Gregory Lee Cries Uncontrollably Over Shirley Yeung’s Break-up Decision

Gregory Lee (李泳豪) arrived at TVB City at 7:30 PM to film The Boxer King <拳王>. Gregory’s expression appeared numb due to his ex-girlfriend, Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) break-up announcement before the media today.  Accompanied by his father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎),Gregory could not help but sob, “I don’t know what happened! We have always been fine. I could not get in touch with Shirley today. I don’t know why she told the press that we broke up. The day before, we spoke on the phone and we were still boyfriend and girlfriend status!”

Gregory continued to cry, “I don’t know what happened! How come she made such a decision? We have been together for many years and both of us sacrificed.” Gregory could not stabilize his emotions and requested that the interview be halted.

Earlier, Shirley noted that Gregory’s parents were aware of the break-up decision. Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding, cursed emotionally, “She is [expletive] crazy! I don’t know what happened! We were planning for their wedding! Last week, we had dinner with her.”

Allegedly, there were rumors that there was a third party named Andy may have entered Shirley and Gregory’s relationship. Coincidentally, Andy left a victorious message on his blog, “Finally, an 11-year friendship became fortuitous! I will make the greatest effort to care and love her! I believe I can make her happy! ”


Jayne: It may be true that Shirley fell for a third party, Andy. I’m not sure who Andy is, but it appears he is not an artist. Maybe photos will emerge in tonight’s newspapers.

My assessment is that Shirley agreed to marriage with Gregory due more to the 9 years they have been dating. She possibly felt there was an obligation to marry Gregory, who was obviously still very much in love with her. However, Shirley had cold feet that last minute and either she walks now or she may marry Gregory, someone whom she may have “fell out of love with” and regret later in life. So complicated…I feel sorrow for Gregory at this moment.

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  1. What a slap in the face for Gregory to find out through the media of their break-up. I feel really bad for him but hope that he realizes she’s not the only tree in the forest.

  2. LOL waiting 11 years to get a girl? what to brag for really. Greogory still came on top being with her for 9 years.

  3. In the other article:

    Shirley said, “We decided to break-up several months ago. I decided to announce it now because I wanted the situation to settle down first. It is easier for me to discuss it this way.”

    So, who is lying?

    1. Shirley is lying(my opinion.) judging from what the old man just said, they just had dinner with her last week. why would he lie about that. he just sounded shock as Greggory himself at what Shirley did. “Crazy” is the word indeed.

      1. I think that Shirley is lying too. If Gregory’s dad is that upset, then there is a higher chance that she is the one that lied. It is strange how they just had dinner last week but now all of a sudden she announced that they have just broken up….

  4. Hmmm, I wondered too if there was a third party in the relationship because if it was other problems such as family or career, communication, etc, it probably would have come up earlier in their relationship, and they seemed to have overcome all those obstacles. The only thing would probably be a third party involvement or Shirley is just having pre-marital breakdown and being a runaway bride. So sad.

    1. how can it be wedding jitters if it was 10 yrs in the making? third party just won her over in the end despite the investment on Greg’s side/family/and both together. wonder if Shirley’s new guy looks like and is he that much better that she’s cutting all ties and relations with his side up or maybe wild speculation here but she’s pregnant with the new guys baby? guess only she would know.

  5. damn, how can she be with him so long only to dump him just before they’re getting married? harsh!

    pity this guy. i don’t much impression of Greggory before but ppl kept saying she was too good for him, which i think reiterated in her mind and made her really feel she really was too good for him even he loved her deeply. hope Andy keeps his promise and not dump Shirley for another girl after. you know how that goes. ppl are fickle whether 1 yr down, 2 yrs, etc then day they just leave without a word. lesson to be learned. Shirley is irresponsible in this, give the old ex some closure.

    1. I agree and feel so bad for Gregory. I am just still so shocked that they have broken up. I thought that they would get married after being together for so many years. Maybe the fact that others kept on thinking that SHirley was too good for him did get to her?? or that Andy guy really won her over??? Who knows and we can only guess and speculate. Hopefully Shirley made the right decision,but she should give Gregory some closure…

  6. I think this is a surprise news for Gregory and Shirley probably suddenly broke the news at the event. My take is, he wants to marry her, she got cold feet or most probably she is tired of him and if I may cruelly say so, he is of no help to her career and she has bigger fish to fry.

