Augustine Lee Refuses to Send Blessings Towards New Mother, Shirley Yeung

Hong Kong TVB actress, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), announced today that she had already given birth to her baby daughter. Shirley’s announcement generated mixed reactions from the public. Ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李泳豪) and his parents wished Shirley well in her new role as a mother. However, Gregory’s elder brother appeared to be still upset at Shirley and refused to send his blessings!

While the unmarried Shirley did not openly declare the identity of the father, it was a known secret that he was ex-diver, Andy Ng (吳帥). It was rumored that Shirley became pregnant with Andy’s baby while still dating Gregory Lee, which prompted her to finally break off their 9-year relationship with Gregory under scandalous circumstances. Shirley had initially confessed to Gregory that she was pregnant with another man’s child, a story which led many to condemn her actions, including the Lee family.

As reported by, Gregory’s twin brother, Augustine Lee (李泳漢), commented, “It is a happy occurrence to have a baby and customary to send one’s blessings. However, this was not a proud incident in my family. She hurt my family member(s); I do not know how to wish her well!” Augustine and mother, Sze Ming (施明), noted that the timing of Shirley’s pregnancy and subsequent delivery indicated that the truth of the matter had finally unfolded.

Despite this, Sze Ming, forgave Shirley for lying last year when discussing the love triangle with Gregory and Andy Ng in interviews. As a woman, Sze Ming understood the trials and tribulations of motherhood and wished Shirley well.

Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), was extremely vocal in blasting Shirley last year. The last several months has calmed down Ding Yeh’s anger and he sent his blessings. Ding Yeh explained that there was no need to hold a continuous grudge, “The baby is not guilty. Shirley did not kill my father!” Since photos of a pregnant Shirley was published last December, Ding Yeh was not surprised by the birth announcement.

Although the Lee family may have moved on with their lives, Shirley’s birth announcement appeared to have sparked the public’s renewed eagerness in placing moral judgement upon her personal choices in life.

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  1. I can understand that he might feel anger towards Shirley… but to not send good wishes to the child? The child is an innocent. Makes Augustine seem very petty IMHO.

    1. Agree TVBFanatic :-)Augustine is pretty weird and almost freak-like, me think this guy is a drama queen. Penny less, unmanly and looking for attention, this guy makes me want to vomit.

  2. I guess she was pregnant at the time. Indeed, cheated on Greg with Andy. How the heck does she know it’s Andy’s baby 😀 Didn’t Greg’s bro said that Shirley also spent a night with Greg on his bday doing nooki nooki??? She prob slept with both guys. Nontheless, best wishes to the sweet baby.

  3. I guess I can kind of understand why Augustine feels this way, but the past is the past. He should move on just like everyone else. Just continuing to hold a grudge will not do him any good. What is done is done. I don’t think that he holds anything towards the new baby, he is just mad at Shirley herself due to what she did which can be unforgivable to some people.

  4. Gregory and their parents have moved on Augustine has been acting like he was the one that got cheated on by Shirley honestly i find Augustine fake. And since him staying outside Gillian’s house claiming to be lovers from previous life… i don’t think his all there either.

    I get he wants to prob “protect his brother” but him still holding onto the grudges is like pulling Gregory back.
    Forgive and move on.

    Also, the netizen blasting Shirley i wish they’d stop if you dont care for Shirley’s feeling at least have a heart and stop cursing the poor babies mother.

    1. With Gillian’s past, no male artists want to be link with her so now is Augustine’s chance! Maybe this is how they reunite in this life time, lol. When Gillian was supposely “pure” she didn’t consider him but now she don’t have much choices so she might just settle with him.

      1. @lol, are you for real? Augustine is good enough for Gillian? I nearly fell off my chair reading your comment. Granted Gillian “wholesomeness and pure” image was as fake as my long finger nails but to think Augustine has a chance with Gillian makes me LMAO, so off the track there.

      2. I’m not sure about this. Gillian’s innocent image ruined but her current sexy image is still can be bought

      3. @LOL ah i believe he camped outside her house before the scandal.

