          @jimmyszeto Haha, okay Florence Kwok did do very well in Legend of Lady Yang. Melissa Ng also did her part well, though her character was kinda boring. I think Anne Heung held her own against these ladies, even if she wasn’t the best one. Like she would never be able to play Florence’s role convincingly, but as Yeung Yuk Wan she wasn’t completely awkward like the newcomers we have nowadays.

          Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
        • m0m0 replied:

          Marianne basically stole every scene she was in and i watched it b/c of her. there’s no other tvb actress with such great acting skill nowadays. i wish she would act again.

          Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0
    4. rayne says:

      I agree she was a terrible actress and was just very fortunate that she got to participate in some memorable dramas but I must give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that her acting has improved a lot (even if purely from life experiences). It’ll be nice to see some old actors/actresses come back on the screen. I really miss Marianne Chan – she was my fav back in those days!

      Login or Register before you can reply to rayne
      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Acting improved from life experiences.. You actually believe that? You wouldn’t consider that not acting for so long, her acting could have gone worse if that was physically possible? I’ve experienced a fair bit in the last dozen years too. I doubt it has improved my acting.

        Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
        • rayne replied:

          @jimmyszeto Why would it not be possible? Through life experiences you learn to see things from different perspectives, you get to react to things differently, you get emotionally invested into subjects that you’ve never bothered to care for before. And if you’ve been watching lots of TV and are diligent enough, you’ll probably pick up some acting skills from what you see on screen too. Just because some things don’t work for you doesn’t mean they won’t work for others. She left in 2008, it’s been 11 years. I’m sure the you 11 years ago is different from the you today.

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    5. joycek says:

      i caught a play shown in Singapore last year where Anne played Steven Ma’s love interest. (Steven Ma was the titular poet Xu Zhimo & Nancy Wu was featured in the HK version). She definitely could’ve done better!! i think she knew that her performance wasn’t on par as well … the funny thing was how Steven Ma also apologised at the end of the play saying he was sorry for the show could’ve been better executed that night lol :/

      Login or Register before you can reply to joycek
      • llwy12 replied:

        @joycek Stage plays are the ultimate test of acting skill in my opinion and if Anne couldn’t get that right, then no, don’t come back because that means her acting is still not up to par. Yes, life experience does help, but not in every case….it depends on the person…some people just might not be cut out for acting and no amount of life experiences will help them….to me, Anne seems to be one of those people because her acting in the past was pretty bad (like “cringe-worthy” bad) and by the looks of it, things haven’t gotten any better. Both series mentioned were memorable, but as others had mentioned, it wasn’t really because of her….

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