    1. Frankly I always thought he can do better. Let’s see the 3rd party first and I believe there is one. And if he is filthy rich… music please.. drumroll too… oh yes, the G label.

      1. What does G Label means? I believe she has someone pursuing her even during her relationship with Gregory too. Maybe I’m the only one who always thought Shirley is too good for Gregory in term of career and luck. Pity Gregory though for getting the shock news from his “gf” shirley.

      2. Yes, only if the guy is richer. Don’t blame her for moving forward when passion dies but I disagree with the method. Surely she could have told him privately before announcing it publicly? Kinda cruel. If a man did that, surely he would have been condemned as cruel and heartless.

    2. Thanks Funn for your explanation. However, I agree half with you the part where Shirley shouldn’t announced her breakup with Gregory publicly as it will hurt Gregory deeply and even will made him lost face (embarrassed) in the public. Shirley could have her own reasons to announced it to the world, it could be a)Gregory was too stubborn to accept the truth of the breakup, won’t listen and let her go b)Gregory might harm her physically when she tries to breakup with her in person (some men are violent when it comes to breakup) c)Shirley’s intention to announced to public was to show to “someone” she’s interested in by cutting off her relationship with Gregory.

      The news about their breakup may sound harsh for Gregory but we still don’t know the main reason lies between their problem. Gregory could be a liar and bad guy which hurt Shirley most until she made such decision.

      But at the point now, Shirley will be judged by public for making such an immature decision with intetion to caused embarrassement to the Lee’s family and Gregory. I hope Shirley will clarify the breakup soon so public won’t start making bad judgement on her. I honestly feel that Shirley isn’t a gold digger as label by others, a woman wouldn’t be with a man who earns lesser than her for 9 years!

      1. I agree with you…if Shirley was a gold digger…she wouldnt have spent the last 9 years with him. And she also admitted to their relationship just when she was starting to get promoted by TVB.

      2. I don’t think Shirley is a gold-digger too, however, I don’t think Gregory is the abusive type.

        Actually, I was very surprised that Shirley openly admitted that she broke up with Gregory since most celebrities are not open about their relationships. So I assume she openly admitted their relationship in the past when she first started dating?

        Gregory may still be very in love with Shirley and doesn’t want to accept the fact that they’ve broken up, but I find it a bit weird for Shirley to say that they’ve broken up a few months ago when the news of her dining with her bf only came out a while ago. And they were happy too.

        I think there is a third party. Waiting to see who he is.

        I wish there was follow-up on this news, especially from Shirley on why she claimed that they’ve been broken up for months, yet Gregory claimed that they were still bf-gf status the day before.

  7. Is Shirley trying to get publicity?Is this another PR stunt planned beforehand?I’m not surprise if it’s true bcos Shirley has been really quite for the past few years and she just need to do something to get the media to write about her 🙂

    1. well even though she seems like a nice girl her acting is subpar and now she is kinda old for tvb to promote her

      1. Agree with HTS, the whole scene doesn’t look like a PR stunt to me. I saw the clip of the interview yesterday on tv, Gregory was crying non-stop until the interview had to be called off. Poor Gregory but what can he expect? dating a MS HK’s champion is like dating a time bomb where most Ms HK with titles will usually pursued by rich millionaires guys. Although Shirley isn’t as pretty as Michelle Reis, maggie cheung and other ms hks, Shirley’s status in showbiz is still way more famous compare to Gregory.

      2. I had the same feelings as you Veejay. I somehow had a feeling that Shirley would want to marry someone that is more successful and well off then her. In a sense I am a bit shocked about their break up, but not that much in a way since I bet Shirley may be always getting the idea from the public, that she can do better than Gregory. That is so sad but true… I guess it is sort of traditional thinking that the guy should be more successful and make more money than the girl. Maybe Shirley did not feel comfortable being with someone not as successful as her even though she did love him in the past?? No one knows…

      3. How would breaking the heart of a man you were with for 9 years a PR stunt?????

    2. LOL… this is getting silly. Every piece of news that comes out is under speculation of being a PR stunt. Vincent and Yoyo, then Bosco, now Shirley.

