Him Law’s Anxiety Over His Daughter Drives Griselda Yeung Crazy

While Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and Him Law (羅子溢) are currently filming Modern Dynasty <家族榮耀> in China, their nine-month-old daughter Hera is being taken care of by family in Hong Kong. Tavia’s elder sister, Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜), has been stopping by and visiting her niece. However, Tavia and Him are very protective parents, and their requests are making Griselda feel nervous.

Experiencing the full brunt of Him’s anxiety, Griselda revealed, “When I went to visit Hera a few days ago, I found their house was closed off. They didn’t want me to visit and see Hera because of the pandemic. When Him found out I was there, he immediately left a voice message on my cell phone asking me to wear a mask and told me not to play with Hera so closely!”

As an aunt, Griselda feels a lot of pressure to make sure she does not pass on any germs to Hera. “I am also a mother, so I understand. We’re in a pandemic, and I would be very anxious if it were my daughter.”

Feeling disheartened to see children forced to stay home all the time during the pandemic, Griselda said, “My daughter played with Hera at home before. It’s very sad for children. Even if she is not one year old yet and hasn’t really seen the world, Hera can only play in the garden near her home. Every day, my family takes Hera for a walk outside to get some sunlight.”

Her own daughter is already 11 years old, which made Griselda observe the differences between them, “She is not rebellious, but she is very independent and clear-minded. She knows what she wants and has her own direction.” On the other hand, Griselda does not have concrete plans for herself. “I don’t have a life plan. Not having a plan is the best plan–you just live in the moment for everything.”

Source: Sky Post

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t blame the new parents. They tried for so long to start a family, seems reasonable to be more cautious during a pandemic.

    1. @ireneirene Yes. Quite a number of immunisation injections only after a child turned 1 year old.
      I don’t even take my child out unless necessary before they turned 1. And that was way before any pandemic disease. It’s parents’ responsibility and not over-anxious.

  2. Being a parent is hard, but being an overbearing protective parent sooner or later will cause a rift in their circle. Being protective of your child is expected, being overbearing is annoying.

  3. Probably no harm done being overly protective currently apart from annoying others around them. If continue to be too overly protective while growing up then likely the child will turn into a spoilt slob…

    1. @jimmyszeto As first-time parents, it’s normal for Him and Tavia to be more protective and anxious about their daughter’s development. I’m sure as Hera gets older and they have more experience being parents, they’ll learn to relax. By the time baby #2 comes along, they’ll have considerably more relaxed parenting styles.

      1. @jayne
        I think that is true to some extent but it depends on the people as some are naturally relaxed even as first time parents, while some never relax even if they are on their 10 kid.

      2. @hetieshou @jayne
        Yes. Some parents will realise that the best way the children to be independent is through experience. However, there are plenty of parents especially those with one child, who treat the child as the crown Jewels heir of the family. They are overly protective of the safety and the quality of life of the child. Here’s where the extra protectiveness can ruin the child. I’m always in the support of preparing the child for if I’m suddenly not here because there are no guarantees. Spoilt children can cope when everyone is around him and giving him everything. Can they survive if they become alone?
        It’s early but if Him is anxious over the child seeing family even with the possibility of coronavirus around then it’s looking too cautious. There has to be a compromise somewhere. So does Him and Tavia after coming home from work every day self isolate for 7-14 days from the child or are they exempted from ‘his’ rules? There may be no end to this. Needs to relax and use the same rules for everyone. In fact if they want to be more cautious then use that for the vulnerable elderly…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        I agree and becoming to overprotective is a very bad thing in the long run. I have a friend like that but she got lucky to marry a guy that takes care of her. Her parents are both gone and she be in deep trouble if she was still single. Yup, my parents were like that too but learned to let go as they knew they would leave my brothers and I which they did.

        I totally agree and viruses and stuff exist all the time, but many are freaking over Covid. Covid affects the elderly more so we should take precautions around them more when necessary. They are milking Covid while they can. People need to relax more and stop being so paranoid over everything. It is not a way to live life. What about when they come home from work as you said…

    2. @jimmyszeto
      I agree and being spoiled is one thing but the kid would get to dependent and would become naive about the world. Hope they can learn to let go as she gets older.

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