        Also the supposed “Pure” image of singers/actors/tress who the heck believes it anyways? lol

        Honestly when the EDC scandal broke i was like cool they have sex. Next. Who cares?
        GF and BF having sex is nothing new.

        And i dont think Twins came out to say her “we are both Virgins?” I always just thought Gil- pretty, Ah Sa – Cute. And im pretty sure Ah Sa aint pure either – she was married lol

        The only stupid thing she did was agree to be photographed and filmed by EDC but love makes you do stupid things

      4. @Hikaru,
        It is true that the Twins did not come out and say that they are virgins. However, I heard that Gillian claimed that she was against premartial sex and said that she would not have sex until sh was married… But then the scandal broke out so everyone knew that all she was a liar and a hypocrite…

      5. I think that Gillian has lost her pure and innocent image so many guys would not want to be with her. But I still don’t think that Augustine has a chance… I think there still will be some guys that want Gillian, however, it is true that her selections are more limited now..

  5. This is what happens when she had unprotected sex, now her career is down the drain.

  6. Seriously,the tabloid should leave this family alone, stop twisting their words and making them out to be barbarians.

    1. You’re so right nicole, he’s nothing but an attention seeker.

  7. to be with someone for 9years and then turn around n say im having another man’s baby, i have no respect 4her!! she’s a cheater and a liar! dont blame Augustine 4 not sending his blessings.

    1. He even dun have the right to bless or blast. He is her Ex-bf’s BROTHER.

      1. +1. No class at all the way he handled the whole situation, being this public with the grudge only makes things harder for Gregory.

  8. Gosh, I wonder why the reporters even bother interviewing him?? He’s just Shirley’s ex-bf brother!! and he speaks like he was her husband!, someone plz shut him up. he’s totally eyesore and annoying lol.

    Sorry i just hate grumpy guy and those who can’t leave grudges behind.

    1. Exactly!!! The only person that has a right to blast Shirley is Gregory.
      But Gregory took it in stride and didnt milk the media circus

      Augustine is milking what he can for money and fame/attention.

      When i read the title i thought “Nobody asked for your blessing” lol

      Does this guy even have a proper job???

      1. I bet he is trying to get some “milk” money from these interviews to help him to cope with his life w/o a steady job.

    2. I guess he wants his picture in the papers! He sounded so petty !!!

    3. He is feeding them news and why not? The reporters need something to blow up.

  9. I did not expect Shirley to be one of those kind of girls. She has the innocent and sweet face. Such a surprise.

  10. this guy is so petty, one has to move on. common, the victim forgave shirley and why can’t he?

  11. Just a side news. I read that Augustine and Sze Ming will be hosting a program called 《迷》in NowTV.

  12. Augustine, I know how you feel but seriously, do SHUT UP!

  13. I guess he should just let it go. I mean just not pay any attention to her.

    Whether she slept with two men and did not even know the real father of the child was only be known by her. DNA test is not very expensive in case the look or blood type or her knowledge cannot do the job.

  14. have anyone ever thought… the baby mght be gregorys.. or is it just me

  15. Oh who cares, he’s just the whinging brother.

  16. Who needs his (Augustine) blessing! The Lee household are all lunatics! The things they said about Shirley when she dumped Gregory were inappropriate and demeaning. Shirley made a right decision to leave them all for good!

  17. oh shirley is not as innocent as you think she is. if she can cheat on her bf, and get herself pregnant to a guy she only dated for a few months – i don’t think she’s that smart or naive or innocent.

    why should augustine give blessings to shirley? they don’t like each other and its got nothing to do with him or his family. at least he didn’t curse the baby is a ‘bastard’!! that’s the least he can do. but don’t expect him to be nice to her. he is not obligated to say nice things about her or her child.

    1. Of course lot of people know she is not. I watched her from very fist apperance in TVB and I said…”pretending to be cute”

  18. Grow up, Mr Augustine.
    Past is past, future is what lies ahead.

    Its useless staying in the past. Moreover, you are not the most hurt person. Your brother has even given his blessing. Why aren’t you releasing your hatred?

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