      Feeling sad for Gregory though. Why did Shirley say they broke up months ago when they just celebrated Greg’s birthday a while ago? Doesn’t make sense.

      1. well i could be a PR stunt. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together.

      2. I don’t think it is just a PR stunt. It would sad if it was because Gregory looks really hurt. I don’t believe that it is right to hurt someone like that…

      3. This would be a really stupid PR stunt since Gregory is a no name celebrity for XX years and its not exactly doing favours for Shirley. And if they do get back together and get married, what’s the point in getting publicity? TVB isn’t going to promote either of them anyway.

  8. I have friends who met and dated in college. Their relationships lasted for many years, in which one person’s passsion in the relationship fizzled. Love had somehow turned into an obligation, where she did not want to hurt him and they did share a happy past together. However, she was no longer attracted to him and wondered if this was just how their relationship was destined to be. They planned to get married and even announced to family and friends. That same year, she met another man, who changed her perspective on love, that love should be liberating and not a responsibility. She called off the wedding despite protests from both families and had the hardest time breaking up with him.

    There is another friend in which he has straying eyes for years. He claimed he lost passion and was no longer attracted to his girlfriend of many years. They broke up and reconciled. He valued her personality and felt he can not find a better woman. They got married, but his expectation on love has evolved in which he valued the companionship and friendship more than the passion.

    The experience of my first friend reminds me very much of Shirley’s situation. Shirley and Gregory dated for a long time and her needs may have evolved. She may have said yes to his marriage proposal due to obligation and not wanting to hurt him. Yet, facing marriage very soon, she either had to make the choice of hurting Gregory or choosing her own happiness. In the end, we must do what is best for ourselves because if she has doubts now, then what will happen to their marriage later on? Her mistake was likely that she cared for Gregory too much, where her break-up decision should have come soon and done in private.

    If Andy is the third party, he should have better sense than to blog about his victory right now. Very insensitive.

    I do feel that Gregory is hurt the most right now. But better to end things early than to marry someone who is not totally in love with you. Gregory, I support you! It really breaks my heart to see a man cry.

    1. Thanks for sharing your stories Jayne and that is how many people are these days. I think it also depends on what stage you are in your life so it once again, the timing is just so important. Marriages just take so much work to maintain and keep the bond strong.

      People can be happily married for many many years and one day just want to divorce so you never know what can happen in the future. I feel bad for Gregory and maybe it is better that things end now rather than get married and then have to divorce.

      One of my close friends is very lucky and only dated one guy throughout her whole life who is her high school sweetheart. They dated for 13 years and got married in 2005 and are just as happy as ever. I feel that my friend is lucky and many hope for that in life, but sadly that doesn’t happen often…

    2. Jayne, a friend of mine has the same experience too.

      She went to Japan to study and get into a relationship with this guy quickly; they were always there for each other in a foreign land far from their hometown and love just blossomed when you care.

      However after 4-5 years, when it’s the time to graduate and the door for marriage opens, suddenly my friend confessed to us(the highschool buddies) that she doesn’t feel the love and passion anymore. She doesn’t hate him, but she said after spending so much time with him and semi-cohabiting she feels that he’s not “the one”. She struggled inside her own to break off with the guy because she still has care and respect for him, and she knows he still love her; she didn’t want to hurt him.

      In the end, she braved up and ended the relationship even though she was viewed negatively by some of her friends in Japan; but she said she don’t want to live without passion next to him forever. She was 23.

      1. Masaharu,
        Thanks for sharing your friend’s story. After a certain number of years in dating, it’s natural and somewhat expected to think about the couple’s future together. If there is no intended future, such as eventual marriage, and one partner does want to get married, then it may indeed be the best thing to end the relationship. This way, one party doesn’t feel his/her time was spent on a relationship which had no future.

        I think it is also very, very difficult for high school or college sweethearts to stay together into adulthood and marry each other. I have a few friends who did that, but it’s truly difficult as people may grow up and grow apart, especially when you meet in your late teen years.

  9. If you break up with someone because you no longer feel the fire/passion in him/her, then you’ll never be able to find a long-lasting mate. Passionate love is not permanent; it will fade over time. A couple’s relationship survives because their passionate love for each other has evolved into unconditional love, and they understand that principle of love.

