Griselda Yeung Had Suicidal Thoughts

Actress Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜) earned herself the “Strongest Stepmother” title with her ability to take care of her family of five, all the while maintaining a harmonious relationship. It wasn’t easy, but she’s managed to win over her husband and his ex-wife’s two daughters with her genuineness. With no desire to replace their birth mother’s place in their hearts, Griselda accompanied the girls in anything they wanted to do like a friend or older sister would. It did not happen overnight, but they decided it was right to call her ‘mommy’ when Griselda gave birth to their youngest sister. Though Griselda has a good grasp on her private life, the same can’t be said for her professional life – she is going through the bottleneck of her career.

“I never planned to get rich or become a superstar when I entered the industry because I was always daydreaming during the first 10 years of my career,” Griselda frankly revealed.

However, the first major setback occurred when she was filming Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到> with costar Kara Wai (惠英紅). “I didn’t tell anyone I had depression because I knew people wouldn’t understand,” Griselda said. “I thought about committing suicide and rushing out onto the streets to get hit by a car.”

Fortunately, Kara also went through depression, so she knew exactly how to pull Griselda out of the rut. Kara taught Griselda to slowly let go, come out of the maze of pain, and enjoy the fun of acting. “I learned a lot from Kara. She taught me how to be professional and immerse myself into acting,” Griselda shared. “Then I got the opportunity to shoot a sitcom series.”

Griselda Cries While Talking About Being Typecast

Receiving good roles is a difficult topic for Griselda, who recognizes that her career is at a plateau. Struggling to hold back tears, the actress said, “Everyone will think of Griselda when there is a widow role. I can handle the crying scenes, but it limits me to certain acting opportunities. Sometimes my children will ask me, ‘Why are you playing the same character again?’ It’s a form of pressure on me.”

She continued, “I should be grateful that I have jobs, and I cherish them greatly. I always really regret rejecting drama offers, but when I rejected a drama produced by Wong Wai Sing (黃偉聲), it was because I entered a state where I couldn’t distinguish the characters, and it is very sad for an actor to get to that point.”

Griselda said she once played an ex-wife, a widow, and a divorcee for three dramas respectively at the same time. She believes that if they aired during the same period, viewers would turn off the TV. “I’ve played these characters so much to the point where I don’t want to anymore. I will just be handing in my homework if I keep doing them, but I can’t get past my psychological barrier. I don’t want to deceive everyone and deceive myself.”

Griselda Prays For a Good Role

The mother of three prays for a good role every moment. She expressed, “I’m not a first-line actress, but I never thought it was a pity. I just want to come across good roles.”

Although she does not have an immediate solution for her current dilemma, she is facing it with optimism. “There is no scale in the world. You don’t get back the same amount that you sacrificed. Don’t look too closely at it. The gains and losses are often not immediately measurable. The ups and downs are common in life. I have to work hard to survive. I need to carry the mentality that tomorrow will be better,” Griselda said with a smile.

Although Griselda plays a widow who is a good wife and a good mother once again in her latest drama Brutally Young <十八年後的終極告白>, the best way to support her is by watching her works.

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  1. Hee acting is really good and sincere, not far from Tavia. But yes she is heavily typecasted. Hopefully she gets to try something different… Shouldn’t be hard if tvb stopped spewing the same sht over n over again. I love seeing her on screen! Maybe her character can have a career, be single lol

  2. All these years and I didn’t know she was Tavia’s sister… Its quite sad Tavia shot to fame and she didn’t. I wonder if there was any jealousy.

  3. i don’t understand how tavia became so big but yet her sister is relatively unknown. couldn’t tavia help her out? she’s also prettier than tavia i think

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