Griselda Yeung Hasn’t Officially Married Husband Yet

Despite their close relationship and having a daughter, Griselda has yet to complete marriage formalities with the man in her life.

Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜) and businessman Yeung Chi Kiu (楊志翹) welcomed their daughter Shu Ran (楊舒然) in 2009, forming a family of five along with his two daughters from his previous marriage. The actress shares a close relationship with her stepdaughters and was labeled “Best Stepmom” by the press. It was thus surprising when she recently divulged that she has yet to marry him officially!

A Trust-Based Relationship

The two met as Griselda was the instructor at his daughter’s handicraft class, and Yeung Chi Kiu only succeeded in getting together with her after two years of courtship. While many assumed that Griselda had already married the businessman, their wedding photos were never revealed.

Recently, she confessed that the two have not registered their marriage up until now due to their busy lifestyles, but share a strong relationship built on trust. Expressing her trust despite the lack of a marriage certificate, Griselda shared that even if he went to entertain and drink with clients, he would always return home promptly.

Not having marital formalities did not affect the strong bond in the family, as Griselda and her stepdaughters get along like mother and daughters, with the two elder girls also dote on their youngest stepsister very much. Recently, her stepdaughters even threw a surprise birthday dinner for Griselda which they planned with their father, showing the harmonious relationship they shared.

Winning Over Viewers with Convincing Onscreen Performances

A proficient baker, the actress often shared photos of her intricate homemade cakes which she prepares for the family on social media. Not content with playing the role of a loving mother, Griselda also felt she has to be a good role model to her daughters, and put in extra efforts in her career in recent years. Her efforts paid off when she managed to win over viewers and stood out with her touching performances in various supporting roles, such as in Brutally Young <十八年後的終極告白>.

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  1. Griselda is one of the underrated actresses who have been neglected for many years, imo. She may not have the best acting skills but she’s definitely better than a lot of the ones that TVB promotes nowadays.

    Being in a committed relationship built on trust and without official papers can be very difficult, let alone being a mother of three and not all of them are her biological children either. I admire her outlook. It takes a lot to be a good mother and role model. I wish her the very best.

    1. @rayne I think she has really good acting skills but unfortunately she always gets the crying mother or widow roles besides her long run in the very first Come Home Love series. She’s definitely a solid actress. Hopefully she’ll get more opportunities to play diverse roles.

  2. Hope she’ll get as much recognition like her sister Tavia, she so underrated and she deserve much more!

    1. @vodka absolutely agree. She is a really good actress. Just need more opportunities for her to get a breakthrough role rather than the usual crying roles she always gets.

    2. @vodka and hopefully she gets more meaty roles. Tired of watching all those Miss HK getting leading or main supporting roles when they cannot act

  3. I want to see her play an antagonist. Imo she’s even prettier than her sister and her acting isn’t far off from Tavia’s either.
    I thought I read somewhere that the husband was widowed early on. Interesting that they never filed for marriage… Meaning that she never legally adopted the two stepdaughters right? Griselda seems like a very loving person.

  4. Either way she is still Mrs. Yeung herself since they both have the same last name. I think she’s a good actress too.

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