    1. thankyou for your thought. my outlook is the same.

      i also enjoyed Jayne’s second story, that love transitioned to companionship but a wise person person will understood and accepted it, embracing the inevitable change. not saying her friend in the first story is wrong but second one show ppl either adapt or dont because love is not all rainbow and butterflies all the time. good if it can bloom into lifelong friendship and company.

      1. correction: a wiser person will understand and accept it.

        of course, in some extreme circumstances where you just cant stand someone anymore, then its bye bye.

      2. Many people’s marriages do transition into companionship and if you are willing accept it, then your marriage will last. However, lasting is one thing but whether you are happy or not is another thing. You grow with a person and they grow with you. It is the same thing with friendship as well…

    2. I agree with you Cloud! I think that is how a lot of “marriages” are today. It always starts out with the passionate type of love, but that usually fades with time and becomes more of a companionship and friendship type of love. That all exists in a relationship as we well. You are friends with that person and so many other things. You grow and change with that person and if you can’t complement each other then you will grow apart.

  10. I don’t think anyone thinks badly of Shirley for breaking up w/ him, but she should not have lied about it or done it in public. She should respect him and the time they spent together to have done it in a kinder way.

    Hope Gregory see the positive side of this.. you never want to be w/ anyone who just sees you as a responsibility. Now he can concentrate on his career and move on to a girl that truly wants to be w/ him.

    And the fact that this Andy did such an insensitive thing makes me think badly of him… Shirley may not be moving on to a better man.

    1. I am not too sure that no one thinks badly of her. I am sure that mainly do, including Gregory’s parents. If I were his parents, I would be really upset if she dumped my son in public like that. That is just disrespectful to him and their 9 year relationship.

      Whoever this “Andy” guy is, he doesn’t seem like a great guy for doing something so insensitive like that… I wonder if Shirley is making the right decision by moving on to someone like him??? Only time will tell…

      1. I mean to say “many”. I wish that we will have an edit button soon…

    1. Haha, I thought of the same thing! Not too long ago, I found out Sam Chan Yu-sum’s dad is Shek Sau!

      1. Woah!! Didn’t know that!! Thanks for telling me

      2. I didnt know that either, thanks for the info. I always thought he’s just another 2nd or 3rd actor that was promoted without reason as he doesn’t possess the looks and charisma. But I think I know why now that TVB casted him in many series.

  11. That’s sad to hear the bad news through the media. That’s her lost, Gregory! Keep your head up high and look toward the future.

    1. I think that she should have just told him directly. There are plenty of other girls in this world that will learn how to appreciate you Gregory. Don’t give up…

      1. Well, we only have a storyline from Gregory’s side. Who know if Shirley told him but he dun reveal to the public.

      2. @ Fox

        You sure love to sing the opposite tune.

        Anyway, I have thought of this too. But, I read in asianfanatics where people say Shirley and Greg still appear as a couple as late as last week.

  12. wow i feel sorry for this Gregory guy so sad that he has to find out that Shirley broke-up w/ him in the media.

  13. It’s good that Gregory is a nice guy because I just read another article recently about this Korean singer that was stabbed to death 65 times!! She was in a similar situation with Gregory and Shirley. I heard that she was going to marry her boyfriend(not from the circle), but at some point in their relationship she wanted to break up with him so he took out a knife and stabbed her 65 times… Boy, some guys can be really scary and deadly…

    I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…. Whether you end up with someone or not is separated with just a thread line…

  14. A runaway bride?

    When I read the statement Shirley made yesterday about the breakup, I feel she was dumped (her tone of voice). But now she dumped him?

    However, I don’t feel against her.

    I have a friend. She was planned to get married with a guy that all of her family like. His family also thought of her as a daughter-in-law. Their relationship was 14 years, from when they was in highschool. You can imagine how tight it was. But in the last meeting before the wedding where she met all of his family and relatives, she also met his cousin. Love at the first sign. The cousin of the guy brought a gf with him but after the dinner, they both dumped their partners and be together. They got married (my friend and cousin of the guy) just after this dinner 5 weeks. The ex-bf of my friend was truly shocked. His 14 years relationship lost in one day to a guy that she didn’t met before. The whole families of both sides also felt shocked. Until now, the guy hasn’t forgiven to my friend. My friend also felt guilty to him but when I asked her why she did so, she said that if give her another chance, she would do the same. Yes, now she has a happy small family. However, if asked her she felt guilty or not, she still said yes. She avoided to see the ex-bf and his family (still have to see them as her current husband is the close relative to the ex).

