Hannah Quinlivan Spills Details of Jay Chou’s Marriage Proposal

Although Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) have been married for nearly a year, the beautiful memories are still fresh in Hannah’s mind. Letting fans take a glimpse into her love story with Jay, Hannah revealed the details of Jay’s marriage proposal in an interview this week.

Although she often compliments Jay on his romantic tactics, Hannah spoke about how she already had suspicions on the night of the proposal. Although she wanted to have dinner at home that night, Hannah followed Jay to a restaurant due to his insistence.

Upon sitting down, Hannah saw three separate men at different tables proposing to their girlfriends. Although she already had a hunch at what Jay was about to do, Hannah was reduced to tears anyway when she accepted his proposal.

Hannah praised Jay for being a very considerate person to not only her, but to her family as well. Wanting to give Hannah the perfect wedding, Jay carefully planned the ceremony down to the smallest of details.

From King of Pop to Loving Father

Fans may know Jay as an international superstar on stage, but to Hannah, Jay is the ultimate husband and father. After Hannah gave birth to their daughter Hathaway, Jay remained by Hannah’s side the entire time. Hannah said Jay even helped her get up to go to the washroom every time.

Hannah also shared the noticeable changes in Jay’s behavior since the birth of their daughter. Jay is a very responsible father and often takes initiative to change her diapers and feed her when she is hungry. Labelling him an excellent father and husband, Hannah gave Jay a 9.9 out of 10 points.

While many fans are happy for Jay and Hannah, many wondered about Hannah’s quick comeback to the industry shortly after having a baby. Hannah explained that a lot of the jobs were already a part of her schedule and she wanted to honor her commitment despite having started a family. Since she is only 22 years old, Hannah hopes to be able to maintain a proper balance between work and family.

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