Hana Kuk, Pakho Chau Win Most Popular Singer Awards at Jade Solid Gold

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Hana Kuk, Pakho Chau Win Most Popular Singer Awards at Jade Solid Gold

The 2019 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation was held yesterday, and Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) was the star of the night bringing home six awards including the Most Popular Female Singer title two years in a row. Pakho Chau (周柏豪) was also a huge winner with five awards, including the Most Popular Male Singer and Song of the Year awards.

Hana’s success in the last two years has surpassed The Voice Entertainment label mate, Jinny Ng (吳若希). Despite Jinny’s past iconic drama songs, Jinny’s popularity has declined since she took a hiatus to have her daughter two years ago. Due to their intense competition, there have always been rumors circulating that Hana and Jinny do not get along. When Hana went on stage to receive the Most Popular Female Singer award,  Jinny was seen clapping but she turned her face and kept talking with Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) who was sitting beside her.

In Hana’s speech, she said, “A lot has happened during this year and I was able to accomplish a lot of my goals like holding a concert and singing many great songs. I want to thank the company, my boss and the music industry. Lastly, I want to thank my fans because without you all, I wouldn’t have been able to continue. Let’s continue on this journey together.”

Jinny, who won three awards last night, spoke with the press afterward, “I don’t want to win [the Most Popular Female Singer] anymore! The pressure is too much. I’m not someone who follows rules. I’m afraid I can’t control myself on stage. Let others handle these emotional issues. I’m happier sitting below the stage rather than being on stage.” Asked why she turned her face to talk with Hubert when Hana received her top award for the evening, Jinny said, “We were talking about what food will be at the afterparty–if there would be any abalone.”

With 48 awards handled out, and 30 singers in attendance, virtually everyone walked away being a winner. Kayee Tam‘s (譚嘉儀) breakout hit “Can You Hear” helped her win two awards, including the Most Popular Singer Online and Excellence Award (Gold). Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), Sukie Shek (石詠莉), Bella Lam ( 林穎彤), Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), and Vincent Wong (王浩信) won two awards each.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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16 comments to Hana Kuk, Pakho Chau Win Most Popular Singer Awards at Jade Solid Gold

  1. hazel says:

    LOL. Cancel this shxt show! It should be renamed The Voice Entertainment Song Awards because all their singers get awards. EEG should stop going cause their singers don’t even get major awards.

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  2. vodka says:

    TVB aren’t you even embarrassed to still have this show runnning?!? lmao what an insult to the HK music industry that is already dying, no more competition whatsoever meaningless award. The golden era of JSG are long gone and over…

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  3. m0m0 says:

    Quite embarrassing for the winners too because the awards mean nothing now

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    • luye replied:

      @m0m0 i think theyre still happy to get awards though haha

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  4. pisces2019 says:

    Seems Pakho’s career is soaring at TVB, smart move to tvb, voice entertainment man! I knew his Oppa would win fave character but to see him in top 5 for best actor is another thing altogether. He doesn’t deserve to be in top 5 with his cringeworthy amateurish acting. Proves once again that BA is nothing but a popularity award.
    I really miss the good old days when JSG award was held in the grand HK Coliseum.

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    • c3stlavi3 replied:

      @pisces2019 me too. i miss how grand the award ceremony was and all the stars are really good like the four heavenly kings, sammi and all. and the songs are all so nice. I don think i would have heard of more than 2 songs out of the 10 which won.

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  5. c3stlavi3 says:

    This JSG is totally meaningless now. I saw it on the youtube and it all looked rather sad. the number of fans which are cheering for their idols are jus a handful. Then a suggested video pop out. JSG 1997. OMG. i went to have a look at it. Sitting a the front rows were the four heavenly king, sammi, kelly, etc. nicholas tse and amei won the new comer awards. so you can imagine how long it was. and the venue was so spectacular. the songs were all so lovely. (omg i feel so old now). winning the best song was Leon Lai. Can you imagine the standards last time? And this? I personally love pakho and his songs but him securing 5 awards? i guess with his standards back then he won’t even hav a chance to be at the front seat. BYE CANTONPOP. it’s very sad to see it as a dying industry. and wat hana and jinny? sorrie i really donno how they look like. heard of their songs. but her winning most popular female? they won cause of the lack of competitors.

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    • luye replied:

      @c3stlavi3 it’s not like there’s no competition. There are so many other singers out there, but they’re not even nominated or invited. Where is Mag Lam, Hins Cheung, Eason, Joey, Aga, gin lee, GEM (who had a Cantonese song)?

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      • c3stlavi3 replied:

        @luye exactly right…not sure wat TVB is doing also. JSG has lost its status.

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      • vodka replied:

        @luye the big reason why this show has went downhill because TVB didn’t come in terms with many music agency so many of those singers aren’t allowed in the show, so basically whoever wasn’t part of EEG or Voice Entertainment could not receive award….

        I believe EEG even gave up attending this show as its fully rigged and have no meaning anymore for their artist.

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      • luye replied:

        @vodka oh really? didnt know that. thanks for that info.

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    • bearbear replied:

      @c3stlavi3 those days with Alan Than, Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung getting the award after award then with Sandy Lam and especially Sally Yeh winning one of the top 10 songs. Next was the 4 Heavenly Kings and Faye Wong dominating the top 10 songs. The venue was grand, fans screaming, the host was reputable in doing grand events.

      Now it’s just a joke, really.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @c3stlavi3 Haha…I must be ancient then because I was binge watching JSG awards shows from the 1980s the other day and not only knew all the artists, but could sing/hum majority of the songs as well…oh and all the great performances – who can forget George Lam singing his 十分十二寸 medley at the 1985 JSG awards and when he got to each artist’s song (we’re talking some of the most popular artists from the 80s, such as Sam Hui, Leslie Cheung, Roman Tam, Anita Mui, Alan Tam, etc), he actually handed the mike to each one so they could sing along with him…man, I really miss those days! JSG nowadays is an embarrassment….TVB needs to stop tarnishing JSG’s legacy and let the show die already! But of course, that’s never going to happen as long as TVB is around because if they got rid of JSG, where else would Voice Entertainment artists get awards?

      And I’m sorry, but I’m offended at this article’s use of the word “iconic” to describe Jinny Ng’s theme songs….whoever wrote that needs to look up what “iconic” means! The theme songs from the 80s and early 90s that have endured for decades (i.e. all the LOTCH theme songs, The Bund’s theme song, LBIA’s theme song, etc.), and that every Hong Konger young and old know how to sing – THOSE are “iconic” themesongs, sung by artists who are “icons” in their own right….Jinny Ng and her songs definitely DO NOT qualify!

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  6. bennyjr says:

    Exactly JSG is a joke now. it’s more like an awards for Voice entertainment artists. Many singers are not in the list- joey, hins, kay etc…
    TVB seriously need to improve for fair competition. Canto songs are dying and they cannot keep up with k pop and chinese singers (taiwan & china)

    No doubt Pakho gain popularity since he joined TVB. Hopefully he won’t focus in TVB/voice & stop producing good songs.

    Honestly Hana singing is not too bad.. comparing to Linda chung. Not sure about other female singers in Voice

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  7. elizabeth says:

    What on earth is Hana wearing?

    I just finished watching the SMG show “Our Songs” which finished yesterday and all of the younger Mainland Chinese/Taiwan singers can sing much better (vocal range, versatility, enunciation) than the younger generation of Hong Kong singers (except Hubert, I love his voice and his songs) which is worrying because Hong Kong Canto Pop used to be so important in Asian music. I do hope for a revival but how long would I need to wait for?

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