    Maybe my friend’s case is similar to Shirley’s. The inside story, only they themselves can answer.

    1. Maybe Gregory and Shirley are just not the right life partner of each other. Their red string is cut, their love is end.

      1. Yeah. That story above is interesting Fox. Love and marriage is unpredictable. Being in a lengthy relationship and knowing each other so well doesn’t guarantee marriage.

    2. Thanks for sharing your friend’s story Fox! I can understand that and I guess we can’t blame Shirley 100%. However, it is hard to not to… I guess that is what you call “fate”, you can be with someone for many many years and it can end up just ending, while you can just meet someone at first sight and then just end up together. Your friend’s story really sounds like Barbie Hsu’s love story. Is your friend currently happy?? How long have they been married?? I am just so curious and thanks for sharing..

      1. 3 years. They has a little princess now. From what she told me, she is happy. Her current husband is a good guy. Her ex is also a good guy. She is a lucky girl. However, 2 good persons might be not together.

        She said she thought many times before giving the breakup decision to her ex. Compare, think, etc. but then she followed the call of her heart. Maybe she has a right decision, maybe not, but since she dun feel regret, she is right.

      2. Thanks so much for sharing and I am glad that she is happy. She is lucky to have 2 great guys love her but she had to pick one. I actually admire your friend for being so brave for doing something that many would not dare to in order to find her own happiness. I totally agree with you 2 good people can’t always be together. Glad to know that she is still happy.Hopefully, her risky and last minute decision was for the best. Did her ex move on and is he married now?

        One of my former friends married a guy that she just liked since she had no other choice. She called to tell me that she was engaged but she said things that did not shock me since she hardly even new the guy. She just said that she wanted to get married because he was a good person and that her biological clock was ticking. I wanted to tell her that just because a person is a good person doesn’t mean that you will be happy together.

      3. Many women do such thing, not only your friend. Many of them have happiness. So it’s their own decision.

        I also see a lot of ppl who married with love but then ended up in hatred and tears.

    3. I also wanted to add that if I ever did anything like that to my future boyfriend, my family would kill me… My mom would be disgraced and lose face as well. I would not be able to face anyone if I did and I wonder if I can live with myself for doing so. But things happen for a reason and I guess if you aren’t that person, then you can’t truly understand.

      1. I understand. When 2 families go to wedding steps and end up with nothing, can imagine how the parents of both parties got mad. I said, the ex still dun forgive her.

      2. He doesn’t forgive her, but did he move on???

      3. I don’t know. I’m not that close to him. However, as I know up to now he is still single.

        Maybe he still can’t forget her.

    4. Fox,
      Thanks for sharing your story about your friend. Getting married after 5 weeks is very shocking. Perhaps after spending so many years with her ex-boyfriend and had already considered marriage earlier, she knew what she was looking for. It is very difficult to hurt someone you had once loved and someone who loves you back. Hopefully her ex moved on as well. In situations like these, it is very hard to be on speaking terms again, especially for her ex who was somewhat jilted at the altar.

  15. I’m sorry but this guy was one of the best child star tvb ever had, his brother was awesome as well. There are few child stars that stood out for me, the kid on heros something condor was one, Gregory and his bother was the others, and the chubby little girl…I don’t know her name. They are all great child actors, for whatever reason never got promoted was they got older. Gregory is a good looking guy, he has nothing to be ashamed off, Shirley on the other hand only has her cuteness and nothing much else. I hope him all the best.

