Him Law Invited to Film 3 TVB Dramas

Set to have a busy year, Him Law (羅子溢) is allegedly invited to film three upcoming TVB dramas: After Marriage <婚後事>, Rosy Business 4 <巾幗梟雄之懸崖> and Kids’ Lives Matter 2 <星空下的仁醫2>. TVB may be paving the road for him to win Best Actor, which would make him on par with his wife, Best Actress winner Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯).

Other than After Marriage, his participation in the other two dramas has not been fully confirmed. Contrary to the reports, Him said he has not even been approached to take part in Kids’ Lives Matter 2 yet, and that it is too early for Best Actor speculations. “I can only speak to After Marriage–filming was delayed due to the pandemic, but we’re about to go into costume fitting and start work next month. I’ll try my best before worrying about other things.”

However, he did admit that Modern Dynasty’s <家族榮耀> success in China and Hong Kong has given his career a big boost. “Thank you to everyone for their support and love. I am also really looking forward to Modern Dynasty 2. Hopefully I’ll have a role that allows me to display my acting range, and show a new side of myself to the audience.”

During its final week broadcast on TVB, Modern Dynasty averaged 26.3 viewership points and peaked at 27.4 points. A joint collaboration between Media Asia and Youku, the drama was first streamed on the latter’s platform before airing in Hong Kong in February.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Him Law is one of my current fav. actors. He’s very handsome. His recent roles are very well done, not to mention they’re not easy roles (Modern Dynasty, Kids Lives Matter. The Witness was also pretty good). I enjoy his emotional scenes and he speaks a lot with his eyes. Not to mention, he has a very boyish charm and has good chemistry with his costars. He’s improving a lot. Also like his character irl and can see how much he dotes on his wife and children. Would love to see bigger roles from him! He’s so underrated.

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