    1. Do you guys remember child actor Fung Chi Feng?? He was my most favorite child actor. I heard that he is married now as well and hopefully he is happy. I think Gregory will find someone that will really love him in the future…

  16. And to answer the question of the admin. I do not mind married a man who make less than me, in fact my husband is now we are both working to help out the family expenses. Not only that, we both every month pay expenses equally, split in half, since we both work and make about same amount, so we both pay the bills equally. When we were dating in college, on our dates we also split the bills or one time he paid, one time I paid. This is the western American culture style, it is not always the “men” who have to paid for ladies date and expense. Ofcourse when go on date, men feel that they need to pay, but if you are the girlfriend insist on want to split the bills, then nothing is wrong with that. My boyfriend/husband works to make money with his hands, they are his sweats money. If any women really love their man, help out your man sometimes, don’t just sit back let him pay.
    And ofcours, this is up to each individual personally and character. There are independent women out there, and there are women who enjoy their men money. It all up to individual taste, what ever float your boat, no rights or wrong, just different living styles and preference.

    1. If you made more than him, would you mind paying more than him instead of an equal amount every month? I also don’t think you need to equally pay for everything and be that precise in the amount that you pay. If you are married, then your money should be his and his money should be yours.

      1. This has nothing to do with his money or my money. I giving you an examples of western culture and being independent person instead of sit back and spend your spouse money. And again, read my last sentence OK, different people, different style, different lving, different thinking. What ever float your boat is fine.
        If I make more than him, I am willing to pay the expenses more than him.
        Because my son and my husband are MORE IMPORTANT than any money in this world can ever be. When you be a mother and a wife, you will understand.

      2. Where in my post did I write precise calculating of expense money? It make perfect sense if 2 married people make about the same amount of income who helps pay the bills to raise the family together. Ask any American around you and they tell you the same thing.

      3. And I agree with you that you don’t need to pay equally for everything. But I WANT to, I do not want to put a pressure on my husband that every month he have to pay for all expenses including our son and his wife. 2 people make a son, then 2 people raise the son together (financially and emotionally).

    2. Read your post again.. YOu said that you and your husband pay for your bills equally… You don’t need to explode ok? I was just curious but if you don’t want to answer then you don’t need to…

      1. HeTieShou, I’m sorry, I didn’t means to explode. My English is not good so sometimes it cause misunderstanding. You are right, I agree with you. What I means was at those who purposely gold digger and does not want to work just because they married rich husband.

      2. It is ok and I did not want to upset you but was just curious that’s all…

  17. Sorry accidently double posting, admin please delete my post, I was meant to answer this in the other news thread.

  18. the thing is, shirley’s image is going to look bad no matter what her reasons are.
    the ‘normal’ citizen would not go into the details of looking into the story, but perhaps read the headline and think bad of her.
    feel so bad for gregory!!!

  19. ““She is [expletive] crazy! I don’t know what happened! We were planning for their wedding! Last week, we had dinner with her.””

    This is a lot milder than what is actually said. I read this part in Chinese. It’s full of expletive. Every sentence has an expletive.

      1. I don’t know how to translate the expletive lah.

        “[expletive] She is [expletive] crazy! I don’t [expletive] know what happened! We were planning [expletive] for their [expletive] wedding! Last week, we had dinner with [expletive] her.

      2. In English expletive is most probably the F word. In chinese, so many! Which one? Spell it out in pin yin but blank a few places lar!

      3. ANyway the old man no need to be so crass. Now I wonder since he swears so easily and using so many types, maybe he swears at her?

      4. Gregory’s father seems kind of… rough. He’s be a scary father-in-law to have :O

      5. Based on Kidd’s translation, my guess from good experience with Cantonese cursing is:

        “[fornicate] She is [very lung] crazy! I don’t [lung] know what happened! We were planning [lung] for their [pk (i’m a little unsure about this one)] wedding! Last week, we had dinner with [lung (most probably)] her.”

        We could start a competition 🙂

      6. @SDS @Kidd,
        Your translations of Lee Ka Ding’s statement before the press was hilarious. Orientaldaily only attributed one expletive to his statement…didn’t know he actually cursed so much. He indeed does come across as a formidable father-in-law.

        How come Gregory comes across as such a mild-mannered man in comparison to his father?

      7. Actually o be exact it would be more like “..plan-[lung]-ing…” 🙂

      8. You know, just go d–, k–, l–, something like that lar! So difficult! Chinese so many types of expletives, too colourful.

      9. Well they all kinda mean the same stuff anyway 🙂 its not really Chinese in per se, its just Cantonese that is so colourful- as far as I’m aware. lol

      10. @ SDS

        It’s just a rough translation. Since english and chinese sentence structure is different, I cannot place the expletive accurately. I try my best liao.

        And you are correct about the “..plan-[lung]-ing…” 😀

    1. Ah yes, the story isn’t complete until the crazy father in law gets involved. I wonder if ding Yeh is friends with patrick tse. They both are so direct. I like it!

      1. yes father in law sounds scary but there must be a reason for him to be talking in such expletive full language which is Shirley did something very wrong and hurtful to his son and family

  20. OMG!!! Wasn’t it just last week that they announced they were getting married?! What a sudden change of situation!

    Feeling exceptionally disappointed in Shirley as she’s one of my favorite actresses in TVB, especially because I thought she was brave then to defy TVB orders and stick to the less-famous Gregory and disregard her career, fame and wealth

    Oh god, maybe at this point in time, her priorities in life changed and she realized that this wasn’t what she truly wanted and that she desired a career upstart, fame and even more wealth (she’s known to be a penny pincher), which is strange considering that she’s no longer in her twenties so doubt TVB will heavily promote her.

    Goodness knows what lies behind that sweet face of hers (she’s really pretty!) but unless that allegedly third party, Andy, is proven to be filthy rich and high in society standing then objectively, she doesn’t deserved being labelled as a gold-digger.

    But anyway, I still don’t get it so Shirley just went to tell Gregory that they were breaking up because she fell in love with a third party called Andy? Then what’s the reason “a man cannot accept” and “‘a man most pain’ reason” about?

    1. Oh yeah and I forgot to add that maybe the reporters might wish to ask Linda Chung for more info since she’s as close as sisters with Shirley right? ;P (Re: They were spotted roaming the HK streets and walking inside departmental stores together arm in arm)

      1. Lol actually they did asked Linda. The normal ‘im not too sure but give them some space’ answer

    2. “I thought she was brave then to defy TVB orders”

      Pray tell, where and when did TVB issued such orders?

      “to ask Linda Chung for more info since she’s as close as sisters with Shirley right? ;P (Re: They were spotted roaming the HK streets and walking inside departmental stores together arm in arm)”

      Oh yesssss… Linda is the third party then. Confirm. They’re lovers.

      1. @Funn:

        For years, it has been said that TVB likes obedient artists and non-obedient ones (who disclose their relationship etc) will get “frozen” by the company.

        Of course TVB doesn’t issue such orders openly but discreetly, how else could one explain why Raymond Lam/Ron Ng had to keep his relationship with Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang/Viann Zhang under wraps and why Bosco and Myolie Wu refused to admit their relationship?

        And why was it that in 2004, Shirley Yeung was heavily promoted by TVB but after her relationship with Gregory Lee was made public, she has been given non-leading roles ever since? (aka “frozen”?)

        But anyway, if you are looking for substantial evidence, here it is:

        With regard to your second comment, HAHAHA very funny!

        Well, I didn’t know that Linda’s moniker was Andy and that she had known Shirley for 11 years! Wow, very funny right!

      2. I thought Shirley had behaviour problems? Because that was what I heard.

      3. TVB don’t like their artists to dating openly except when they want to promote someone such as Aimee Chan and Moses over opened relationship.

      4. Yes, Linda is very very close to Shirley. Shirley often takes Linda to work on her car.

    3. I liked Shirley as well… part of the reason was that I respected her for dating the much less successful Gregory, unlike many other hk young actresses today who only date rich boys. She also openly dated dated Gregory at the height of her career (which is a big no-no for TVB artists) which may have affected how much TVB promoted her.

      Maybe she will focus more on her career now… although she is no longer in her twenties, she still looks quite youthful. Perhaps she can dig gold in China.

      1. “at the height of her career”..

        I never thought Shirley was ever THAT famous to merit that term. Gregory in fact was more famous than she.

      2. I think Gregory isn’t famous than Shirley. Shirley is more exposed to the public than Gregory.

      3. Vivien, in which century?

        In name yes maybe she is more famous. But seriously, was she ever THAT famous? Gregory was once very famous and for all the right reasons.

      4. if tvb with all fairness give gregory a chance to shine, like how tvb promotes all their favorite siu sang, definitely gregory will be far more famous than shirley….gregory acting is very good just someone from the industry trying to frozen him,

      5. @Funn

        To be fair, currently, Shirley is more famous than Gregory. She has more exposure and bigger roles while Greg is relegated to minor roles. Yes, HK viewers and long time TVB/ATV watchers will know Greg, but, Shirley now has more fans, more popular and I’m sure more famous in China due to her participation in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

        @ Stephy

        I agree with you. If TVB were to give more chances to Greg like they gave to other Siu Sangs, he will be more successful.

  21. If thats the kind of girl Shirley Yeung is then all I can say is that Gregory is well rid of her. I have never liked her; will go as far as saying can’t stand her even. But this isn’t because I can’t stand her, any girl who can behave like that; i.e. be with their boyfriend one minute as if everything in the garden was roses and then dump him like that, is definitely not worth it. I would not be surprised if she has found someone new, this Andy person. Well, he (poor man!!) would need lots of luck. Hey, you had better watch out. If she can treat one guy like that then she can treat you in the same way. If I was Andy I would think twice about going out with someone like that. She has no feelings for anyone but herself and totally selfish.

    Gregory, find yourself another girl. Someone more worthy of you. Why waste your tears on some stupid woman like Shirley Yeung, even though you’ve had 11 years of relationship. Once a cup breaks it would not be the same again. Good luck!

  22. I never like both of them. But I’m so glad that Shirley dump Greg. Find a better man. This man don’t know what’s wrong with their relationship even though he felt that sthg is wrong and was being down for the past few wks/months? This guy is not worth it. Too bad Shirley wasted 9 yrs with him.

    1. o well, i shouldn’t said that she wasted her time. It’s just that there is no right or wrong in love. Even she fell for a third party, so what?

      Maybe I’m too cruel in real life when dumping my ex too, so I dun feel bad for Greg at all. If you can’t feel it or you felt sthg but decide not to say anything. Too bad, you’re gone.

  23. Ding Yeh dont be sad, you should be happy that now she ran away rather than after married ask for divorce. This will hurt your’s son gregory even more hurtful

  24. I just want to point out that Gregory and his father look nothing alike, haha. His father seems like an impulsive, straightforward, and crass man (just like the roles he plays in TVB series) while Gregory appears more gentle and less talkative.

    If it was not for Gregory and Shirley news, I thought he left the entertainment circle ages ago. I didn’t notice his very, very minor role in My Sister of Eternal Flower if someone didn’t point him out. His father is much more noticeable in series because of his loud voice, lol.

    1. I think Gregory doesn’t change much in term of looks haha. I remember watching him on tv when he was still a kid, he looks just the same as now lol. I guess that’s what we called “baby face”? and I agree with Stephy, it’s better that Shirley asked for separation rather than divorce after married.

  25. only time will tell…i know someone that has been in a relationship for 9 years as well or maybe 10 just walked away from her bf. it came on really sudden as you think that they would get marry but turn the other way instead. it’s very cruel and heartless of the girl. the only difference is that they’re not celebrities. so ending a long term relationship is not surprising. they should have wed earlier on in the relationship. i think Shirley got bored of this relationship if she does have someone else.

    1. well she is not wrong but they could have ended it privately instead of announce it to the public like that. really feel sorry for gregory since it must hurt so much and she was the one he was going to marry.

      how can he trust another girl again. for shirley i hope her career is over since she was never that great to begin with.

  26. Again I don’t know these ppl but it seems she wanted out and this was the only way she could think to get out ( not saying it’s right or anything). I had a friend who did a similar thing. I think ppl get comfortable and then panic when they realize they have to put up or shut up, so to speak. I do feel bad for him though, it took a long time for my friend’s BF to get over the situation.

  27. lol i suggest gregory learn korean and go to korea as an actor…maybe his acting career will take a better turn there x-x and he might need a new hot korean gf x-x (too much dramas for me XD)

    1. No,not Korea. Too much competition from taller and better physiques. Try Taiwan but my best bet is China. He is considered good looking for China standard where the male leads are… ermm…not that up to standard.

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